Office of Business Opportunity


The Office of Business Opportunity produces various reports throughout the year to track the progress of the City’s MWSDBE program, Hire Houston First and Pay or Play programs.

Awards Reports
The OBO produces annual and quarterly Small, Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization Reports which reflect the dollars awarded to MWSDBEs on City of Houston contracts and non-contract agreements. The Awards Reports assists City of Houston departments with tracking the progress of the percentage of MWSDBEs utilized on each of their contracts and non-contracts based on the goals set by City Council. The MWSDBE Awards Reports are detailed by gender and ethnicity and broken down by department.

Links below go to .pdf files, unless otherwise indicated.

MWSBE Awards Reports

Hire Houston First Reports
The Hire Houston First (HHF) program was implemented in October 2011 as defined by the Hire Houston First Ordinance, Chapter 15, Article XI.  The HHF Progress Report was developed to assist in tracking the implementation, effectiveness and results of the HHF program.

Pay or Play Reports

Houston Small Business Economic Relief Program Impact Report

Disparity Study Reports