Opportunity Zones

Houston Opportunity Zones

There Are 99 Designated Opportunity Zones In Houston, And 150 In Harris County

City of Houston Designated OZ's

The Governor’s office submitted statewide designations to the Department of the Treasury. The City of Houston Opportunity Zones selection was a coordinated effort of Offices of Intergovernmental Affairs, Economic Development and the Planning and Development Department.

  • There were 360 eligible census tracts within COH boundaries plus 67 contiguous tracts
  • Houston submitted all census tracts to Governor's Office for consideration
  • Recommended prioritizing by
    • Complete Communities
    • TIRZs
    • High Poverty (50% and higher)
    • Management Districts
    • Other
  • Governor’s office designated 99 census tracts within COH boundaries

Map of Houston Opportunity Zones

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