Municipal Courts

Public Information Office: Request for Reports (Vendors Only)

The City of Houston Municipal Courts Department offers several data layouts options (.pdf).

Effective December 17, 2012, Municipal Courts will no longer provide dates of birth in our data reports.

Each layout is available:

  • Daily ($29.25) – electronically sent every day, Monday – Friday by noon; weekend data is free when the entire week is purchased.
  • Weekly ($46.25) - electronically sent every Monday by noon. 
  • Monthly ($79.25) - electronically sent the 1st Monday of the following month by noon.

* Please note: weekly and monthly data reports are a ONE TIME run.

After deciding which layout(s) best suits your needs, a request must be submitted in writing via email to both Jaime Palacios and Destini Richardson-Lewis.

Please include the following in your request:
Email Subject should be: VENDOR REPORT REQUEST - (Insert Company Name Here)

  1. Layout number(s)
  2. Frequency for each (daily, weekly or monthly)
  3. Date (include the 1st day & last day you want to receive data) Note: the amount on your invoice will reflect the number of days/weeks/months you request.
  4. Payment Choice (Mail, In-Person, or by Phone)
  5. Contact information (name, email, & phone number)

After the request is processed, an invoice will be sent to you via email. Upon receipt of your invoice you can then proceed with payment by mail, in person or by phone.

Payment Options:

  • In Person– Credit Card, Check, or Cash (Payments accepted at 1400 Lubbock St, 1st floor, Public Service Counter)
  • By Mail – Check; *Printed Invoice must be enclosed
  • By Phone – Credit Card; contact Jaime or Angel at 713.247.5410 after you receive an invoice (please allow 24hrs to process payment)

City of Houston Municipal Courts Department
PO Box 4996
Houston, Texas 77210-4996

If paid in person, proof of payment (an image of the receipt) must be sent to Jaime Palacios and Destini Richardson-Lewis via email in order to receive requested data.

All reports are distributed electronically.

In the event a report(s) is unavailable or there is no data to report, the appropriate credit(s) will be issued; no refunds will be provided. Refunds will not be given to vendors that opt to suspend service on a prepaid subscription; only credits will be issued.

FYI: A printed DSC list is available for purchase every Tuesday by noon at the Public Service Counter on the 1st floor at 1400 Lubbock Street. The cost for this list is $0.85 for the first page and $0.15 for each additional page. (Please note the number of pages vary each week.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jaime Palacios ( and Destini Richardson-Lewis ( at 713.247.5410.