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Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Outstanding Officer

The purpose of the original submission of the commendation was to recognize the professionalism and courtesy of Officer T. Huerta. Officer Huerta was dispatched to me and my children after a window was smashed in our vehicle and all our luggage from a Christmas trip was stolen. Officer Huerta took his time with us and calmly walked us through the questions he had to ask. He gave us advice and never made us feel like the crime we just experienced was trivial. This occurred on December 27th at around 9pm in the parking lot of Lupe Tortillas on Shepherd Drive. While I live in Oklahoma, both of my sons live, work and attend UH in Houston and I am glad to know such outstanding officers are keeping Houston as safe as possible.


I had to write about the wonderful care and attention we received from your Officer C. Tierney.

Scenario: My son (22 years old) and his girlfriend got a Christmas gift for tickets to Rockets/Spurs game for December 15th. After the game I got a panicked call they were walking the streets and could not find his truck. They were cold and scared and after 45 minutes I got into my car and drove down from Spring and arrived at 12:15am. After driving the streets, calling the towing company to ensure the truck had not been towed, I called 3-1-1 and Officer Tierney came and met with us. It was 3am. Officer Tierney was kind and attentive. He also located the truck 10 minutes later. We were so thankful. He was never demeaning to my son for forgetting where he parked. Thank you for having Officer Tierney in your department. In addition, thank you ALL for what you do for the public.

With admiration and appreciation,


On Sunday, December 17th, 2017, I was stopped for a traffic violation by Officer R. Bates. He was very professional and nice during the traffic stop. He was informative on how to handle the traffic ticket and even provided directions to the courthouse. Being and African American woman in the climate of today's world, it can be scary experience when a police officer pulls you over. Officer Bates renewed my faith in law enforcement. This experience has shown me that there are officers in the City of Houston that care about the citizens and take pride in treating all races equally. Please send my sincere gratitude to Officer R. Bates.

Best Regards,

For Chief Art Acevedo,

On December 11th, 2017 , at approximately 11:30 am, Your Officer SAMANTHA NICOLE NAGELHOUT, was off duty, driving through my City. As she cross Woodlands Parkway at I-45, she noticed a white male in a blue hoodie looking over the edge of the overpass bridge. She later related to my Officers that the man looked stressed and she felt as though he was pondering committing suicide by jumping off the overpass. Officer Nagelhout stopped, identified herself to the man and engaged the man in conversation, asking him if he needed help. After some conversation, she was able to get him off the overpass and to a local restaurant where my Officers met with her. The man admitted that he had just lost his Wife, his child, his job, and truck and saw no reason to live. He stated that he had intended to jump if your Officer hadn’t intervened. There is no doubt that her actions saved this man’s life. I would like to forward my thanks to her and to Chief Acevedo for this. Her selfless act saved a life. She could have looked away. She could have not cared. But instead, she showed compassion and understanding. She acted in the finest tradition of a Houston Police Officer. I intend to nominate her for a 100 Club award if Chief Acevedo agrees.

Chief A.T. Walters

Commendation for Officer Cory Christina and Officer Thomas Haisten

Both officers were at DA Intake filing charges when an employee with the clerks’ office ran out frantic telling the officers her car had been broken into and a male was inside the car. The employee stated there was a pistol in the car and the other responding officers did not know this. Officers Christina and Haisten immediately ran out of the building to assist the clerk's office employee. The male was arrested by other responding officers and the firearm was found secured in the vehicle. The clerk employee was most appreciative of the officers’ assistance. I was impressed they both jumped into action without hesitation, very commendable.

Lt. MC

Amazing Service

Thanks to the officers who attended a noise complaint last night at Tanglewood at Voss building. Response time was less than 10 minutes and the issue taken care of right away.
Amazing service! Thank you all!


Getting the task done

On 11-13-2017 I presented a complaint with the Auto Dealers Division because the vehicle I had purchased had not been registered by the dealer for 6 months and I felt like I was being defrauded by the used car dealer. Within just a few hours Officer Shannon called and said she was going over to the dealership and get to the bottom of it. As of today the vehicle is registered and I have my plates all thanks to Officer Shannon and the tenacity she showed getting the job done. She told me the vehicle would be registered by Thanksgiving and sure enough it was. I commend Officer Shannon for her professionalism and zeal in getting the task done.

You should be proud to have her on the watch!


Dear Chief Acevedo,

I would like to thank the Houston Police Dept. S. Gessner Station, Night Shift Officer Rivera. I conducted my Ride Along Saturday, November 11th, 2017, as part of my Houston Citizen's Police Academy training. I rode with Officer Rivera who is a professional in every sense of the word. He showed compassion and caring to each citizen he spoke to. He is a very diligent and hard worker – we took calls that weren’t even his because he wanted to keep the board cleared. We answered several different type of calls, one being a fatality.

Part of our training at the HCPA is each week two different divisions came to speak to us. During my Ride Along, I was able to experience what they taught us in class. The Vehicular Accident Div. told us that even though there might be police cars blocking the road, have freeway exits/entrances closed off, people still find a way to drive right through the blockade and through the accident scene. The Officer told us about how a HPD Officer was killed and several others seriously injured because of a person driving through a scene. I had a hard time comprehending how a "reasonable" person would just drive through a scene when you can clearly see patrol cars blocking the area off. Well... I experienced that first hand on my ride along. We had to set a perimeter and close off the feeder road for the fatality. There was barely enough space between the two patrol cars and a person still drove in between them.

The person was cognizant of what he was doing because he slowed down to make sure he fit in-between the cars. The lights on all the patrol cars were flashing and we put the siren on and the driver just kept going.

That was crazy observing that! I highly recommend everyone going through the HCPA and experience firsthand what Officers go through.

I have been telling everyone I can about the HCPA. I have posted it on social media and am handing flyers out to people.

I am excited about this program and want everyone to know about it.

Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,

Dear Chief Acevedo,

Recently we had a situation where a "device" of unknown origin and danger was found in our residence garage. We contacted HPD and Officer Masters came within a few minutes to help us. He was very professional, and immediately recognized the situation as an old WW2 hand grenade or other explosive wartime device.

Officer Masters called his supervisor Sgt Lancaster, who also recognized the need for support assistance and he called the HPD bomb squad.

