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LIP Program

The Leadership Institute Program (LIP) was created to implement a leadership and succession planning program that develops
strong, confident leaders in management and supervision at all levels in the City of Houston.

LIP is an 8 - month program comprised of 8 instructional modules (delivered 1 day per month) as follows:

  1. Orientation Day
  2. Adapting to Culture Change
  3. Leadership Perspective
  4. Handling Conflict and Sensitive Issues
  5. Communication Skills for Managers
  6. Systematic Succession Planning
  7. Effective Management
  8. Workforce and Organizational Development
  9. Presentation Skills Workshop
  10. Financial Performance Management

In the 8th month (“Project Week”), the participants are divided into teams of (10) to address and make recommended course of action for resolving a “real world/real time” issue/concern at the City of Houston; and to present their resolution(s) to a panel(s) of department directors, for their consideration and potential implementation in the organization. The program culminates with the Graduation Ceremony and Reception.

The participants for the LIP Program are handed-selected by their department directors (or their designees). These individuals are considered the “emerging leaders” in the organization, and are being carefully considered for future leadership roles in the City of Houston. They are the frontline, middle-level, and senior- level managers currently.

Project Week Team #10(from left to right)Jorge A. Capistran(PRD), Christopher Sparks(HHD), Sheree McCarty(HR), Nekiea Corpening(HFD)

Project Week Team #10 From left to right, Jorge A. Capistran (PRD), Christopher Sparks (HHD), Sheree McCarty (HR), Nekiea Corpening (HFD).

LIP Course Description
COURSE NAME: Leadership Institute Program (LIP) Senior Managers
PURPOSE: Leadership is a practice, not a talent. The top leaders of America’s most successful businesses were made, not born that way. They learned how to create, to inspire their workforce, to seek out and learn new skills and to develop their leadership abilities. Do you need leadership training to prepare you to take the next step? Then, this is the course for you! This leadership institute will develop and enhance your leadership skills and to prepare you to step up to the challenges that you face in leading your organization to success.
LEARNING OUTCOMES: Participants will:
  • Receive instruction on successful execution of leadership and managerial processes
  • Develop the strategies and skills necessary to handle practical situations with their teams
  • Apply what they have learned to real world City of Houston problems
CONTENT: Participants will:
  • Orientation Day
  • Adapting to Culture Change
  • Leadership Perspective
  • Handling Conflict and Sensitive Issues
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Systematic Succession Planning
  • Effective Management
  • Workforce and Organizational Development
  • Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Financial Performance Management
METHOD: Group discussion, lecture, role play, short film
NUMBER OF SESSIONS: 7 hours/1 Sessions
TIME: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
NON-CITY CHARGE: Not open to non-city employees
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Executive, middle, and front-line managers
PREREQUISITIES: Must have management and supervisory experience

Contact Information: Learning and Development Center | 4501 Leeland Street | Houston, TX 77023 | Phone: 832-395-4900 | Fax: 832-395-4892 | Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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