Finance Department

Director's Office

Director's Office
Melissa Dubowski, Finance Director

The Director’s Office must provide security and integrity to the processes and performance of the City’s financial operations. The division helps the City achieve objectives and long-term goals by overseeing, evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the divisions within the Finance department, as well as various citywide financial processes and business decisions. The Director serves as the executive head of the Finance department and must manage and oversee all policies, procedures and employees therein. The Director is responsible for monitoring and improving the financial functions of the City through sound fiscal planning, reporting and management.

Administration and Business Office
Sheila Wates, Division Manager

  • Manage all administrative functions for the Finance Department.
  • Manage the City's Request for Council Action (RCA).
  • Oversees, administers and optimizes departmental policies and procedures regarding Information technology, systems training, accounts payable, procurement, and human resources.
  • Conducts statistical and financial analysis and reporting for special projects as assigned by Director.

Administrative Office of City Council
Vernita Jones, Assistant Director

  • Manages all administrative functions of City Council including payroll, accounts payable and human resources.
  • Utilize the most efficient office procedures in our effort to provide continuous support to the City Council staff.

Key Accomplishments

  • Provided analytical support during economic downturn by identifying savings opportunities and conducting staffing level analysis.
  • Completed actuarial audit of all three pension plans.