Finance Department

The mission of the Finance Department is to safeguard the fiscal integrity of the City, its component units, and other dependent entities, and enable other City stakeholders to do the same. We will do this by sustaining and growing a dynamic organization filled with strong people that use rigorous policies, processes, and systems.

Welcome to the Finance Department

The Finance Department's strategic objectives in support of the mission are:

  1. Promote fiscal responsibility
  2. Serve the Administration, City Council, Departments, and Citizens
  3. Improve process execution internally and citywide
  4. Engage staff and provide them the resources they need to get the job done

 The Department strives to meet the following core values:

  • Quality
    We strive to provide a high standard of excellence, provide outstanding levels of support and service and sustain a dynamic fiscal structure to ensure that all resources are managed and accounted for in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Integrity
    We commit to be a reliable source of accurate information providing sound fiscal and policy advice, conforming to the highest level of ethical standards.
  • Leadership
    We will maintain a high level of financial expertise to provide directions and solutions that ensure the City's financial strength.
  • Teamwork
    We work together collaboratively and in recognition of the contribution of others and will strive to find practical and effective solutions to achieving desired goals.

The responsibilities of the Finance department are distributed among following divisions: