Municipal Courts

Juvenile Information: JNA (Juvenile Adult Now) Notices

You received this Juvenile Now Adult (JNA) notice because Court records reveal that before your 17th birthday, you were accused of a criminal offense and have failed to make an appearance or enter a plea in this matter. Now that you are an adult, you are being notified that you have an obligation to appear in court on this case.

Administrative dockets will be held Monday through Friday in order to give you an opportunity to resolve your case. You must appear in person as this Show Cause hearing may not take place over the phone or by mail. If you received multiple letters from our court regarding other JNA cases, please bring those letters with you to court and advise the judge of the additional cases.

Finally, if you believe that the Court’s records are in error, please present any evidence/proof in your possession that would support your compliance with the court’s orders. If you fail to appear on your assigned court date, an additional offense of Failure To Appear may be issued, which may result in a warrant for your arrest. Additionally, upon completion of the JNA court docket hearings, additional collection fees and penalties will be assessed.

For specific information regarding your case, or if you have additional questions, you may contact us by dialing 3-1-1, or by visiting a Municipal Courts location near you to speak with a judge.