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Invest Houston - Why Houston?

Houston Is Business And Wallet Friendly
Houston and Texas have no state or corporate income taxes, is in a right-to-work state with one of the country’s lowest unionization rates. It has lower cost for development due to proximity to raw materials, suppliers, global air and seaports. Houston has no zoning laws, allowing for quality development to take place without undue requirements.

It Is A Business Hub
Houston is home to over 50 Fortune Global 1000 Companies and has one of the largest concentrations of global headquarters around the world. Businesses thrive in Houston because of its talented workforce and its growth-friendly atmosphere. No matter where in the world your customer base may be, they can find representation here in Houston.

Houston’s Got Talent
With over 3 million workers in the region, Houston is home to a diverse, highly-skilled and well-trained workforce that come from a large range of sectors. Houston is the fourth largest city with an international talent pool.

Houston Is Connected
Houston provides direct access to every major city in the U.S. from two airports – Bush Intercontinental (IAH) and Hobby (HOU). Four major deep-water seaports enable companies to import goods from around the world. Efficiently linked by rail, interstate and local roadways, Houston’s ports are an unparalleled gateway to global shipping lanes.

Houston’s Tech-Savvy
Houston has over 500 digital tech companies developing new and innovative technology for energy, healthcare, business services, e-commerce, cloud-computing, cyber-security, logistics and other vital industries. Over the last few years, Houston has made transformational moves, like the construction of the innovation district, to accelerate the growth of our innovation ecosystem.

Houston Is A Manufacturing Hub
Houston is a leading global manufacturing center and logistics hub for the Americas, holding the title of the 2nd largest manufacturing GDP in the world. The labor force for the Houston region includes more than 559,000 workers in goods-producing industries.

Houston Has A Strong Retail Market
Houston is one of the youngest, fastest-growing and most diverse populations anywhere in the world. Houston’s sustained annual population growth of 100,000, job growth and discretionary spending has meant a consistent market.

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