POLICE Department

Auto Dealers Detail - Vehicle Auction

The Houston Police Department conducts the public auction of unclaimed vehicles in vehicle storage facilities as required by Chapter 683 of the Texas Transportation Code. A complete listing of the vehicles scheduled to be sold can be viewed at:

Vehicles Scheduled For Auction
Vehicles Scheduled For Auction (Online Only) 
Please call the auction line at (832) 394-4838 for a list of auction dates and locations for the following week.

Location of sale

Auctions are held at the storage facilities reporting the vehicles as abandoned. A series of auctions begin daily at 8:00 a.m. at multiple locations. Auctions are held rain or shine and open to the general public. Anyone refused admittance should contact Auto Dealers.

Terms of sale

All sales are for cash to the highest bidder. Salvage vehicles will be sold to state licensed salvage dealers only. Valid state issued ID is required to bid. Any person that purchases five or more vehicles in a calendar year will be required to have a MVD license and will not be allowed to bid on or purchase any vehicles until a license is obtained.

Q: Can I look at the vehicle before I bid?

A: Auctions are conducted on the premises of the storage facility within a secure area. Access is provided only during the time police officers are present and the auction is in process.  Auctions begin immediately upon the officers arrival and the time to inspect vehicles to be auctioned is very short.  Vehicle may not be operated and you are limited to a visual inspection. 

Q: How long do I have to pick up the vehicle if I win the bid?

A: The time allotted to pick up the vehicle is largely at the discretion of the storage facility operator where the vehicle is sold. You are expected to take immediate possession, however each storage facility has its own policy. Making repairs or attempting to drive the vehicle from the storage area is also a matter of storage facility policy. You must make your arrangements with the storage facility operator.

Q: What if I am dissatisfied and I want to bring the vehicle back?

A: Buyer takes the vehicle "as is, where is" and all sales are final.

Q: How do I get my title to the vehicle?

A: The winning bidder is provided an "Auction Sales Receipt" by the police department.  This document must be taken to a county tax office to have the tile transferred into your name. Taxes must be paid as with any other car sales transaction.

Q: What do I do if I lose my paperwork after the sale?

A: Per Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division, when someone loses an ASR the purchaser will need to obtain a bonded title.  Auto Dealers will not reissue ASRs if lost.  Additional information can be found on the DMV website at www.TxDMV.gov.