Booted Vehicle Information

Boot Release Instructions

Boot Release

Payment of all delinquent parking citations and applicable storage and towing fees is required to receive a code to release a booted vehicle.

Pay Online:
Pay by Phone: 1-833-552-0380

In person payment can be made by credit card or cash only:

Municipal Courts
Parking Adjudication Office
1400 Lubbock
Houston, TX 77002
Monday – Friday, 8 am-10 pm
Saturday 8 am– 4:45 pm

2020 McKinney
Houston, TX 77003
Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm

Boot Notices

Boot notices are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle to the address on file with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Responsibility is assigned to the owner at the time the citations are issued or the current registered owner has identified you as being the actual owner of the vehicle at the time the citations were issued. You have until the date on the notice to take action on the parking citations before the vehicle is eligible to be booted.

Vehicles Eligible for Booting

Only vehicles that have three or more delinquent parking citations or one delinquent parking citation for parking illegally in a parking space reserved for disabled parking are eligible for booting. Before a vehicle is booted, the City of Houston will mail a notice to the vehicle registration address detailing the delinquent citations, amount due and how payment can be made. You have until the date on the notice to resolve the parking citations before the vehicle is booted.

The City of Houston only boots vehicles for delinquent parking citations. If you feel, you vehicle has been improperly booted, contact ParkHouston.

Boot Hearings

If your vehicle registration address is current and you did not receive the boot notice, you may request a boot hearing at the Parking Adjudication Office.

At the boot hearing, the hearing officer will determine if the vehicle was were properly booted according to City Ordinance. If the hearing officer finds you liable, you are responsible for the delinquent citations and fees. If the hearing officer finds you not liable, those fees will be waived and the vehicle will be released.

Booting, Towing and Storage Fees

In addition to the delinquent parking citations, booted vehicles also have a boot and administrative fee. If the vehicle is towed, there will be towing and storage fees. All fines and fees must be paid in full before the vehicle can be released.

Boot Fee: City Fee Schedule
Administrative Fee: City Fee Schedule
Contact Zone One for the total storage and tow fees:
2305 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX 77020
Telephone: 713-228-2221

Booting Payment Plan

Vehicle owners receiving public assistance may be eligible for a payment plan. An eligibility hearing can be requested at the Municipal Courts Parking Adjudication Office. Payment plan terms are 6 months.

You must bring proof of eligibility for a payment plan to the hearing. Proof of public assistance include but are not limited to:

1. Food stamps

  • WIC cards
  • Government housing assistance
  • Medicaid/Medicare

2. The vehicle owner must pay the entire boot, administrative, towing and storage fees prior to entering a payment plan.

3. Vehicle owner must complete Boot Payment Plan application which is subject to the Administrative Fee for applications.

4. Failure to maintain timely payments will result in the reinstatement of boot eligibility. There is a five-day grace period for mail.

5. Reinstatement to the delinquent vehicle list after missing a monthly payment will result in the ineligibility of another boot payment plan.

Booting Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I already made payment for the citations prior to booting. What can I do to dispute the booting?
Answer: You may bring proof of payment to Municipal Courts 1400 Lubbock Street Houston, TX 77002. If the office is closed, you can wait until the office is open or pay for the balance in full to retrieve your vehicle immediately and dispute afterwards. If the vehicle is towed while waiting to dispute, you may still be subject to towing fees as determined by the Municipal Court.

Question: How do I make payment?
Answer: You can pay online by credit card or in person by cash at ParkHouston or Municipal Courts. Please be aware that if a boot is placed on your vehicle by the City of Houston, the only way to pay the fee for its removal is to call the phone number listed on the sticker placed on your window or to pay in person. ParkHouston officers cannot take payments for citations or boot releases. If you are not sure how to resolve a situation contact ParkHouston.

Question: I believe the vehicle related citations were issued prior to me owning the vehicle or license plate. What should I do to get this resolved?
Answer: You may bring your proof of ownership and date purchased to Municipal Courts 1400 Lubbock Street Houston, TX 77002.

Question: What are my disputing options after my vehicle has been immobilized after the Courts business hours?
Answer: You may pay for the balance in full to retrieve your vehicle immediately and dispute afterwards.

Question: Can the City issue a parking citation to my vehicle if parked illegally while immobilized?
Answer: Yes, if you are parked illegally you may still receive a parking citation.

Question: Does the City garnish wages or tax refunds in order to collect on boot eligible citations?
Answer: No

Question: How does the City notify me of citations due before immobilization?
Answer: The City mails notices to the vehicle registration address.

Question: How long can my vehicle remain immobilized before my vehicle is towed?
Answer: The City reserves the right to tow a vehicle at any time when a vehicle is immobilized.

Question: How can I find out more about the citations due with this immobilization instance? (late fees, interest fees, location, etc.)
Answer: You can view open citations for your license plate at

Question: What should I do if my rental vehicle was immobilized?
Answer: You should contact your rental company for further assistance.

Question: What are my options if I have filed for bankruptcy?
Answer: You may contact ParkHouston for assistance.
Email - Phone 832-393-8690

Question: I just paid in-person, what are my boot removal options?
Answer: For expedited service, your best option is to contact our Help Center at 1-877-544-1154 to receive information on how to remove the boot yourself. You can simply place a credit or debit card on file to be used as collateral for the boot and receive a code in return. Removing the boot yourself is quick and easy. Otherwise, a Scofflaw Field Agent will be dispatched to remove the boot within 2 to 4 hours during normal release hours. You can contact the Help Center for additional information regarding release hours.

Question: What citations am I responsible for after my vehicle has been towed?
Answer: You will be required to pay all delinquent citations and all associated fees.

Question: Can the amount I owe increase if I do not pay immediately?
Answer: The amount due is subject to change at any time. Some circumstances in which the amount can change include, but are not limited to, additional late fees on boot eligible citations, additional citations becoming boot eligible or towing and storage fees.

Question: How can I retrieve my belongings from my vehicle after it has been towed?
Answer: Contact Zone One at 713-228-2221 for additional information to retrieve your belongings.

Question: What should I do if I believe damage was done to my vehicle while it was being immobilized?
Answer: Send an email to and include the following information: Damage Vehicle Claim, plate number and boot violation number in the subject line, pictures of the damage along with an explanation of how you believe the damage was caused. Management will investigate your claims and respond within 3 to 5 business days. Please be advised the Help Center does not receive updates on your claim.

Question: What should I do if I believe my vehicle was stolen during the period when the citations that led to my vehicle being immobilized were issued?
Answer: You may contest by visiting the Municipal Courts 1400 Lubbock Street Houston, TX 77002 during operating hours if you have proof of payment. If the office is closed, you can wait until the office is open or pay for the balance in full to retrieve your vehicle immediately and dispute afterwards. If the vehicle is towed while waiting to dispute, you may still be subject to towing fees as determined by the Municipal Court.

Question: What is the City’s website for paying outstanding citations before booting?
Answer: To pay online visit

Question: Where can I receive a copy of the tape-recorded conversation, I had with a Help Center representative?
Answer: You may submit a public information request at - COH Public Information Act Requests website