Commercial Dumpster Permits

All businesses, apartment complexes, strip centers, and other commercial properties with dumpsters or roll-off containers exceeding 50 cubic feet must have a Combustible Waste Storage (Dumpster) permit. Commercial dumpsters of any size that will be on-premise for more than 60 days also require a permit.

Permit is non-transferable from owner to owner.

In order to obtain a Combustible Waste Storage Permit, you must:

  1. Combustible Waste Storage Permit application: English or Spanish
    1. Mailing address of applicant: name of business, street name or PO Box, city, state, and zip code
    2. Name of person responsible as it should appear on the permit;
    3. Service address of applicant: Permit Address, City/Zip, Business Phone.
  2. Deed Restriction and Law Compliance Affidavit: English or Spanish

For fee schedules, go to

The original application along with the original notarized affidavit and payment (in the form of check, money order or credit card) must then be mailed to:

City of Houston
Solid Waste Management Department - Permit Section

P.O. Box 1562
Houston, TX 77251

What Goes Where?

Enter the item you wish to dispose of into the web tool to find the proper disposal methods and locations, including recycling options and drop-off centers.