Large and Commercial Vehicles

Neighborhood streets are not designed to support the weight and size of large and commercial vehicles. Oversized vehicles create dangerous blind spots on narrow streets for pedestrians, bike riders, and motorists. The noise and emissions diminish quality of life.

Keep our neighborhood streets safe and legally park large and commercial vehicles in commercial parking lots.

Large and Commercial Vehicle Violations

Commercial Vehicle on Public Street

Parking commercial and large vehicles on a public street is prohibited between 2 AM - 6 AM.

Commercial Vehicle in Residential District

Large vehicles may not park on any street in a residential district except for active loading and unloading.

Trailer on Public Street

The time limit for parking a trailer or large vehicle on a public street is 2 hours. This includes portable storage units.

Find My Towed Car

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Large Vehicle Tows $459 per hour 
Storage $35 per day


Large Vehicle – means a motor vehicle, semi or a trailer that is in excess of 8 feet in height at the highest point on the vehicle or trailer or in excess of 22 feet in length

Commercial Vehicle – Has one or more magnetic signs or decals. Does not include taxis, limousines and buses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park a rental truck at my residence to move?
Short-term rentals can park in a residential area for up to 72 hours in residential area while you are loading and unloading.

Does the 2-hour time limit for parking on the public street apply to 18-wheeler cabs without the trailer attached?
If the cab is over 8 feet in height, all large vehicle regulations will apply to cab and it may not park on the street for more than 2 hours.

What if the driver of a commercial or large vehicle has to park on the street to wait for the loading dock to become open?
Attended large and commercial vehicles waiting to load or unload are exempted from the 2-hour time limit. Unattended vehicles are subject to citations. See additional exemptions:

The exemptions are:

  • Vehicles in the act of service
  • Vehicles actively loading and unloading
  • Short-term rentals moving vehicles
  • Parked in areas designated by the City. The City is currently reviewing a truck route plan and the establishment of parking areas.

Why was my vehicle towed?
Vehicles left parked on the public street for 48 or more hours are subject to towing. The price for large vehicle tows begin at $459 per hour.

Resources for Truckers
TXDOT rest stop locations and information centers.

Texas Trucking Association – TXTA
Since 1932, TXTA has served as the unified voice for the trucking industry in Texas. TXTA is dedicated to advocating sound public policies, providing excellence in education, research, training and information as well as promoting a safe, dependable and efficient motor transportation system.

Houston Safety Council of Safety Professionals
The objective of this organization to promote cooperative efforts for increased safety, efficiency and economy in all phases of highway transportation by commercial vehicles.

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association
Providing representation, information, education, benefits and savings to small-business and professional truck drivers.

Download Trucker Path: GPS and Maps

Trucker Path App

Trucker Path provides real-time information for large commercial vehicle parking facilities

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