HPD Cadet Breaks Academy Push-Up Record

November 10, 2009 - Cadet Nic Vo, in HPD Academy Class #206, just completed a feat that most men and women will never accomplish. Vo broke the HPD Academy’s record number of push-ups by a male by performing 1,206 push-ups during a recent physical agility test. The previous record was 1100 push-ups.

The record number of push-ups for a female HPD cadet is 405, set most recently by Officer Ana Andino of Class #204.

Cadet Vo attributes his success to a willingness to not give up; a strong mind and extra hours spent training at home.

“Initially, I wasn’t going for any records when I entered the academy. My instructor told me that it would be a hard record to break, so I left it alone and didn’t think about it again. A few months ago, our class leader came to me and asked me to go for the record. I did it for him. For our class, class #206. The first 1,000 push-ups was to break the record, the other 206 push-ups is for our cadet class.”

Cadet Vo’s strength and determination have earned him the admiration of his fellow cadets. He trained by spending each evening doing 500-600 push-ups and performing pull-ups to build his upper body strength.

The day he broke the record he was joined by fellow classmates who did push-ups alongside him to encourage him, and cheered him for the one hour it took to do the push-ups. But even Vo admits he wasn’t 100% confident he was going to be able to live up to his classmates’ expectations. But after breaking the record, he confidently admits he thinks he could go further, maybe even 2,000 someday.

Now, Vo is looking forward to his future career as a Houston Police Officer. He always wanted to be a police officer growing up but lost sight of that goal as he got older. Until one day when Vo was the victim of an armed robbery. He wanted to prevent that helpless feeling he felt and help others in the community, so he moved to Houston from Tennessee and enrolled in the Houston Police Academy.

Cadet Vo will graduate from the police academy on Thursday (Nov 12). That night, his family will be visiting from Tennessee and cheering him on as he walks across the stage.

Any media interested in interviews with Cadet Vo may speak with him following his graduation on Thursday at Chavez High School, 8501 Howard.

To view an interview with Cadet Vo visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLATTtHTCPw


JKS/JFC 11-10-09

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