These men promptly came and quickly went about to discover the device's origin and potential danger. The HPD bomb squad used tools and showed the device to be an old Japanese Army explosive device which had been neutralized many years ago.

The HPD team removed the device for us for proper disposal.

We wished to let you know how grateful we are that your men came to give us valuable help at our home in this situation.

Our thanks to these men. It speaks well for HPD training in such situations.

Warm Regards,
H and KD


This evening at Starbucks three different police personnel came in. Two were in uniforms (one maybe a constable) and the wore other dress shirt and tie, with a badge hanging around his neck and a holstered gun (that scared me, so I was glad his badge was clearly displayed!). What impressed me was they all gave others, myself included, a genuine smile or nod of the head greeting. Likely they were there on a break, yet they maintained professional integrity and patience (one officer was getting a barrage of “what is the law?” type questions).

As much grief circulating around about the police, I feel it’s important to pass along what I witnessed. I appreciate the friendly police presence and hope one day more people will again see officers as caring humans trying to help keep us safe.

Tanya Jackson

HPD Kush Task Force

HPD Kush Task ForceI wanted to say thank you, and let Chief Acevedo know that the HPD Kush Task Force and specifically Officer John Guerra were invaluable during this operation. We couldn’t have done this without them.
Detective Lonnie Gall
Austin Police Department
Organized Crime Division
Narcotics Conspiracy Team
Brief Summary: We received information from a Crime Stoppers Tip about a group that was dealing large amounts of K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoid) in the Austin area. The tipster stated the suspects were going to Houston to pick up a large amount of K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoid) to bring back to the Austin area for distribution. An investigation was initiated and several of the suspects were identified. On 11-04-2017 surveillance indicated the suspects were traveling to Houston. Members of the OCD Narcotics Conspiracy Team, and DEA Tactical Diversion Squad coordinated with the Houston Police Department Kush Task Force and surveillance was conducted on the suspects. Surveillance was maintained on the suspects as they traveled back into Austin TX. The Henry 700 patrol shift conducted a Felony Car Stop on the vehicle and 4 suspects were taken into custody. A probable cause search of the vehicle found 74.32 kilos of K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoid) in multiple trash bags.

This seizure represents 222,960 individual doses of K2 (Synthetic Cannabinoid) with a street value of $1,114,800.

This case has been accepted for federal prosecution and is ongoing

Astros parade and celebration

I would like to commend the entire Houston Police Department for there outstanding handling of the Astros parade and celebration. I was not in attendance but watching the festivities on TV at home. I was impressed with how every officer I saw was waving and smiling to the crowd. The SWAT teams placement and SWAT officers in full gear sure sent a message that the people were being protected, and, I think would given anyone second thoughts of doing a foolish act of any kind. The Horse mounted officers, to the officers on watch all over the Parade route were a credit to officers Nation wide. Bravo to all those in BLUE who made this an event for the entire nation to LEARN HOW IT IS DONE.

Thank You, RC

Police were extremely friendly

Last night I was at game 5 of the World Series. Right after we won and everyone was filling into the streets a mounted police officer was nice enough to let me pet his horse. The horse must have been hungry because it tried to eat my hand. So the officer reached into his bag and gave me a treat to feed the horse, which it loved. Then he allowed me to take a picture.

It’s a small thing. I’d be surprised if the officer even remembered it, and unfortunately I never got his name or I’d include it. But with all the excitement the police were extremely friendly, professional, and allowed people to celebrate without interference. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to that officer in particular and all of the Houston PD for helping make a visitor to your great city feel more than welcome.

Thank you Officer C. Vargas

Officer Vargas handled my concern with kindness and professionalism. He allowed me to feel safe in my home again. I want to thank him for his kindness and professionalism.

Thank you Officer Vargas. Thank you for being calm being respectful , listening to me and treating my concerns with kindness.


Impressed by their professional duty performance

On Wednesday 25, 2017 my adult daughter, LD, was involved in a minor traffic accident in Houston. She called me and I advised her to contact the HPD dispatcher and request a unit. I live in Hockley and decided to drive to the accident location to support my daughter.

When I arrived I introduced myself to the 2 Houston Police Officers of unit 20G55B who had responded to the scene of the routine minor accident. They are Officer I. Ilag and Officer R. Kennedy. Immediately I noticed that, while this was a routine call, both officers were not treating it as routine. Their manner and enthusiasm exuded a feeling of customer service. Their demeanor towards my daughter put her at ease even though she was involved in, what was to her, a stressful situation.

I have spent my life as a peace officer, working with peace officers, and I was impressed by their professional duty performance. Their investigation was thorough and competent. They were respectful to everyone and controlled the scene well.

Their performance was credit to them, the Houston Police Department, and the law enforcement profession.


Commendation for Sgt. Bryan Wigley, Officer Ryan Ware and Officer Casey Curry

We had a rash of several BMVs in a concentrated area near Oak Forest Park (2100 Judiway) happening late at night and early morning hours. A few residents brought information on the most common days and times this happened to our North Division DR team at our Positive Interaction Program meeting. Our North Captain Harris and his officers passed along the information to the night shift Hot Spot team who were able to work the area and make an arrest on the suspected ring leaders on 9/28/2017. I was not able to meet or speak with the Hot Spot team, but some of the residents spoke with them and spoke very highly of their work and their help. There has not been another BMV in the immediate vicinity since that arrest. We are so grateful for our North offcers and the Hot Spot unit for working together. Thank you!


Officer Jose S. Mireles

I was extremely pleased with Officer Mireles’ ability to locate what was initially thought of as an auto theft. With his quick work and attention to what little detail I was able to give him, Officer Mireles was able to locate my "misplaced" vehicle in a matter of a few days. Efforts such as this do not go unnoticed. Keep up the good work.


HPD North Division PIP meetings

My husband and I attend HPD North Division PIP meetings every month. We have been very impressed and feel privileged to work with Captain Harlan (Dan)Harris. He is always happy to listen to our concerns and help us abate issues we have in Mangum Manor. He responds quickly, and is wonderful to work with. We’re so grateful for his help in keeping our neighborhood safer.


