POLICE Department

Auto Dealers Detail - FAQ

Q: What is the first step to obtain a license?

A:For most licenses, a State and National background check is required.  Please refer to the specific license description for details.

Q: What type of Identification will I need when applying for a license?

A: You will need either a valid Texas Driver’s License, Texas I. D., or Government issued I. D.

Q: I received Deferred Adjudication and no jail time. Is this still considered a conviction?

A: Deferred Adjudication is considered a conviction and should be placed on your application if it applies.

Q: Do I have to provide my own photo for a salesman license?

A: When applying for a salesman license, you will have to provide one passport style photo no smaller than 1 ½” by 2”.

Q: Is there a specific type of drug test for wrecker drivers?

A: All wrecker driver applicants must provide a five panel drug test from a state approved laboratory and must be the original. A fax will not be accepted.

Q: Do I have to turn in my city issued badge when renewing? What if I lost it?

A: If you are renewing, you will be required to turn in your expired city badge. If it has been lost, you must file a lost or stolen police report.