District H

Early Childcare Providers

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Support for quality, affordable early childcare has been an important focus of Council Member Cisneros. Find early childcare providers here.

Council Member Cisneros initiated an effort in early 2018 to support, improve, an expand the Texas Rising Star (TRS) program in District H, and we are seeing the positive results of that now. TRS is a state program that provides workforce subsidies for high-quality childcare centers.

How does it work?
Council Member Cisneros allocates funds to the Health Department for case workers to identify and enroll eligible District H Early Child Care Centers in the Texas Rising Star Program (TSR). Texas Rising Star Certified Providers exceed the state’s minimum child care licensing standards and, in return, receive the following valuable benefits:

  • Increased subsidy reimbursements depending on star level, ranging from 5% to 9%
  • Scholarships, grants and training opportunities
  • Free or low-cost federal, state and local resources
  • Free one-on-one mentoring

How many early childhood centers in District H have been added to the program since 2018?
Not only have the number of childhood centers in District H increased, but the quality ratings of those already enrolled has also improved. Certification is awarded by “star levels” ranging from Two Star to Four Star. Since beginning this initiative, 9 Early Childhood Centers (ECCs) in District H have been included in the Texas Rising Star Program; 3 of those 9 ECCs were added in 2019. Of the 6 ECCs that were added in 2018, all have seen rating increases or have maintained their 4-star rating. Learn more here.

What else is Council Member Cisneros doing to support Early Childhood Centers (ECCs)?
Council Member Cisneros regularly visits and meets each ECC certified by Texas Rising Star to provide additional resources, support, and recognition for improvement. As an educator, Council Member, and Chair of the Subcommittee on Education, she understands that ECCs are caring for children during a critical window of development and will continue to invest resources accordingly.