To Whom It May Concern,

I, Carlos Gallo would like to commendate Officer Brian Orellana for his dedication, work ethic and professionalism on a call for service answered on 10/16/17, where two individuals were arrested. Officer Orellana despite the constant negativity and vulgar language from suspects managed to keep his professional demeanor and composure. Officer Orellana showed a positive attitude to all to include the suspects regardless of how he was being treated. Officer Orellana was through in his investigation and communicated all his actions in writing and verbally. Positive interactions with Officers usually go unseen or unheard and are furthermore over shadowed by negativity in the media. I do believe Officer Orellana’s work ethic and dedication to providing a safe environment is a reminder of what Law Enforcement is all about. So please allow this letter to reflect Officer Brian Orellana’s dedication to the community and how he carries with pride the patch and badge that represents the Houston Police Department.

I am sending a copy of this letter to our great Mayor Turner.

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Sergeant Von Lee. I was in a group of nurses in Houston for the ANCC Magnet conference. About 10 of us wanted to go out for barbecue, and on our way to Papa Charlie's, we met Sergeant Lee and a couple of other gentlemen whose names I did not get (sorry!). Sergeant Lee made sure we knew where we were going as well as how to get to our next destination. He was accommodating, kind, and generous. We nurses appreciate his Houston spirit and the time he took to make us feel safe and welcomed. Please extend Sgt. Lee a big thank you from the PeaceHealth nurses from Eugene/Springfield, Oregon!



I have lived in the Heights for 14 years. My home was once a grocery store that survived Hurricane Carla in the 1950’s. It has been written up as “The Jungle House” in the Houston Chronicle. I love my house and neighborhood.

In the last year and a half the corner on 12th and Nicholson has become a speed zone for heavy cross through traffic. The four way stop sign is completely ignored; as cars race past as if it were a speedway.

Nothing stops their careless, unlawful actions. The bike trail is constantly in real danger.

The nights are worse. The intoxicated have decided it is a free ride through anything that says STOP.

I have appealed to the constable’s office and have had only a tepid response. Today after months of calling every resource possible I went to your sub station in Montrose.

It was the first time in MONTHS that I had a true response.

They listened carefully and thoughtfully to my pleas for help. It was first time I have received a thoughtful response in 6 months.

I am almost 70 and live alone. I have pets that I adore and who have come in danger of being hit or run over. They are my family.

Finally the substation on Westheimer and Montrose heard me and jumped into action. Officer K Bigger, Officer JP Arroyo and Officer L. Laureano listened thoughtfully and assured me they would help.

I am so grateful to these Officers for listening carefully and promising they would help correct the situation.

Sincerely grateful,

Vehicular accident

Upon a vehicular accident on 10/10/17, Officer K. Alexander attended to the scene. He was courteous, understanding, clear on instructions and very efficient in handling all involved. Officer K. Alexander made an otherwise tense situation a more “normal” one. Officer K. Alexander is hereby commended for his professionalism, public service and commitment to service.

Likewise I commend the leadership of Chief Acevedo. Chief Acevedo command the respect and loyalty of the HPD and he makes us Latinos proud.

We honor those who have lost their lives in the performance of the public duties, like Sgt. Steve Perez who succumbed during the recent floods. Our prayers are with Officer Nestor Garcia and hope for a quick recovery from his wounds too.


To Houston Police Department

I'm on my way home from Houston. I deployed with Red Cross. I worked in the shelter on Fannin St. I appreciated having the officers there. They were professional and helpful when called on, and nice to talk to and get info from. This was my first deployment. Thank you very much for your help.


Sincere Appreciation
     Saturday, July 30, 2017

Letter from Chlef Aaron Ausmus Dalworthlngton Gardens DPS

SWAT incident last week
     Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Last week the Houston Police officers, along with SWAT, came to my apartment building when a woman had a gun threatening crazy things. I lived across the hall and gave SWAT the use of my apt. after I vacated.
All of the officers were so gracious, polite and professional in the way they handled our evacuating our apartments during the event, as well as the armed woman. I was extremely impressed by their demeanor.  All the officers were very clear that they did not want to hurt the woman, that she was suffering mentally. While knowing she could pose a threat, they handled it without any injury to anyone with great compassion.
I just wanted to say with all the lies and hatred being directed at law enforcement across this country, they deserve all our thanks for their protection and bravery.

An Houstonian,


High fives to Officers Sean Ratcliff and Lananh Ha

Officers were quick to respond for a BMV at this location. I followed the suspect to a Dominoes Pizza while on the phone with HPD. Within minutes HPD was there and took the crook, J V into custody. During the search of the crook, the officers exercised great restraint as the crook was constantly threatening bodily harm upon the officers and cussing them out. I praise the actions of these officers and HPD for the quick response and professionalism on this incident. There have been quite a few car burglaries at this location and I hope this will cut down on some of them. High fives to these officers.

Chief Acevedo,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come to our Fleetwood neighborhood meeting. I'm sure you've been working non-stop and have been away from your family and it meant a lot that you made the time to come speak with us. I found your comments to be very reassuring and I appreciate the commitment to keep Fleetwood safe until we can get back on our feet. I was very proud of 95% of my neighbors for maintaining decorum during a stressful time. You did a fantastic job managing the few angry people in the audience. The HPD officers we've interacted with over the past 2 weeks have been top notch. They know their stuff and were very friendly to speak with. I couldn't be prouder to be a Houstonian.

All the best,

My Heros

Don't have pics and I don't know if you consider out heroic, but Waze routed me down Studemont to Allen Pkwy between I-10 and 45. The traffic came to a standstill. When I saw what was going on, it made me smile. Three HPD officers were pushing a stalled car out of the intersection. I had to get to Galveston by a certain time for my son, and that day, they were my heroes! That was on Tuesday. Thanks for all you do HPD! From a Houston native living in Austin for the past 22 years.


Officers were quick to respond
     Sunday, September 17, 2017

Officers were quick to respond for a BMV at this location. I followed the suspect to a Dominoes Pizza while on phone with HPD. Within minutes HPD was there and took the crook, Joe Vargas into custody. During the search of the crook, the officers exercised great restraint as the crook was constanlty threatening bodily harm upon the officers and cussing them out. I praise the actions of these officers and HPD for the quick response and professionalism on this incident. There have been quite a few car burglaries at this location and I hope this will cut down on some of them. High fives to these officers.


