Earth Day Lunch and Learn

Thursday, April 22nd

Join two of our very own RECYCLING CHAMPIONS to discuss sustainability and recycling in Houston.

Have you always had a question on why you should recycle that plastic bottle? -OR- What happens to the glass you put in the green recycling cart?


Meet the Speakers

SARAH J. MASON, CPM - Division Manager - Recycling
Sarah serves as a policy advisor and program developer in the areas of waste reduction, reuse and recycling. She leads many of the department’s strategic initiatives including long range resource management planning, improving residential recycling behavior, and overseeing the management of the City’s thirteen drop-off centers.

ALYCE COFFEY - Community Outreach Manager
Alyce manages community outreach and education programs to promote a greater understanding and awareness of recycling and solid waste service issues throughout the community.

HAVE A QUESTION? You can e-mail your question to us before the Earth Day Lunch and Learn event. Tune in and watch your question answered live in our Virtual Luncheon. E-mail us at with the subject line 'Lunch and Learn'.

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Concluding the Virtual Meeting

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