At-Large Position 5

Short-Term Rentals

On March 23, 2023, RNAmet to discuss short-term rentals (STRs) in Houston, in response to the complaints I have heard across the city regarding STR “party homes.” An Airbnb representative presented the company’s trust and safety tools, described how residents may report complaints, and explained how the platform works to enforce the company’s global party house ban. Houston First also provided an overview of the city’s STR hotel occupancy tax agreements and collections to date. 

The agenda and presentations can be found below:

During the public comment period, the committee heard from several residents regarding a 24-unit apartment complex at 1116 Banks Street that was operating as a STR “hotel.” Residents from several communities described the disruptions and nuisances STRs brought to their neighborhoods. Complaints from council members and public speakers were summarized in a memo for the Mayor, who directed the legal department to look at other cities’ best practices and STR ordinances that have survived court challenges. As the legal department continues its investigation, the city attorney is working to improve enforcement at the Banks location and several other problematic properties. Houston remains one of the only major cities without STR regulations. I look forward to working with the current administration to put some guardrails in place to better protect Houston neighborhoods.