Fleetwood Meeting
     Thursday, September 07, 2017

Chief Acevedo,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come to our Fleetwood neighborhood meeting. I'm sure you've been working non-stop and have been away from your family and it meant a lot that you made the time to come speak with us. I found your
comments to be very reassuring and I appreciate the commitment to keep Fleetwood safe until we can get back on our feet. I was very proud of 95% of my neighbors for maintaining decorum during a stressful time. You did a fantastic job managing the few angry people in the audience. The HPD officers we've interacted with over the past 2 weeks have been top notch. They know their stuff and were very friendly to speak with. I couldn't be prouder to be a Houstonian.

All the best,


A HUGE Texas Thank YOU!
     Thursday, August 31, 2017

I wanted to take a moment to thank Police Chief, Art Acevedo, for all he and his fellow officers have done to protect and serve our city. Their undying dedication to their job and this city is astounding, and we are ever so grateful! They have all worked tirelessly during Hurricane Harvey to keep us safe and protect us; as they did so well! We can never thank them all enough for the sacrifices they and their families have made to protect and serve each and every one of us not just during this extremely difficult time but always. Please let them know that Houstonians love our Police Department and are proud to say we are in this TOGETHER! Thank you…thank you!

Spring, TX


     Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We are lifelong Houstonians who are honored by what you do as a public service, but most of all beyond normal call of duty. We applaud all of you from Chief to the newest officer for your actions during the Harvey catastrophic flood. You men and women are the best of the best! There are folks who recognize and care what you do on a daily basis and especially what you do beyond that call of duty! You all put up with a lot on a daily basis keeping us safe, but still you stand strong to represent the good citizens of Houston!

Thanks and God Bless, GR


     Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I just had to email the Police Department and say a couple things. One, I want to offer my deepest condolences on the loss of Officer Perez. He died a hero, giving at a time when there are so many people who need. His family, though I'm sure they're devastated, can take some comfort in knowing that he stands at a special place with God. Second, to the rest of your department, it takes very special people to do what you officers do. It's obviously a thankless job most of the time. However, please remember that right now, you are the backbone of Houston. You are the ones that people are looking to. To put your needs, and at times, your families needs second to those of the community takes a very special person. Please know that we in Columbus, Ohio are praying for your safety and the safety of the entire Houston community. There are tough days ahead, but know that the nation is with you and your brave community. Judging by the actions of some of your citizens, Houston is obviously a very blessed city, and your department can take pride in the actions of every one who has given so much and asked
so little. Columbus wishes you nothing but the best. YOU ARE ALL SUPERSTARS!!!!!

Columbus, Ohio


Thank You
     Monday, August 28, 2017

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank the entire police department to commend for your extraordinary effort during this catastrophic flooding event Houston is experiencing. I know that the job is immensely stressful and you all have done an amazing job. Thank you so much! Take care and be safe.

Warm regards,


Wellness check on my daughter
     Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hi ! Just a quick note to say thank you very much for sending one of your officers out to check on my girl. Now I can rest easy knowing that she is and her girls are all okay! Again Thank you! A God bless all of you and keep you safe.

Lansing, Michigan


Thank you, again!
     Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Thanks you for correcting me. I will try to be more accurate in my comments. I am impressed by most of the HPD personnel I see in videos. They act in a calm, professional manner and do a good job serving the community. I do hope HPD continues to implement the body camera program since it protects good officers and the public. Further Public Affairs has responded quickly and answered fully when I raise questions.

RE: Failure to Identify
     Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thanks you for correcting me. I will try to be more accurate in my comments. I am impressed by most of the HPD personnel I see in videos. They act in a calm, professional manner and do a good job serving the community. I do hope HPD continues to implement the body camera program since it protects good officers and the public. Further Public Affairs has responded quickly and answered fully when I raise questions.

Subject: RE: Failure to Identify

Mr. Phil Trenbath:

Thank you for writing to us.  Our department has received several e-mails and links regarding the incident of the teens trying to solicit for their lawn mowing business.  We have reviewed them and it appears that the officer in question in this incident on the video is with another police agency.  The Houston Police Department does not have a star shaped badge.  Our officers wear a silver badge that is an oval shape with an a E like, 3 point top and a point at the bottom and across the badge is 3-4 numbers which is an officer’s badge number.   Supervisors (sergeants and above) wear a gold badge similar in shape that has only a 2 point top but on the top of the badge there is a flag for the rank and in the middle of the badge is a straight 5 point star.  Both an officer and supervisor badge will have HOUSTON above the numbers/star and POLICE under it.

This officer could be a member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, a Harris County Constable Deputy (each precinct has its own deputies), a smaller agency’s officer (there are several pockets of space that have their own officers that are surrounded by Houston (West University, Bellaire, etc…).

We appreciate you  taking the time to bring the matter to our attention; however, we can only investigate employee misconduct with our internal affairs (713-308-8900) if the law enforcement officer is with our department.

We are forwarding your e-mailed concerns regarding the usage of TX 38.02 to the appropriate personnel here in our department for review.

Best wishes,
Public Affairs


Note for Police Chief Art Acevedo
     Friday, July 28, 2017

Please let Police Chief Art Acevedo know that I greatly appreciate the remarks he made to the State Legislature regarding the Bathroom Bill. This Bill is bad for Texas, is discriminatory, and potentially distracts police from working to prevent or solve crimes that actually occur. Good for Mr. Acevedo that he was willing to point this out in public.

Ellen Ochoa

Thank you
     Sunday, July 19, 2017

On Sunday, Officers Sanchez and Garcia assisted our dear friend, Mr. W, when he became confused and lost in Houston. They were kind and considerate to him and worked diligently to locate friends and family. When the family was not able to come to Houston until Monday, they took Mr. Wn to a hotel to spend the night and then picked him up again on Monday morning. Their care and concern was an answer to prayer for all of us during a very stressful time. We would like to commend both Officer Sanchez and Officer Garcia for their assistance to Mr. W.

Thank you,


HPD officer Gessner
     Saturday, July 8, 2017

To whom it may concern, This afternoon 7/8/17 at approximately 4:10 PM I was stopped by a Houston Police officer on N Gessner (heading south) and I-10. I do not recall the officer's name, but he was younger, and driving a Chevrolet Tahoe. This guy deserves an award. He was very professional, courteous, and pretty funny too. I have never written a review on businesses, or organizations, but this officer left an impression. I hope this email can get to a supervisor, and the officer as well.

