Houston Parks and Recreation Department

H.P.A.R.D. Trails


Walk, run, or bike on Houston's extensive trail system. The Houston Parks and Recreation Department maintains over 128.69 miles of trails that loop within parks or run along streets and bayous. Whether you have marathon training, a bike ride, or a short dog walk in mind (please remember leash and cleanup laws!), you will find a trail perfect for your needs in your neighborhood park or along a nearby linear trail. All HPARD trails are multi-use unless otherwise posted at locations and are surfaced with either asphalt, concrete, crushed granite, or red dog.




A - F

Trails Addresses / Map Shape Material Miles
Alief Community Park 11903 Bellaire Blvd. Loop Concrete 0.53
Autry Park 911 Shepherd/Allen Parkway   Granite 0.17
Baldwin Park 1701 Elgin Loop Granite 0.32
Bell Park 4800 Montrose Loop Granite 0.17
Bendwood Park 12700 Kimberley Loop Concrete 0.49
Beverly Hills Park 10201 Kingspoint Loop Asphalt 0.53
Bonham Park 8401 Braes Acres Loop Concrete 0.35
Boone Road Park 7700 Boone Rd. Loop Asphalt 1.06
Braeburn Glen Park 9510 Gessner Loop Asphalt 0.25
Brays Bayou Gessner to MLK Linear Asphalt 12.50
Brays Bayou Lawndale to Forest Hill Linear Asphalt 0.75
Brays Bayou 75th to Evergreen Linear Asphalt 0.50
Brays Bayou Elm Street Park to Brays
 Greenway Park
Linear Concrete 0.73
Brentwood Park 13220 Landmark Loop Asphalt 0.77
Briarbend Park 7926 Woodway Loop Granite 0.20
Briarmeadow Park 7703 Richmond Loop Granite 0.28
Brock Park & Golf Course 8201 John Ralston Loop Concrete 0.17
Brown, Herman Park 400 Mercury Drive Linear Asphalt/Red 2.81
Brown, Herman Park 400 Mercury Drive Linear Asphalt 1.60
Buffalo Bayou Bagby to Shepherd Linear Asphalt 4.50
Burnett Bayland Park 6300 Chimney Rock Loop Asphalt 0.96
Cambridge Village 13000 Nitida Loop Asphalt 0.50
Candlelight Park 1520 Candlelight Loop Asphalt 0.45
Canterbury Park 12822 Northumb Loop Asphalt 0.33
Carter Park 7000 Santa Fe Loop Concrete 0.08
Chew (Ervan) Park 4502 Dunlavy Loop Concrete 0.21
Clark Park 9718 Clark Loop Asphalt 0.36
Cleveland Park 200 Jackson Hill Loop Granite/Concrete 0.35
Clinton Park 200 Mississippi Loop Asphalt 0.42
Cloverland Park 3801 Hickok Lane Loop Asphalt 0.25
Cole Creek Park 7200 Drowsy Pine Loop Concrete 0.35
Columbia Tap - Union Dowling to Polk Linear Concrete 1.07
Columbia Tap Union Station to S. MacGregor Linear Conrete 3.09
Crain (E.L.) Park 9051 Triola Loop Asphalt 0.50
Cravens Parkway 5901 Main Linear Granite 0.50
Crestmont Park 5100 Selinsky Loop Asphalt 0.25
Cullen Park 19008 Saums Loop Asphalt 7.38
Cullinan J.S and L.H. 6700 Long Drive Linear Asphalt 1.06
Delce (Catherine) 5700 Collingsworth Loop Asphalt 0.21
Dodson Lake Park 9010 Dodson Loop Asphalt/Concrete 0.50
Dow Park 7942 Rockhill Loop Asphalt 0.58
Eastwood Park 5000 Harrisburg Loop Asphalt/Concrete 0.20
Edgewood Park 5803 Bellfort Loop Asphalt/Concrete 0.50
Fonde Park 5500 Carrolton Loop Asphalt 0.32
Forest West Park 5915 Golden Forest Dr. Loop Asphalt 0.30
Forum Park 9900 Sugar Branch Loop Asphalt 0.49
Franklow Park 1300 Seagler Rd. Loop Asphalt 0.50
Freed Park 6818 Shadyvilla Loop Asphalt 0.35
Freeway Manor Park 2241 Bronson Loop Asphalt/Concrete 0.47
Freshmeadow Park 4500 Campbell Loop Concrete 0.38