Finance Department

Treasury and Capital Management

Melissa Dubowski, Deputy Director

The Treasury and Capital Management division of the Finance Department is responsible for managing all existing and prospective City debt by assessing the need to borrow and monitoring the credit markets. Manage the development of the City's Five Year Capital Improvement Plan, account for the collection of all City taxes and the preparation of cash flow forecasts.

Capital Management and Debt Management
Jaime Alvarez, Division Manager

Capital Management

  • The Capital Management section manages the development of the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).
  • Produces the annual CIP book.
  • Provides management reports and facilitates the execution of projects according to plan.
  • The Capital Management section aims to efficiently plan all capital projects according to funding constraints.

Debt Management

  • Identify and provide the lowest cost financing options, while staying within legal and financial guidelines, to efficiently utilize the City's and City Enterprise Fund's financial resources.
  • Review existing debt for cost effective opportunities to re-structure or re-finance.
  • Maintain and ensure uninterrupted funding for the City's Capital Improvement Plan.

Alma Tamborello, Division Manager

  • Accounts for the collection of all City taxes including, but not limited to: property tax, sales tax, mixed beverage tax and bingo tax (For Hotel Occupancy Tax, please contact Houston First Corporation, Gloria Salinas at 713-853-8206. For bingo fee, please contact Rosalinda Salazar at 832-393-8529 ).
  • Performs the property tax rate-setting procedures to set the tax rate in accordance with all applicable local and state laws.
  • Prepares cash flow forecast for the general fund in order to determine the borrowing needs of the City.

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