Thank you,


patrol officerWish to thank your officer
     Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hi Houston Police Department I visited Houston, USA some 2-3 years back & while I was on your city tour, one of your patrol officer helped us a lot. I have been to many countries across the world, though he was the first police officer whom I found so friendly & extremely helping. I clicked some pictures with him, though the storage device where I had downloaded those pictures got misplaced for some time. Today found it & hence trying to share the pictures with you and offer my thanks to him.

If possible to find this gentleman (who is in the police uniform), please do share the pictures with him & extend him my warm regards.

Thanks once again for the help & guidance,



Officer Charlie WebbCommendation for Officer Charlie Webb
     Sunday, June 18, 2017

I'm not sure this is the correct place to send this, but I just wanted to write a quick note to say what a WONDERFUL officer Mr Charlie Webb is. Last night while having dinner, he reached out to a group of 6 young boys and it just made their night. He is fun, funny and it's obvious that he cares. So thank you to officer Webb and all of the Houston PD and officers everywhere. We support all of the men and women in BLUE and pray for your safety.



Thank You Police Officers and Fire Department
     Thursday, June 29, 2017

I am e-mailing you to let you know about several police officers and members of the fire department. Unlike the horrible things that I see on t.v. or read on the internet and newspapers, I write to you to tell you about this army of angels who came to our rescue. You see, today I, my two daughters and my mother were involved in a car accident and even though we weren't severely hurt, these police officers and fire department members took care of us and never left our side. I do not recall how many there were nor do I recall their names. They showed my mother and daughters so much compassion and concern. I wanted to let you know because people need to know that not all police officers are brutes. I am sitting here still thinking about them and the great act of kindness they portrayed today. They made my little girl smile, my older daughter feel safe and my mother taken care of and protected. Today is June 29 and our accident was today at around 5:55 p.m. on San Jacinto and Alabama, accident on Alabama. If you can, thank them again on my behalf. Let them know that the Escalante family appreciates them and all they do for us. God Bless you, the HPD, and our firefighters.

Sincerely GE


Commendation for Officer Martinez
     Friday, June 16, 2017

Officer Martinez went above and beyond to take the time to call me and discuss a mistake made during a traffic stop, in todays world most people will not admit to making a mistake let along own up to it and take the steps needed to correct it. I am proud of Officer Martinez, he is another reason Houston is a great place to live and i want everyone to know.



Commendation for Officer Hernandez
     Saturday, June 10, 2017

Officer Hernandez visited my 3rd Grade class during our Career Research unit. He explained the steps for how to become a police officer, showed some of the tools he uses and answered many questions about his career for over 40 curious 3rd graders. He was very friendly and informative. The students and teachers appreciated having a primary source of information for our research project. It was also nice for the students to have such a positive experience with law enforcement up close! Thank you!



Commendation for Officer Ash, and Officer Quiroga
     Thursday, June 8, 2017

Officer Ash had made himself available to me when I reported drug trafficking within the apartment complex where I live. He even provided me with his cell phone to contact him on the ongoing activity. He continue on the case and now has turned the case over to D.R.T. This has been an ongoing activity from January to the present. Office Ash has communicated with me via phone and texts since April 3, 2017 until yesterday when he texted me to inform me that D.R.T. was on the case from now on. Officer Quiroga came out to a call on one of the supects for the drug trafficking in my apartment complex because I had to contact HPD for the suspect coming to our apartment and causing a confrontation with my husband and a friend when he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Office Quiroga assured me that he would be in the area if the suspect returned t o our apartment the very same day. This event occurred on May 17, 2017.


Commendation for Sergeant Leonard
     Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On Tuesday, 6/6, my husband called HPD non-em~rgency about 2 men acting suspicious at Big Bear (3801 Mangum). He saw the men run behind the strip center and jumped behind a bush as he drove by. We later saw Sergeant Leonard was in the tax office next to Big Bear, and stopped to speak with him about the call. We thought he was responding to our call, but he was actually there investigating a robbery. Even though I'm sure he was very busy, he stopped to speak with us and listen to our concerns. He asked us to show him where the men jumped behind the bush. When we showed him, another male was drinking behind the same bush, and jumped up very quickly when he saw us. Sergeant Leonard approached the man calmly and asked what he was doing there, asked for identification, and after many more calm questions, he loaded the man into his SUV. Sergeant Leonard was very attentive, caring, and professional. We are so grateful for his efforts and for taking the time to hear our concerns.


Outstanding officer compliment
     Saturday, June 3, 2017


My name is JM, I live in the Kingwood area, and I just had to reach out to you guys to let you know what I just saw in my neighborhood a few minutes ago.

I was walking my dog after a long day at work and noticed a little boy with a wiffle ball and bat playing by himself. I kept wondering why his parents or someone wasn't playing with him. I then noticed one of your officers drive by, make a u-turn and stop and talk to the boy. I thought maybe he was asking where his parents were because he was in a big open parking lot by
himself. Turns out, this officer took a few minutes out of his day to pitch the ball to the boy. I went nearby to watch and the officer was so good at interacting with this kid. His name was Officer Cleveland.

I had a very long day at work so I didn't stay long, but I had to let you all know that witnessing this simple little interaction absolutely brightened my day, and I'm sure that boy will never forget that. With all the negativity in our world recently, it was so good to see such a genuine act of kindness from a man who literally puts his life on the line every day for people like me and that little boy. I have police officers in my family so I know what a tough job it is and I really wanted to thank you all so very much for what you do.

I really hope this reaches Officer Cleveland himself because he deserves some sort of recognition. I'm sure many other officers do this all the time and it's no big deal to them, but from my perspective it was a truly genuine act of kindness and I just want Officer Cleveland to know that he really is a good man and I hope I see him around town. Thank you all!



