Volunteer Parking Enforcement Program

Volunteer on Patrol
Volunteer on Patrol

Don't do it | Army of volunteers
issuing citations for handicap parking spot violators

On patrol: Woman tickets drivers
who park illegally.

Abusing Handicap Parking Spots

Catching people abusing handicap
parking spots

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As part of the Mayor's Volunteer Initiatives Program (VIP), ParkHouston trains volunteers to protect their communities and help fight disabled parking space abuse.

The ParkHouston Volunteer Enforcement Program certifies people to issue citations and become ambassadors for the program. With the generous help of our volunteers, we have a greater impact in protecting the quality-of-life for those who require ADA parking spaces to work, live and play.

For a quick overview of the Disabled Parking Volunteer Program, please view the presentation.

Volunteers are required to attend a four-hour training session and pass a background check. Once complete, volunteers are empowered to issue citations within the Houston City limits to those who abuse disabled parking spaces.

Volunteer Today!

You have two options:

  1. Take the Volunteer ON-DEMAND training class at your own pace and successfully complete the assessment.
  2. If you prefer a class lead by an instructor, you can register below by completing the form below.

Email and/or call 832.393.8645 for further assistance