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Public Comments

Public comments must be received by the close of business (5:00pm) the day before the Historical Commission meeting to ensure comments are included in the staff report presented to the Commission. Comments may be submitted to historicpreservation@houstontx.gov

Historic Preservation Tracker

With the roll out of the Historic Preservation Tracker (HPT), applicants and the public at large can now follow the progress of COA Applications from start to finish, and view/download HAHC agendas and meeting minutes through the HPT links! Visit the Historic Preservation Tracker and the links are at the bottom of the page under HPT Links.

November 18, 2020 Agenda

G. Consent Items - The following items are proposed for action per staff comments and may be adopted in one motion:

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Address Application Type Historic District
105 Payne Street Alteration - Addition Germantown
801 Cortlandt Street Alteration – Addition, Siding or Trim, Doors, Windows Houston Heights South
527 Harvard Street Addition - Alteration Houston Heights South
527 Harvard Street New Construction - Garage Houston Heights South
508 Cortlandt Street Demolition Houston Heights South
1114 Cortlandt Street Alteration - Addition Houston Heights East
1535 Rutland Alteration - Addition Houston Heights West
1435 Allston Street Alteration- addition, Siding or Trim, doors, Windows, Porch or Balcony, Roof Houston Heights West
619 Cortlandt Street Alteration - Addition Houston Heights South
619 Cortlandt Street New Construction - Garage Houston Heights South
907 Key Street Alteration - Addition Norhill
931 Key Street Alteration – addition, foundation, roof Norhill
1118 Key Street Alteration – Addition, Doors, Windows, Porch or Balcony Norhill
2902 Houston Ave Alteration- Addition, Foundation, Siding or Trim, Doors, Windows, Porch or Balcony, Roof Germantown
1229 Ashland Street New Construction Houston Heights West
520 Heights Blvd Alteration – Addition, Addition, Foundation, Siding or Trim, Doors, Windows, Roof, Other Houston Heights South
3806 Garrott Street Alteration – Porch or Balcony First Montrose Commons
1007 W Cottage Street Demolition – Garage or Carport Norhill
8410 Glencross Drive Alteration - Windows Glenbrook Valley
901 Heights Blvd Alteration – Addition, Doors, Windows, Roof, Ramp Houston Heights South
  • H. Comments from the Public
  • I. Comments from the HAHC
  • J. Adjournment

2020 Meetings

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COA Application Deadline
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2020 HAHC Meeting Dates Meeting Agenda
Thursday, January 2 Friday, January 24
Wednesday, February 5 Thursday, February 27
Wednesday, March 4 Thursday, March 26
Wednesday, April 1 Thursday, April 23
Wednesday, April 29 Thursday, May 21
Wednesday, May 27 Thursday, June 18
Wednesday, July 8 Thursday, July 30
Wednesday, August 5 Thursday, August 27
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Wednesday, September 2 Thursday, September 24
Wednesday, September 30 Thursday, October 22
Tuesday, October 27 Wednesday, November 18
Tuesday, November 24 Wednesday, December 16
Wednesday, January 6 (2021) Thursday, January 28 (2021)


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