Recognition of an outstanding police officer
     Friday, June 2, 2017

Chief Acevedo,

I wanted to take a moment to recognize a truly outstanding officer in your organization. 6 years ago my Aggie ring was stolen from my apartment in Houston. Yesterday I received a phone call from Officer Adina Carrington informing me that my ring had been found. While her position in the stolen properties division is partially to locate owners of found property, she went above and beyond to locate me. My ring had my name engraved on the inside but it was my maiden name which is a fairly common name. Officer Carrington took the time to look through individuals with my maiden name until she located mine and recognized the fact that I lived in College Station at one point. When she contacted me she took the proper steps to ensure I was the owner
and was so compassionate. I informed her that the ring had been stolen and then she made extra effort to find the police report which was not an easy task since it would not readily pull up in the system.

In all of my phone calls with Officer Carrington two things were evident: 1) This is an individual who is passionate about the work she is doing 2) This is an individual who is gifted in the position she is in. I do not believe that another working the case would have tracked me down and helped return something that is truly priceless to me. Her knowledge of the law and how to locate individuals is unmatched and not something that can be easily replicated.

Please take a moment to recognize Office Carrington as I can never express my gratitude enough.



Commendation for Officer Travis Lott
     Thursday, May 18, 2017

My name is MB, I am a Police Sergeant, and manage the Traffic Unit for the a Police Department, a department of 140 sworn officers, about 40 miles north of Denver. I am a thirty year veteran of law enforcement. On April 20, 2017, my wife and I flew into Hobby Airport on our way to a cruise vacation originating in Galveston. After arriving at Hobby Airport, I was rearranging my carryon suitcase, on a seat, at gate 24. I took my $350 prescription sun glasses and case out of the carryon and placed them on a seat at the gate. I left the gate without them. I have the visual of the glass case on the seat, even today.

We left the airport and were shuttled to pick up our rental car. At that location, I realized that I didn’t have my sunglasses. We returned to the airport in an attempt to recover the glasses. Having noticed that there was a HPD officer stationed in the baggage claim, we returned to that area of the airport. There was no officer present. We began to walk around the area, when we found Officer Travis Lott. He was on duty, in uniform, and was in the process of purchasing some snacks. We waited until he completed his purchase, when we contacted him in baggage claim. We were simply looking for some direction as to what the procedure should be to contact lost and found in an attempt to recover my glasses.

My wife and I were completely blown away by Officer Lott’s response. He could not have done enough for us. Simply giving us guidance was not enough. He volunteered to take me to the gate and search for my glasses. After further thought, we realized that, without a boarding pass, TSA would probably not allow me to return to the gate. This did not phase Officer Lott. He
went and searched the gate by himself, while we waited in the main lobby of the airport. Unfortunately, he was unable to locate the glasses.

Officer Lott’s actions, in my opinion, were far above what he needed to do, and far above our expectations. Being a career law enforcement officer and knowing the job, my wife and I were blown away by his concern. I cannot imagine the impression that Officer Lott would have left with a civilian tourist in this situation. I cannot thank Officer Lott enough for his sincere caring interest and actions in his attempt to assist us. He has left us with a lasting positive impression not only of himself, but also the Houston Police Department. If I had a position, for him, I would hire him without question. Please congratulate and again thank Officer Lott, for us, for his assistance.



Thank you: Officer Hollis Felder and Officer Cliff Winston
     Monday, May 15, 2017

Dear Mr. Acevedo,

I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service provided by two officers on your police force. On April 24th, my father’s Ford F-350 was stolen from a hotel in Houston. Not feeling very hopeful about recovering it, my parents began searching for a replacement truck a few weeks later.

As they were searching, they came across the original Ford F-350 on Craigslist. I worked with dispatch and the associates in records to update the police report as my husband contacted the seller on Craigslist and attempted to set up a meeting location May 12th at 10am.

Once we had a time and location, dispatch was able to send out a police unit 17E47D with Officer Hollis Felder and Officer Cliff Winston. Unfortunately, the thief must have been spooked by the police vehicle circling the property so he aborted the meeting time and location.

Thankfully, the two officers didn’t stop there. They asked me to send them pictures and a detailed description of the vehicle (as well as two other vehicles I had found online for sale under the same phone number). Comparing the photo backgrounds to Google street view, I was able to narrow down the location of where the photos of the stolen truck were taken (an apartment
complex located at 12380 Sandpiper Drive).

The officers definitely went above and beyond the call of duty by patrolling that location first thing Monday morning when they were back on their shift – and at that point, they spotted the stolen truck. The two officers recovered the truck and then personally called me with the good news!

Their attention to detail, great communication skills, and willingness to go above and beyond turned a bad situation into a great outcome. If all police forces could operate with this level of excellence, the world would be a better place!



Marine Unit
     Sunday, May 14, 2017

I would like to recognize the great work and and professionalism of the HPD, marine enforcement unit, and officer Dodson in particular. The unit and officer Dodson came to our rescue while we were stuck idle on lake Houston with an overheated motor. He was fast and kind and made us feel safe. He is an exemplary officer in my opinion. I live on the lake and over the years I have come to regard the marine enforcement unit as a truly great group of committed, helpful, highly trained and professional public servants. We are so lucky to have them in our community. Thank you!!


United Passenger
     Tuesday, May 2, 2017

United had a customer that flew from Dallas without enough connecting time to make her connection to Hobbs. The customer was traveling with an emotional support dog. The dog was lethargic and obviously not well. We decided to take the customer and dog to United’s PetSafe and then on to a veterinarian. Once at PetSafe, we were informed that only the dog could be transported to a veterinarian due to the ruling that only PetSafe employees are allowed in vehicles off airport grounds. The customer became extremely emotional and the situation became out of control. HPD was called. Officer Curtner ended up taking the customer and her dog to the veterinarian. Office Norris delivered hotel and meal vouches to the customer at the veterinarian.


Good Job
     Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chief Acevedo and Team:

My Criminal Procedure class this semester in North Carolina is studying the interplay between 1st amendment activities and the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments. In this study, we are afforded with a wealth of youtube videos showing law enforcement audits by activists. Many of these auditors are well- meaning professional individuals just ensuring police are accountable. We do know of course, some “auditors” blur the line and become instigators/agitators.

We recently reviewed several videos filmed by News Now Houston involving your agency. We think the audit shows a well-run outfit and we commend you on your professionalism and respect of the sacred charter drafted by our forefathers. Please share our thanks with your officers.



