Legal Department

Deed Restrictions - Proving A Violation

In order to prove a deed restriction violation, the Deed Restriction Enforcement Team gathers evidence sufficient to support an allegation of a violation.  The evidence includes, but is not limited to the following:


  • Photographs are the most compelling evidence of a deed restriction violation.
  • The Deed Restriction Enforcement Team sends investigators to acquire photographs of the violation.
  • If a complainant has a photograph that indicates a violation, please write on the back of each photo the date the photograph was taken (if it is not date-stamped), and address of the property in the photo.

An eyewitness is someone who has personally observed activity that he or she believes to be a violation of the deed restrictions and can give testimony about the violation.


  • If a complainant keeps a daily log, it should include as much of the following information as is available: the date any activity is observed, the type of activity, the make, model and color of any vehicles involved in the activity, the license plate numbers of any vehicles involved in the activity, the names of any persons involved in the activity and any other information relevant to the deed restriction violation.

Documentary Evidence
Any printed materials that will help prove the deed restriction violation, including flyers, advertisement, business cards, or any other printed material.

If you, as a complainant, have any of the above described information, it would be helpful to the Deed Restriction Enforcement Team, but it is not necessary for you to obtain this information.