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Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Officer Pablo “PJ” Miranda

I would like to commend the actions of Officer Pablo “PJ” Miranda for his efforts in administering CPR to a patient during a Houston Texas game on December 2, 2018. Officer Miranda recognized the patron wasn’t breathing and immediately began resuscitation efforts and work alongside our Paramedics throughout the event. Officer Miranda demonstrated his professionalism and dedication to the citizens he services through his actions that day. Although the outcome of the patient wasn’t ideal, Officer Miranda gave the patient every possible chance at survival. Please pass our gratitude along to him and his supervisors.



I was driving along Bellaire Blvd. when a vehicle hit my car and kept driving. The driver did not stop until she got to Corporate Drive and Beechnut/ When the officer arrived he was not responding to my call, but a call logged earlier in the day. I spoke with him regarding my hit and run incident and he told me not to worry that he would take care of this situation. This officer demonstrated a calm, professional character that allowed me to know I would be alright. His and his partner’s patience in getting my story and information helped support me during this stressful time. This an example of the excellence I expect from our wonderful police officers and wanted to show my appreciation. These are officers I am glad to have met as they are examples of the service this community needs and deserves. I regret not getting the officers’ names, but made me feel this service and should be evidenced in each of their fellow officers.



I just wanted to extend my gratitude to your police officers who were asked to respond to my home in the past few weeks. I have a family member with mental illness who has been showing signs of break down which resulted in the police being called to our home. I was not there the first time. However, her behavior escalated quite a bit Tuesday and Wednesday and police were called three times in that short period. Two of the officers had been there weeks before on a different issue. All of the responding officers were very compassionate and patient and treated my sister with kindness and respect. It is difficult calling the police to intervene on such matters. We as the family understand that our loved ones with mental illness are in pain much of time and they are living a bit of a nightmare in their minds. I worried that when strangers were asked to help they would not have the same understanding.
I really appreciate your officers and just wanted to mention it. I did not get their names.



Yesterday I was at IAH Terminal A around 1700 hrs dropping off my girlfriend for a flight. There was an HPD Officer there directing traffic and he was very professional and courteous about it.
I’m sure it can be stressful and annoying dealing with the airport traffic all day but it did not affect this Officer. He asked me when I got back in my truck if I was ready and let me back into traffic. I appreciate his attitude - from one officer to another - he poised himself well.


Officer H. Arrington

Mr. H Arrington responded to the call to my home when I was in mental health crisis disturbance at home. He was very understanding, kind, respectful to me and my illness with depression and ptsd, and he didn’t judge me. He resolved the issue with no further incident and I appreciate his kindness, understanding.


Officer E. Scheibe

During the evening shift, officer Scheibe took time to patrol our neighborhood and ensure the safety of groups of children. She was kind and considerate and took the time to speak with them. She then continued her outreach to parents and residents in the area and provided thoughtful stimulating discussion about issues facing the police force in Houston. Throughout the entire engagement, she was professional, well-presented, and thoughtful. These small acts of community outreach are integral in creating safe environments for our families. Our children learned to trust police officers, adults learned about the complexities of their job, and none of this would have been possible had officer Scheibe not lent her professionalism and tact. Thank you officer Scheibe for all that you have our neighborhood last night. We are all lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate police officer in our midst.


Officer Bryon Vecera & Officer Kevin Roach

On behalf of the employees of NAPCA Chemical Company, I would like to send a heartfelt appreciation and commend Officer Bryon Vecera and Officer Kevin Roach for their professionalism and generous gift of time and knowledge. On October 12th, Officer Vecera and Officer Roach arrived at our facility to provide a unique training support service that has proven to be a valuable asset for our organization. The skilled instruction of the officers made it easy the participants to remain focused and the training to be a collaborative. The session was on how to comply with the expectations and standards following the hazmat hazardous materials and federal motor carrier regulations for road side inspections, was complete and demonstrated that both officers were highly skilled and knowledgeable on the material. The information was communicated clearly, and questions were answered professionally siting specific regulations. Our office is deeply touched by the and effort that Officer Vecera and Officer Roach took educating our fleet. NAPCO Chemical Company takes pride in complying with standards and regulations and this unique opportunity allowed us comfortable setting for discussion. We look forward to developing an annual training with them in the future to further develop job specific instruction and facilitate our safety department. I send sincere gratitude to your team for all that you do.