Attorney credits HPD’s Tommy Carr for saving human trafficking victim
     CITYSAVVY 2016-Issue 2 - Extra Milers column

Casey Wallace, a local attorney, shared a detailed story with Mayor Turner about how Sergeant Tommy Carr, an officer in the Vice Division, rescued an 18-year-old girl from human trafficking.

The young woman from Rogers, AK was abducted while on spring break in South Padre Island. She was forced into prostitution and coerced to perform in topless dance clubs. Carr was able to rescue her by analyzing recent photos of the victim and working with the local dance clubs to liberate her from her captors. She was reunited with her family and completed her high school education.

“I can attest that a few years back, before the clubs and HPD began working together to fight this scourge of human trafficking, this would have never been possible, and (she) would never have been would sadly have been another lost face in the underworld of sex trafficking. You truly have a star amongst the reak of the police department, and a man who genuinely cares for the lives he has been charged with protecting,” Wallace wrote.

Very Appreciative
     Friday, March 3, 2017

A friend visiting from out of town was out on Washington St. and ended up walking to the wrong address because his maps app on his phone took him to West Detering instead of Detering. He was knocking on the door trying to wake me up (thinking he was at the correct house) and the actual occupant (who was a woman living alone) called the police not knowing who he was. Several officers came and initially said he would need to spend the night in jail but were willing to listen to his story and make a reasonable effort to find the correct address. They drove him to my address and rang the doorbell and explained the situation before releasing him. I am very appreciative of them taking this extra effort. I feel it would have been very easy to just take him to jail and make his first day in Houston an unpleasant one. Because these officers felt like this was the right thing to do, they ended up helping a visitor have a good experience in Houston, and also left a very positive impression on me as an observer, that spoke well of the Houston police department. I didn't catch the name of the officers, but I'm hoping that the date, time, and location can be used to help communicate this


Thank you
     Friday, February 24, 2017

The Department was well represented earlier this week by three officers responding to a BMV in a restaurant parking lot. Officers Hartnett, McLaughlin, and Krantz were courteous, professional, zealous in their pursuit of the offender, and--perhaps most notably--kind. On February 21, my ten-year-old daughter and I went to a "daddy date night" dinner on Kirby and Richmond Streets. I parked a few spots away from other cars because we had picked up a new SUV earlier that day from getting license plates and tinting. During the dinner, the officers made an announcement in the restaurant that someone had smashed our car window. The officers hurried me to the scene, where I discovered that a briefcase with an iPad in the backseat had been taken. The officers used by "find my iPhone" app to locate and return the property before we finished dessert. They then helped brush away broken glass, expedited a report, and followed up with the restaurant owner to advise them that parking cameras were poorly aimed. The officers balanced safety and obvious enthusiasm for tracking a known criminal with friendly and responsive community service and relations.


Thank you
     Saturday, February 18, 2017

To the Houston Police Officer that helped us on Saturday, February 18th at approximately 10:00pm kind of near the Aquarium when we took a wrong turn in a homeless area; I think we were by Chartres Street. We were two females traveling from the Temple/Belton area with two special needs children for a cheer competition at NRG Stadium. We wanted to say thank you for helping us when we were lost, and our GPS was not working. Thank you for helping us find our way and keeping us safe. We just cannot express our gratitude enough. We hope this thank you gets back to you. You are truly our hero; our knight in shining armor!!

DR :)

Thank you
     Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hello my name is NH and I drive an 18 wheeler and make trips to houston very regularly. I had a minor set back at a warehouse in the hobby airport district and officer Post, responded. She was very polite and very helpful to myself and my situation. Although I am not a citizen of Houston, the presence she made and information about the area was most helpful. I hope the citizens of Houston Texas are as pleased with there law enforcement officers as I am.


Thank you
     Monday, February 13, 2017

Officer Marc Delacerda went above and beyond to rid our community in the Heights of a group of drug dealers occupying a rental home. Our family was on the verge of relocating after witnessing 30+ drug deals daily in front of our home. Officer Delacerda and Officer Patel were able to disrupt the illegal operation and the drug ring fled our community towards the end of 2016. I would also like to thank anyone else that helped assist. I can't possibly thank you guys enough. You have made a huge difference in our lives and the Heights community. Please commend these officers for their honorable support and dedication.


Thank you
     Sunday, February 05, 2017 12:57 PM

This message serves a declaration of thanks to the Houston Police Department for their excellent service of keeping the peace during the Women's March on 1/21. Their diligence, kindness, and sense of controlled calm could be felt by all in attendance. The police were respectful which added to the atmosphere of calmness. Thank you for responding with such class. Your behavior affirmed the right of the citizens to peacefully assemble and protest without fear of being arrested for exercising that right. Your work did not go unnoticed. Thank you again for your service to the City of Houston. You are appreciated.


     Wednesday, February 01, 2017 9:41 AM

Monday night I was crossing Texas going to Minute Maid. After I got on the sidewalk my scooter's back wheel went off the pavement and it and I fell in the flower bed. Several officers came to my rescue, and after asking how I was, got the scooter off my leg, gathered up my purse and spilled possessions. Then they asked me the best way to help me up. I really appreciate the kind way they treated me and am indebted to them for their concern. Unfortunately I didn't get any names so I can't thank them personally.

SI, Kingwood

Thank you to some wonderful Police Officers and policing this weekend!
     Monday, January 30, 2017 8:00 PM

Just writing to say thank you for supporting our civil liberties this weekend, while maintaining public safety. Houston Police officers did an outstanding job. I was at IAH on Friday while others went to Discovery Green and airport on Saturday.) It isn’t easy to ‘support civil discourse’ and first amendment rights when you feel responsible for ‘controlling’ the situation. But as the protesters, myself included, try to stand up for their fellow man, you stood up for us! It was public space and we broke no laws but instead maintained a positive demonstration representing those in custody and those with less of a voice. As time goes on it will be important to remember to continue to honor equal 'liberty and justice for all' as our American values.

My sincere respect and gratitude. This is a police force we can trust and who is great part of our community and country.

Houston TX

Houston Women's March
     Wednesday, January 25, 2017 10:16 PM

I want to thank Chief Acevedo for attending the Houston Women's March last Saturday and offering brief remarks. His support of women and human rights is much appreciated.

