Suspect Charged in Murder, Sexual Assaults in Acres Homes Area

September 24, 2009 -

A suspect charged in several sexual assaults of females in the city’s Acres Homes area is now charged with the murder of one of the female victims.

The suspect, Lamarques Devon McWilliams (b/m, DOB: 10-17-75), is now charged with murder in the 182nd State District Court in the April 2, 2006 killing of Pamela Ann Goss, 50, of Houston.

McWilliams was arrested on August 26 for the aggravated sexual assault of a female victim he had taken to the 7500 block of Miley Street in northeast Houston. The victim had been sexually assaulted, then forced into the trunk of McWilliams’ car. The car got stuck in mud in the area of the assault and McWilliams left to get help with his car. While he was gone, the victim escaped the vehicle and ran into the nearby residential area where the police were called. The responding patrol officers subsequently captured McWilliams in the wooded area adjacent to where the assault took place.

McWilliams was found to match the description of the suspect in the sexual assault cases involved in the Acres Homes investigation, specifically the Libra scales tattoo on his left arm. Many similarities also were noted in the method McWilliams sexually assaulted the victim, of note was the use of a knife and the variations of the assault itself.

With this information, a DNA sample was obtained from McWilliams and submitted to the FBI laboratory for processing and comparison to the Acres Homes suspect DNA profiles already on file. One suspect DNA profile in the Acres Home case matched three sexual assaults and that of a deceased female, Jasmine Clark. The FBI reported their analysis of the DNA sample from McWilliams matched the suspect DNA profile of the three sexual assaults victims and the death of Ms. Clark.

With the DNA profile of McWilliams now connected to the Acres Homes cases by DNA, the evidence available in the Pam Goss murder was processed using a new more detailed DNA process, and a suspect profile was developed. This DNA profile was compared to the DNA profile of McWilliams and found to match.


Based on DNA evidence, LaMarques Devon McWilliams is now connected to the murder of Pam Goss, the death of Jasmine Clark, and five (5) aggravated sexual assaults. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has filed one murder charge against McWilliams for the killing of Ms. Goss. He has also been charged with five (5) counts of aggravated sexual assault.


Based on the suspect description, method used in committing the sexual assaults, and location of the crimes, McWilliams is being investigated as a possible suspect in other cases.


RDW/MAD/JFC 9-23-09

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