Internship Opportunities

The Mayor’s Office of Trade and International Affairs has a deep rooted tradition of educating and training students in all facets of international affairs. Those that have gone through our program have developed into thought leaders in different industries around the City and around the world. By participating in and contributing to international programs and initiatives, interns are able to learn firsthand about the processes that make Houston a global leader in international industry, culture, and diplomacy.

Each applicant is required to submit a writing sample, resume and cover letter, which will be reviewed by the intern coordinator. The intern coordinator will extend interviews to the top candidates and will extend an internship offer to the final selected applicants.

If accepted, interns will each be assigned to a mentor, who will determine the interns' daily assignments and long term project, as well as be responsible for helping them learn as much as possible from the office. Additionally, interns will be expected to compile weekly reports to an intern coordinator overviewing what was learned and accomplished during the week.

Internships require a minimum of 10 working hours a week. Interns must schedule consecutive work days (i.e. Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday, Friday-Monday), except by special permission from the office.

During their time with us, interns will:

  • Research and Prepare support materials for diplomatic and international business development initiatives
  • Staff meetings between the Mayor or other local officials and visiting delegations and dignitaries
  • Contribute to office administration, protocol services, social media, community outreach and international trade
  • Network and interact with a variety of international community leaders
  • Sit in on council session

Please submit all applications to