Finance Department

Trust and Funds Management

Sherry Mose, Division Manager

Deferred Compensation: (February 11, 2021 Meeting Agenda)

The primary purpose of this section is to assist in educating and servicing employees, retirees, and their families on retirement security. The citywide program is available to the City's more than 23,000 employees. The section balances these goals with its day to day role of:

Trust Funds:
This section prepares financial reports and conducts oversight, as well as administrative support to the Board of Public Trust (The Houston Foundation).

Additionally, this office manages the charitable funding request process. Organizations can apply by completing the application found on The Houston Foundation.

Legislative Impact:
As a liaison for the Finance department, this section helps to assess the fiscal repercussions of pending legislation, by carrying out reviews and directing bills for analysis to the appropriate divisions.

Local Government Corporations (LGC):
This section is responsible for the fiscal monitoring and financial reporting of Local Government Corporations. Additionally, this section ensures compliance with all approved accounting procedures through periodic audits inspections of the corporations' books of account and attending board meetings. Annual audited statements provided by the LGCs are reviewed and any deficiencies are reported to the Finance Director in accordance with A.P.2-10

Refuge of Last Resort (RLR):
This section coordinates the Finance Department's effort to participate in the City's RLR Program by recruiting and training volunteers and managing supplies.

TIRZ Performance Audit:
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