District H

Mobility & Transportation - Speed Cushions

Council Member Cisneros has worked to slow speeding traffic through District H neighborhoods in order to create safe passageways for pedestrians and cyclists. Council Member Cisneros has addressed the City’s extensive backlog of District H neighborhood speed cushion requests by allocating funds directly to those projects. See details below.

Houston Public Works’ Traffic Management division is responsible for performing engineering studies, plan reviews, & field investigations related to traffic safety, traffic counts, and speed cushions. While Public Works handles all technical aspects of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP), it does not have funding to implement the traffic calming measures (speed cushions). Instead, Council Member Cisneros funds NTMP projects out of her District Council Funds. (Please note the Council District Funds are not only for speed cushions, but also fund public safety measures, infrastructure projects, illegal dumping clean up and enforcement, as well as other important initiatives.) Because funds are limited and there are many (30+) active NTMP requests across District H, Council Member Cisneros funds projects based on the data that HPW’s Traffic Management division gathers: those areas with the greatest need (traffic and speed studies, High Injury Network locations) are prioritized.

Once Council Member allocates funds to install speed cushions, it can take over a year for HPW to design, gather community input, execute contracts, and install them. A nearby NTMP project does not affect the status or eligibility of your neighborhood’s request, which is vetted in the same manner (using traffic counts, speed studies, HIN data, etc.) along with all other requests from District H neighborhoods. If a request is not able to be funded in one fiscal year, it remains on the list for potential funding in subsequent years.

District H constituents: For more information on how to apply for speed cushions in your District H neighborhood, as well as other details about the application process, visit this website or call the office of Council Member Cisneros.