Legal Department

About the Legal Department


The City of Houston Legal Department strives to provide the highest quality municipal legal services to the City, its elected and appointed officials, and its employees in the most efficient manner feasible through adherence to the following guiding principles:

  • Quality & Service – Achieving high customer satisfaction as judged by our clients,
  • Partnership & Teamwork – Working cooperatively internally and with our clients to achieve the City’s goals,
  • Integrity & Candor – Acting with a commitment to honesty and ethical behavior,
  • Dignity & Diversity – Demonstrating esteem for the worth of each individual,
  • Innovation & Imagination – Seeking novel and creative approaches to achieving the City’s objectives.

The Legal Department is headed by the City Attorney, Ronald Lewis.

Comprised of over 100 of Houston’s finest attorneys across ten sections, the Legal Department has the pivotal role of providing litigation support, negotiating and drafting contracts, handling taxation matters, advising on personnel actions, dealing with the acquisition of sale of City property, overseeing City elections, handling redistricting matters, and dealing with neighborhood protection and quality of life issues. Every employee is committed to the Department’s motto – “Service Through Law.”

The Office of the City Attorney can be reached by phone at 832.393.6491, or by mail at the following address (all requests for information MUST be mailed to this address):

City of Houston Legal Department
P.O. Box 368
Houston, TX 77001-0368

Office of the City Attorney

Ronald Lewis, City Attorney

Randy Zamora
First Assistant City Attorney

Deidra Penny
Deputy City Attorney
First Assistant City Attorney
Transactional/Governmental Affairs

Claims & Subrogation Section

Contracts Section

Municipal Prosecution Section

Real Estate Section



General Litigation Section

Tom Allen
First Assistant City Attorney

Labor, Employment & Civil Rights Section

General Counsel Section


Neighborhood Services Section


Robin Curtis
Inspector General

Staff Administration Section

Office of Inspector General (OIG) Section