Economic Development - TIRZ

11. Greater Greenspoint

The Greater Greenspoint tax increment reinvestment zone was created for the purpose of revitalizing the zone from a blighted area suffering from significant social and economic stress to a viable mixed-use community, leveraging the expenditure of public funds for eligible project costs, including the planning, engineering, and construction of new streets; water distribution facilities; wastewater collection facilities; storm drainage improvements; roadway and street reconstruction projects; cultural and public facility improvements; parks and other related improvements; and to assist in redevelopment efforts for Greenspoint Mall, the Airline Dr. corridor, renovation or development of multi-family housing; and to attract new development that is currently going further north and outside the city limits.

Budget Ordinances and Other Documents

Creation Ordinance

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

Tri-Party Agreement

Project Plan

Project Plan 2019

Interlocal Agreements

Boundary Enlargements

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