Legal Department

Deed Restrictions - Complaint Form

If you wish to lodge a complaint, it may be sent electronically on the form provided below or it may be provided by printing and completing the .pdf version of the Deed Restriction Complaint Form. Any documents or photographs you have regarding the complaint may not be attached to the electronic form below and must be sent with the .pdf form, to the Deed Restriction Enforcement Team at:

City of Houston Legal Department
Neighborhood Services Division
Attn:  Deed Restriction Enforcement Team
P.O. Box 368
Houston, TX 77001-0368

Note: If you prefer to send the complaint via email, please provide the information included in the .pdf form and/or electronic form, attach any photographs or other documents pertaining to the deed restriction violation, and send to

In filling out the chosen form, please provide as much information as you have available. In order to pursue the complaints received, it is necessary for the City to have sufficient evidence to support the position that the deed restrictions are being violated. Any evidence you, as the complainant, may have will be helpful and certainly appreciated. If you have any questions about proving a deed restriction violation, please see the section PROVING A DEED RESTRICTION VIOLATION or visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED DEED RESTRICTION QUESTIONS section. If you have observed activity you believe to be in violation of the applicable deed restrictions and wish to document it, please download a copy of the activity log and send it to the Deed Restriction Enforcement Team at the above address.

When using the following electronic form, the date / time of the complaint is automatically registered when the form is submitted.