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Auto Dealers Detail - Towed Vehicles FAQ

Q: How do I locate my towed vehicle?

A: You can call the tow line at 713-308-8580 or go to Findmytowedcar.com. Please have the VIN or license plate available.

How do I schedule a tow hearing?

A: To Schedule a tow hearing, you must call 713-747-3553.

Request tow hearing form

Q: If my vehicle is disabled in a moving lane of traffic on the freeway, does this fall under the TOW AND GO program?

A: The standard tow rate of $190.00 will apply if the vehicle is abandoned. The no cost tow under the TOW AND GO program is only for vehicles that are disabled and has someone with the vehicle when the wrecker or police arrive.

Q: I want my vehicle towed to my house. Depending on the travel distance, at what mile does the tow rate change?

A: The tow rate of $190.00 applies to the first 20 miles. Tows over 20 miles will be charged an additional $3.80 a mile.