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Subdivision Plat Recordation

See all the information about the subdivision plat recordation process.

Step 1: Prepare. Recordation applications for subdivision plats are submitted through Plat Tracker. Amending plats are submitted by emailing the documents to For more information on amending plats, see the Amending Plat Guide (.pdf).

Step 2: Pay. Subdivision plat payments are accepted through Plat Tracker. Amending plat payments are accepted by calling 832.393.6632 or emailing

Step 3: After submitting your application and arranging payment, request an appointment using the Recordation appointment scheduling form. Once the request is received, our team will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Step 4: Recordation appointments are in person. A $50 fee is assessed for missed recordation appointments, cancellations made less than 48 hours before the appointment, and for late arrivals of more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time.

Step 5: Process is complete and plat is recorded. The public can contact Harris County to request copies of the recorded document at 713-274-6390.

Subdivision Plat Recordation Process

Recordation Process image

Before the Appointment

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to 611 Walker Street, 6th Floor lobby
  • Be timely. Additional fees are charged for late cancellations, late arrivals and missed appointments
  • Pay the recordation fee

At the Appointment

  • Call the scheduled Planner from phone list available in the lobby
  • Bring the completed original mylar
  • Provide all required documents to the Planner

After the Appointment

  • Status updates on the accepted original subdivision plat mylar will be available online through Plat Tracker. Simply log in to your account and select the appropriate subdivision application.
  • For more information, including for amending plats, contact the recordation Planner.

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