City of Houston Office of Preservation Awarded $20k Grant to Create a Financial Incentive Plan for Historic Preservation

In 2020, the Houston Office of Preservation applied for a Certified Local Government (CLG) Grant from the Texas Historical Commission (THC). CLG grants from the THC provide funding for certified local governments to develop and sustain effective local preservation programs critical to preserving local historic resources. The Houston Office of Preservation is honored and excited to have the THC’s support in this vitally important effort. The grant is a matching grant and the city will match it with funding from the City’s historic preservation fund and in-kind work from city staff.

The city needed a third-party consultant, qualified under the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation, for such work and has engaged the services of SWCA Environmental Consultants, a firm with extensive experience in historic preservation. Together with SWCA, city staff will work with residents, property owners and local stakeholders to create the plan.

Further, SWCA Environmental Consultants will partner with Texas Southern University (TSU). The Houston Office of Preservation intends for the product of this plan to be applicable to other areas in the city.