Abandoned and Towed Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles and Vehicles Parked for More than 24 hours
City Ordinance 26-93 states that a vehicle cannot legally park on the public street for more than 24 hours. This helps to reduce neighborhood blight and identify stolen vehicles.

Steps for Identifying Abandoned Vehicles

1. ParkHouston receives a 311 service request reporting an abandoned vehicle or a vehicle parked on the street for more than 24 hours.

2. A Parking Compliance Officer (PCO) goes to the reported location and chalks the reported vehicle.

a. Warning flyer is placed on windshield of vehicle (.png)
b. Warning is documented in ParkHouston’s parking management system

3.When a PCO returns to the location and if the vehicle has not moved a citation will be issued

4. When a PCO returns a third time

a. If the vehicle has not moved another citation will be issued
b. The vehicle will be towed as an abandoned vehicle

5. If another report of violation is received, a warning will not be issued. Each vehicle will only receive one warning.

Did you receive an Abandoned Vehicle Warning Notice?

1. Move your vehicle

a. Vehicles are not allowed to park on the public street for more than 24 hours
b. If you need long-term parking, please plan to remove the vehicle from the public street to avoid citations and towing.

2. Remember that the investigation began because ParkHouston received a 311 service request to check for an abandoned vehicle.

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