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Motorists Beware! Fraudulent Websites Disguised as ParkHouston Parking Meter App

January 11, 2024 -- The City of Houston has discovered fraudulent websites appearing at the top of Google search results for “ParkHouston app” and “Parkmobile app.” These fake websites claim to be the City’s paid parking application and require customer credit card information but will not allow a parking transaction.

ParkHouston encourages motorists to avoid becoming a victim of this scam and download the ParkHouston or Parkmobile app via the Google Play and Apple App Stores only.

“Last week, the City of Austin reported this same scam involving websites appearing at the top of Google search results for its payment app. At least three customers in Austin reported paying money to a fake website,” said ParkHouston Deputy Director Maria Irshad. “While ParkHouston has not received any calls from customers in Houston, we want motorists to be aware and pay close attention to anything claiming to be an official parking app, otherwise you could lose your money and your vehicle might get towed or ticketed if you pay a fake site.”

ParkMobile is aware of the issue and has reported it to Google. However, the ads remain active. The ParkHouston app and the Parkmobile app are the only apps authorized by the City of Houston for parking meter payments.

Steps to ensure users are downloading the correct app:

  1. Do not search for the apps in the Google search bar
  2. Search for ParkHouston or ParkMobile apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play only
  3. Download the app and make all payments through the app

If you accidentally make a payment to a fraudulent website, notify your credit card company to dispute the charges. If this happens and you receive a parking citation, see the reverse side of the citation on how to contest the parking citation. You have 30 days to contest online or in person. You can also email for assistance.

ParkHouston manages the limited on-street parking spaces to support public safety, quality of life, economic development, and sustainability in Houston.