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Trust and Funds Management - The Houston Foundation

The Houston Foundation, founded in 1915, is a public trust providing financial assistance to new and existing programs which serve the humanitarian needs of the people of Houston. Through the generosity of Houstonians, the Foundation is an endowment to serve future generations. The Foundation typically provides funding and support for the disadvantaged.

The Houston Foundation Board of Public Trust Meeting (September 20, 2021 Meeting Agenda)

Such needs are in the following categories:

  • Care of dependent and helpless children;
  • Nursing the sick;
  • Free bureau for securing employment;
  • Humane treatment of children and animals; and
  • Bureau for social service information.

Please include COVID 19 Plans with your Application for Funding Request. Please download application here. Any questions call 832.393.9134.

*Submission deadlines for 2020:
*Meeting Date:
11Dec. 2020
11 Jan. 2021
15 Feb. 2021
15 Mar. 2021
16 Apr. 2021
17 May 2021
11 Jun. 2021
12 Jul. 2021
20 Aug. 2021
20 Sep. 2021
1 Oct. 2021
1 Nov. 2021
24 Dec. 2021
24 Jan. 2022
Applications MUST be received via email, and/or other delivery services NO LATER THAN the submission deadline date.

Click Guidelines for information regarding the application and the request process. Any additional questions should be sent via email to

Completed applications should be submitted to email. After an application has been received, the Board will review the request and inform each organization of its decision. The review process can take up to 120 days from the time an application is submitted.

Please click on the link to see the organizations that has been approved by the Houston Foundation Board.


If previously awarded, in order to be considered for future funding, the “Report on Funding Award” must be completed and submitted via email to the Houston Foundation one year from the date of receiving a funding award letter. For example: received funding award letter dated November 5, 2018, the Report on Funding Award is on due November 6, 2019.

Any organization that submitted a funding request and was not awarded can reapply no sooner than one year from the date of the Board’s decision. For example: received a letter of non-award dated November 12, 2018, you can reapply or resubmit for funding no earlier than November 12, 2019.

*Dates are subject to change without prior notice.