Economic Development - TIRZ

3. Main Street / Market Square

Main Street/Market Square TIRZ was created originally in 1995 to stimulate new residential development in the 9 block area around Rice Hotel (Part A). In 1998, the Zone was expanded (Part B) to include Main Steet and northern blocks of the Central Business District along Buffalo Bayou; primarily to create pedestrian and transit amenities, to catalyze new investment, and enhance connections between eastern and western portion of downtown. In 2005, two blocks were added (Part C) for a new mixed use retail and entertainment project. In 2007, the Zone was expanded to include public and institutional land. The Zone provides tools needed to alleviate blight, deteriorated street and site conditions, obsolete transit services and facilities, while encouraging sound growth of residential, retail, hotel and commercial development. Through partnerships, leveraging and incentives, the Zone's purpose is to create an environment conducive to liveability, residential infill, pedestrian functionality, multimodal public transportation systems, public open spaces and parks.

Budget Ordinances and Other Documents

Creation Ordinance
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Project Plan

Project Plan 2019

Tri-Party Agreement (Ord. 2000-240)

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