Economic Development - TIRZ

23. Harrisburg

The Project and Reinvestment Zone Financing Plan will create an investment tool for new construction and the redevelopment of the area. The proposed TIRZ will help finance approximately $128 million of improvements and services needed to support the repositioning and revitalization of the East End. Those improvements include:

  • Design and construction of public utilities including water, wastewater and stonn water systems;
  • Design and construction of major and minor roadways and streets including improvements/enhancements;
  • Cultural and Public Facility Improvements;
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities;
  • and Economic Development.

Budget Ordinances and Other Documents

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

Creation Ordinance

Board of Directors, Motion for Confirmation

Project Plan

Project Plan 2019

Boundary Enlargement 2019

Annexation 2023

De-Annexation 2023

TIRZ 23 Map

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Tract 23 Map

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