I just want to commend the HPD for the security they provided for the recent Trump rally. It was a job well done and appreciated.



Dear Houston Police Department,
I want to personally thank you for a great job everyone performed at the Trump Rally. Not only was I impressed by the organization of the entire platform, I was impressed by how safe I felt and the security that was provided for everyone.
Thank you so much.
I know the police do not get recognized for the job they do for everyone on a daily basis, yet alone an entire life of duty served for our protection and safety. I fully support everyone and I believe everyone is underpaid. I want to personally thank the State Troopers and the State Police as well. Hopefully I can find the proper source to send them a thank you for an outstanding job. I reside in Lake Charles right now, and I can personally say, that I feel safer in Houston and I can see with my own eyes real officers, and I did tonight. My praise goes to everyone. Thank you once again.
Hopefully I am back home in Houston soon.
Have a wonderful week!
Sincerely with Best Regards,



This morning around 10:15 I was sitting at a red light on Richmond/Wheeler west bound between Main Street and the 59/69 spur when I saw an HPD black and white patrol car driving west on Richmond/Wheeler with a at least 4 huge white bags full of trash/litter in its trunk and on top of the trunk lid which was open. The patrol car pulled into the parking lot of the Shipley's Donuts shop next to a citizens car where two people were standing. The officer got out and it was obvious by their greeting that the citizen and the officer knew each other. The only thing I can think is that this officer and the citizen were part of an effort to keep the litter/trash down in that stretch of Richmond/Wheeler. I can't thank the officer and the citizen enough for what their efforts are doing for this part of town. Both the officer and the citizen should be recognized for their efforts. This is remarkable. And it is so needed in this part of town. I can't say thank you enough. HPD, more people should know about what can be accomplished when officers and citizens work together.


Officer Mr. Kyle McCauley

Mr. Kyle D. McCauley has been wonderful mental health officer & great Big Brother and mentor to me. He encourages me to focus positively on my program when I’m feeling depressed, and tells to me continue to take all of my meds and fill them on time. He’s also very patient and understanding with me and my sickness. He Nevers judges me.


Officer Best

Unfortunately, my brother MW was killed in a horrible motor vehicle accident on April 18, 2018. HPD conducted an investigation of the accident to try and determine it cause. Officer Best (I do not recall his first name, but he4 works in vehicular crimes investigations and works the night shift.) handled this case and had to call me to ask me questions about my brother. In the best of situations, this is not pleasant; however, this was the very worst of circumstances. Officer Best handled it with professionalism and compassion. When the investigation was completed, he called to let me know the results; however, he did not simply coldly say, this what occurred, sorry for your loss, good-bye. He listened as I, an emotional sister, talked about the life of her brother. The tone of his voice, the words he spoke and the time he took to listen demonstrated to me that this was a man who not only did his job well but whose heart became a part of what he does.



Dear Chief Acevedo, My wife and i are Ohio residents, but after reading about your response to Senator Cornyn concerning AR-15s, we wanted to thank you for your words.


police department representative

Dear police department representative,
I wanted to share with you the admirable actions of one of your airport staff, Ms. Felicia Mitchell. I arrived at Bush International this past Saturday after a 3-hour flight from Richmond, VA. I had assumed the shuttle procurement process would be similar to what I knew in Richmond’s airport, so after claiming my bag I set off to get one. After several trips to the designated shuttle areas, I realized that they were all pre-reserved so I headed back inside to see if I could make arrangements. I found the desk for a local shuttle but it wasn't staffed and the phone that indicated would connect to the shuttle office wasn’t functional.
I saw the airport office for the police dept. so decided to ask if they could direct me to a location where I could get a shuttle. Ms. Mitchell not only offered help but she walked over to the shuttle desk, used her own phone to contact the shuttle office, made the arrangements for me and instructed the driver where he could find me upon his arrival at the airport. It turns out her actions benefitted not only me but 2 other folks that were attending the same conference. All told she spent at least 30 minutes helping me. The entire time she remained friendly and reassuring.
Ms. Mitchell was a very positive representative of Houston and of your police department, I am very grateful to have made her acquaintance!


