Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

Reynaldo Herrera

Reynaldo HerreraReynaldo Herrera holds the position of Senior Communications Specialist for the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, overseeing communication initiatives for the largest community in the heart of Houston. With an extensive background, Reynaldo has dedicated over a decade to working with the Deaf community, continually honing his skills to better serve their needs.

His commitment to public service extends beyond his current role, as evidenced by his tenure with the Houston Police Department. Reynaldo served as a Senior Office Administrator at the Clear Lake Division and later as a Senior Police Service Officer in the Auto Theft investigations unit from 2014 to 2023.

Reynaldo's academic foundation includes an Associates in Network Information Systems from ITT Tech, and he has set his sights on furthering his education with a Bachelor's in Project Management and Communications. His multifaceted experience and ongoing pursuit of knowledge position him as a valuable asset in both communications and public service domains.