Veterans and Military Services


Carrier and Boat
Assist Houston in becoming the best city in the nation through unparalleled service to our serving military, veterans, and their families. Assist veterans of the United States Armed Forces to ensure that neither they, their dependents, nor survivors are denied access to the entitlements promised them by a grateful nation.

To improve quality of life by increasing local community support to the military community.

Effectively advocates on behalf of veterans and their families, and assists them in obtaining veteran services and benefits.

Provide counseling to veterans and the families of veterans.

Assist veterans and returning service members by connecting them with services and benefits at Federal, State and City agencies, as well as non-profit organizations.

Support the Harris County Veterans Services Office in their mission to assist veterans and their dependents with applications for compensation, pensions, hospitalization and other benefits.

Develop a comprehensive strategy, involving partnerships with other government agencies and non-profit organizations, to enhance access, coordination and delivery of health and human services to veterans, military personnel and their families throughout the City.

Provide advice and guidance to stakeholders on events, projects and issues of interest to the serving military, veterans, and their families.

Working within governmental and voluntary coordinating and planning groups, ensure that needs assessments on veterans' issues are conducted.

Soldier and ChildrenProvide a forum for members of the military community to express their views and interests directly to local government officials. The office will to bring these matters to the attention of city staff with appropriate recommendations.

Serves as the community's liaison and advocate for veterans' affairs; advises the City Council on issues affecting Houston veterans and their families; and makes recommendations for improving services.

To advise the Mayor on ways and means to improve the relationship between Houston and its' military community.

To advise the Mayor how best to increase recognition of representatives of the greater military community for their contributions to Houston and its' veterans.

Make recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council concerning the coordination of economic development, health care and social services programs as they relate to veterans who are residents of the City of Houston.

Provide reports from various veterans' service organizations and updates of legislative actions that affect veterans to COH Governmental Affairs staff members.

Assist as requested to lobby for legislation beneficial to veterans while simultaneously trying to defeat that which is detrimental to the program.

Increase awareness of educational and employment opportunities and resources available in the local community to retiring and separating members of the military.

Encourage organizations to provide job training situations for veterans with private employers who step forward to hire and train veterans.

In addition, seek public and private grant resources for direct assistance to veterans and their families in employment and supportive services.

Act as an advocate for those veterans within the City of Houston , who are at risk because of poverty and poor living conditions.

Work with governmental, non-profit and private organizations to encourage the development and expansion of programs for homeless veterans.

FoursomeMonitor the status of homeless veterans in the Houston area and assist in developing strategies and solutions to end homelessness.

Work with the Texas Veterans Commission and 2-1-1 in support of Texas Senate Bill 1058 to maintain current information in the Veterans Resource Directory. Maintain a current copy of this document in PDF for ease of download on the office website.

Work with The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) to make Houston more accessible by working to remove physical and attitudinal barriers against disabled veterans.

Work with the various veteran services organization and military community stakeholders to host seminars on different topics of interest to Veterans, Health Fairs, and commemorative programs and events which recognizes the military service and sacrifice of veterans.

We must match the dedication of the men and women who have protected the country with our commitment to ensuring that they are connected to the services and programs they deserve.