I also commend all the HPD staff who worked the march. They were professional, helpful and friendly.


Commending the HPD presence at the Women's March-Houston
     Sunday, January 22, 2017 9:50 PM

I attended the Houston Women's March on Saturday, January 21st, and I just wanted to let the HPD know that I am so grateful for all of the officers who worked during the march. All of the officers that I saw that day were so calm, friendly, and courteous. I really appreciated how the HPD had shut roads down and were directing traffic to keep the marchers safe. Thank you for all of your service, HPD, and thank you for defending the people's right to peacefully demonstrate. I was so proud of my city yesterday, including HPD!

Sincerely, ES Houston resident

Commendation by Citizen for Officer M. McCracken and Officer C. R. Meade
     Monday, January 23, 2017 2:41 PM

On the above date I was involved in a two-car collision at this intersection. Both autos were heavily damaged. The two HPD officers who responded to the 911 call were Officer M. McCracken and Officer C.R. Meade, both of whom I believe patrol from the Midwest SubStation at 7277 Regency Square. I would like to sincerely thank Officers McCracken and Meade and commend them for the professional, courteous, and kind manner in which they performed their duties. Together and individually they were wonderful!! Officer Meade patiently explained Houston's tow procedures and answered numerous questions while Officer McCracken gathered the information we needed for our insurance companies. After Office Meade left, Officer McCracken, who is a dynamo and could probably organize anything, helped remove our belongings from our cars and then remained to make sure our family members arrived and that we were not left standing curbside with our belongings near a busy street. It has been 30 years since I was involved in a collision so this was a traumatic event for me but definitely made less so by the courtesies extended by these officers and their concern for our safety. My husband is most appreciative of this as well so I'm signing from both of us. We're wishing all of our Houston Police Officers well and safe every day.

LM and RM

Thank you, Houston Police and Chief Acevedo
     Sunday, January 22, 2017 9:29 AM

I was so proud of the Houston Police and the job they did on crowd control yesterday at the Women's March. Chief Acevedo was awesome, speaking to the crowd. I was a little fearful about the safety of the March, as I've never done anything like that before. But I felt protected and served. It was a step in the direction of turning "the" police force into "our" police force. We needed you and you were there, protecting our right to peaceably assemble and exercise free speech. Thank you. Good job.


Thank You
     Saturday, January 21, 2017 5:05 PM

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all the Houston Policemen and women who were out protecting us at the Women's March today. It was very well organized and I saw first hand so many of our men and women PD being so friendly and courteous with the crowd. Waving and smiling at us as we went by and being alert to the surroundings. I am very uncomfortable in large groups and your presence made me feel safe. So I thank you all from myself and my husband and I'm sure the many people who were in attendance. Be safe.


Commendation by Citizen for Officer Houston
     Tuesday, January 17, 2017 12:30 PM

In the grand scheme of things this is probably a small deal with it comes to what y'all deal with every day, but I'm still very thankful. I was running the Houston Marathon and dropped my ID somewhere along the course. I'm not exactly sure where. Anyway, Officer Houston picked up my id and went out of his way to contact me to let me know he had it and to get it back to me quickly. Considering this was my ID, and I use it very often, I was really impressed with his willingness to make sure it got back into the right hands. Thank you to ALL of the officers that were working the races on Sunday to keep us safe, and especially Officer Houston!


Commendation by Citizen for Officer King and Officer Deleon
     Monday, January 09, 2017 11:41 AM

Offlcers King and Deleon responded to a car burglary at my house for my girlfriend's car. Both officers were extremely nice and helped my girlfriend calm down. While Officer King took the report from my girlfriend, Officer Deleon did a perimeter walk around my property and was very knowledgeable in auto theft and the area. The officers gave us some pointers to prevent future burglaries and really were genuine about trying to assist. Because of these great officers, my shook-up girlfriend was able to sleep. I thoroughly appreciate the sacriflces and commitment they have made to the streets and especially for responding to a very basic call that could have be prevented. Thank you both and to all the other HPD officers!


Commendation by Citizen for Officer M. Lindquist
     Friday, January 06, 2017 8:09 AM

I was pulled over today for speeding on I-69 in a commercial vehicle. This officer made sure we were off the freeway in a safe location to do business. I appreciate him looking out not only for himself, but also for me. He was very polite and professional and as a professional Driver of 25 years I am happy to work with officers like him!!


Commendation by Citizen for Officer Jason Cisneroz
     Wednesday, November 16, 2016 9:33 AM

Our neighborhood has been dealing with 2 aggressive dogs that were not registered with the City of Houston and who were at large and killing cats in our neighborhood. Nine cats lost their lives to these dogs between July - Nov. this year. Although we had talked to the dogs' owners and filed many reports with Animal Control about these animals, the AC investigation was too slow to get results. Officer Cisneroz attend our Civic Club meeting on September 20th and learned of the problem we were having with the dogs in the neighborhood. He went out and talked to the owners the next day. The dogs continued to get out and roam the neighborhood, and they were also acting aggressively towards pedestrians walking on the street near the house where the animals lived. Officer Cisneroz continued to follow up on the reports as we forwarded them to him, and by November was able to catch the dogs outside of their yard at large in the neighborhood without tags, leashes or owner. He contacted BARC and got the animals picked up to the relief of the neighborhood. Thank you so much for his follow through and diligence to help our community solve this problem.


Commendation by Citizen for Officer N.C. Lumpkin
     Saturday, November 05, 2016 1:48 PM

I reported via the Houston Non-Emergency telephone number what seemed to be a homeless person sitting on the curb directly across the street from my home. This person was acting erradictally causing me concern for the person's well-being as well as a possible nusance to my neighborhood.Very shortly after I called, Officer N.C. Lumpkin arrived on the scene and began a discussion with the person. Officer Lumpkin demonstrated kindness and thoughtfulness in her dealings with this person, spending about an hour talkingin what appeared to be a very gentle, genuine way. This interaction between the officer and the person seemed to havea calming effect on the person. I spoke with Officer Lumpkin after the person left the scene and personally commendedher on a job well done. I think we (the public) should focus as much attention on the good work police officers do, aswell as not losing sight of any behavior that is deemed un-acceptable, and adjust our "judgement" scales accordingly.