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Development Regulations

The Department of Planning and Development regulates land development in Houston and within its extraterritorial jurisdiction, ETJ. The City of Houston does not have zoning, but development is governed by ordinance codes that address how property can be subdivided. The City codes do not address land use.

No Zoning Letter and Boundary Map for 2024

The Department checks subdivision plats for the proper subdivision of land and for adequate street or right-of-way, building lines and for compliance with Chapter 42, the City’s land development ordinance.

Development site plans are checked for compliance with regulations that include parking, tree and shrub requirements, setbacks, and access. See for other ordinance regulations.


Development Ordinances hosts municipal codes and ordinance regulations for City of Houston. Various chapters are relevant to Houston’s land development process, including:

Houston Public Work’s regulations are also listed on municode and their HPW program web pages, including Chapter 19 - floodplain management.

Applications and Fees

Plat Tracker is the platform used to submit applications for subdivisions plats, subdivision variances, Public Hearing - C3N items, Name Changes, Extensions of Approval requests, and Recordation applications.

See more information and sign up on the Plat Tracker home page at

View the Finance Department’s Fee Schedule for the Planning and Development Department. The new fee schedule becomes effective January 1 of each year. The new fees apply to applications submitted on or after the effective date.


The Planning Department has implemented a few changes to better serve you, our customers. Visit the Subdivision Plat Recordation webpage for complete plat recordation information:

  • Webpage and Recordation Policy
  • All recordation appointments are conducted in person.
  • Mylars are accepted and reviewed at the time of the recordation appointment only.
  • For health and safety reasons, applicants will remain in the lobby area for the duration of the appointment while the mylar is reviewed by the recordation planner.
  • Applicants should be prepared to answer questions and have the authority to make minor corrections to the mylar if necessary.


Click here to view the addressing and street naming guidebook (.pdf). This guidebook is designed to serve as a helpful tool in better understanding the street naming and site addressing requirements used by the City of Houston.

Street Name Changes

The Department determines if the proposed street name (public or private) complies with the City’s Street Name Standards. Applicants may submit a completed Preliminary Check form to the Department via email at or by mail to: Addressing, Planning and Development Department, P.O. Box 1562, Houston, Texas 77251-1562. Applicants meeting the standards will submit an official Street Name Change application for a street name change. There are special situations where the Street Name Change process may be used to name a new street. Read the list below indicating which process to use:

  • If the street is recorded and built - Street Name Change process
  • If the street is not built but recorded through a deed (or other legal instrument) - Street Name Change process
  • If the street is not recorded and not built - follow Plat Tracker process

Please email any questions to

Subdivision Plat Submittal Guides

  1. Platting Process Flow Chart
  2. Fees - effective January 1 of each year
  3. Online Plat Submittal - Plat Tracker
  4. Subdivision Plat Submittal Requirements
  5. Subdivision Plat Submittal Policies
  6. Subdivision Platting Recordation Dedicatory Acknowledgements and Certifications - Updated May 2024
  7. Ordinance Notes - for use on plats - Updated May 2024
  8. Public Hearing Guide - C3N - Updated May 2024
  9. Variance Guide - Updated May 2024
  10. Amending Plat Guide - Updated May 2024
  11. Surveying Requirements for Subdivision Plats
  12. Parking Considerations
  13. Street Paving Requirements for Shared Driveways
  14. Solid Waste- Trash Collection Plan
  15. Garage Building Lines for Corner Lots in ETJ
  16. Notification for Replats Requiring Public Hearings
  17. Identification of Flood Prone Areas on General Plan
  18. Walkable Places and TOD Ordinance Requirements
  19. PSEFI Platting Event-Every October

Site Plan Review

Located at the Houston Permit Center, 1002 Washington Avenue, the Planning and Development Department Site Plan Review is one of the steps in the building permit process. Plan Analysts review plans for new structures, additions and remodels to ensure compliance with lot size requirements, building setbacks, parking, and landscaping.

  1. Site Plan Process Flow Chart
  2. Submittal Requirements
  3. Fees
  4. Additional requirements for site plan review:
    1. Off Street Parking Ordinance – Chapter 26
    2. Landscape Requirement
    3. Multifamily Residential Review
    4. Development Plat Variance Form
    5. Residential Buffering Ordinance
    6. Access Agreement Required – Chapter 10.8
      Access Agreement Form
    7. Sidewalk Requirements
  5. Forms
  6. Expedited Plan Review Rules
  7. Off-Street Parking Ordinance
  8. Carport Guidelines (.pdf) | Directrices para la Cochera (.pdf)
  9. Master Review for Site Plans
  10. Any master-planned residential development located within a single recorded subdivison can be reviewed in its entirety upon the first permit application. Subsequent applications within the permitted master-planned residential development are exempt from additional Planning Department review. Click here to view the March 2020 Master Plan Review User Guide. If you have questions, please contact the Site Planner of the Day at 832-394-8849 .

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