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Houston Holds FREE B.O.P.A. and Appliance Collection Event

The City of Houston holds Batteries, Oil, Paint (latex only) and Antifreeze (B.O.P.A.) mobile collections periodically. Many common household materials are considered hazardous and need special disposal. When Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is disposed of in the trash, it can contaminate landfills and subsequently our groundwater. This event provides a FREE and safe alternative for residents to rid their homes of potentially dangerous materials.

 Upcoming Event
Kingwood Metro Park & Ride
3210 W. Lake Houston Parkway
Houston, TX 77339

Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 9am to 1pm
PDF ICON  Kingwood B.O.P.A. - FLYER
Ellington Airport / Clear Lake Neighborhood Recycling Center & Ride
246 Loop Rd.
Houston, TX 77034

Saturday, March 30, 2024 - 9am to 1pm
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  • A valid Texas driver’s license or other proof of residency will be required.
  • ACCEPTED ITEMS: Only residential material, rechargeable household & automobile batteries, cooking oil (limited to 15 qt.), motor oil (limited to 15 qt.), LATEX paint (limited to 15 gallons), antifreeze, large appliances, and scrap metal. Used motor oil will be limited to 15 qt. All liquids are required to be in sealed, non-leaking containers that are labeled as to contents.
  • NOT ACCEPTED: No Oil-based Paint, Paint without labels, Household Hazardous Waste/Chemicals, Household Cleaners, Business Waste, Medical Waste, Radioactive Waste, PCB’s, Dioxins, Ammunition, electronics, Explosives, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Smoke Detectors, Household Trash or Tires. 

    All containers must have lids, be sturdy, non-leaking, labeled and protected from breakage. Do not bag items.



NOTE: Only Items listed will be accepted. No need to bring EMPTY Latex paint cans or those that have HARDENED. These can be thrown away with your household garbage.
Lead Acid Automotive, NiCad, Lithium Ion & Rechargeable Batteries accepted. (No Alkaline)


Presented by Solid Waste Management Department.