Northeast Police Station

Dear Chief Acevedo,
The residents of the neighborhood of Homed Owned Estates would like to recognize Officers Waddy, Miles, Smith, Byrd, T. Jackson, and Lt. Rodriguez (northeast police station) for their gracious help in getting our neighborhood on a path back to safety. The past 2 years has seen an increase in crime in our area. We finally decided to begin a neighborhood crime watch. We meet monthly and discuss neighborhood issues and how we can fix them. The above officers came to our aid as soon as they were contacted. They attended our meetings, set up a patrol around our area to target speeders, and made suggestions to address neighborhood concerns. This has been a huge help for us! We want our neighborhood to be as nice as any suburban master planned community. Unfortunately, we are plagued with homeless people, trash, crime, and businesses that are not helping to improve our community. A community that was never perfect, but was much safer than it is now. The above officers continue to be a resource for us to call upon when we find new concerns and make us feel safer with a sense of purpose. Our community would not have made the strides toward improvement had it not been for the above officers. We want to thank them and let you know that they are a great asset to our community, as well as your police force.


Officers Calderon and Delacruz

Dear HPD,
Just a quick note to say Thank You to officers Calderon and Delacruz who assisted my father, my young son, and me just outside of Houston IAH airport on Tuesday 02 October when we were in a wreck just after leaving the airport. The officers were professional, courteous, helpful, and most importantly put their immediate attention on ensuring the well-being of my 13 month-old son. Kudos to your officer for their good work.


Officer Smith

Officer Smith was amongst HPD officers who were called to a Memorial Drive gas station to check on a confused young woman. That woman is my daughter, who has a traumatic brain injury from a traffic accident. She reported that she got lost on the way home and panicked. Her cell phone was broken, and she had limited identification with her, but Officer Smith was able to locate my phone number through her license plate. However, as I live 6 hours away, I was unable to come get her. Officer Smith drove her to Ben Taub Neuropsychiatric Unit, who declined to accept her and sent her to their main hospital. Officer Smith stayed with her until her admission to the ER and remained in contact with the entire time so that I knew where to find my daughter. He reported her demeanor to me, which gave me confidence in her mental condition and comfort in knowing that she was not entirely alone in this frightening situation. I want to thank Officer Smith for his care and concern, as he went above and beyond to help. He is a shining example of what citizens look for in our police officers! Thank you!


Officer Teed

Please pass on to officer D.C. Teed in regard to the captioned incident number, that I have a little good news.
As reported to officer Teed, I had been out of the city for a couple of months assisting daughter number 1 with her 9 month old triplets in Iowa (along with this grandpa corralling now and then a 4 and 8 year old), and had just returned to Houston.
While doing some house clean up, I discovered that I had in fact removed my Sony radio security face plate from my jeep…so in the end…the party who broke into my Jeep…other than honing his/her/it locked console and glove compartment entry skills…took nothing of value. I have since ordered a $39 console lock which was busted in the entry.
I have since upgraded my motion activated security cameras (now some INSIDE my vehicles, not just outside) so if a reoccurrence of the event happens we hopefully will have some grand family photos to share with the community and authorities.
Officer Teed is a fine fellow, reserved and attentive to my incident. As noted I’ve experienced about 25 petty criminal mischief crimes in Houston over the past 4 decades…so not as disturbing an event as the first one…though still frustrating that society has those who care little about the property and personal rights of others.
Like I said on the neighborhood watch website…there otta’ be a law against dumb criminals.


Oscar Cavazos

Officer Cavazos helped me to safety, after I was stalled on I45. I drive a handicapped accessible van, in a wheelchair and was not able to get out of my car. He convinced the tow truck drive to tow me to safety as he followed. He took the time to make sure I was okay and called to make sure I got home safety. I so appreciate his help and thoughtfulness! Many thanks!



Good morning. I’m writing to provide feedback on a recent interaction I had with members of the Houston Police Department.
I was involved in a traffic accident the morning of 8/14/18 on my way into work. I accidentally went through a red light which I didn’t notice and hit someone. Despite extensive damage to both vehicles, thankfully both I and the gentleman in the other car were both, from what I understand, uninjured. The accident happened around 815 AM at the intersection of Travis and Pearce, right in front of the Metro bus station. Within approximately 10 minutes, one of your officers arrived on the scene. He was a sergeant, and I’m not sure of his name. He took control of scene, checked that both I and the other gentleman were ok physically, and then called for assistance, tow trucks and an ambulance. A second officer arrived, one of them, either the second officer, or the sergeant, have the last name of Rosborough. They conducted an investigation, and cleared the scene. The other gentleman involved in the accident walked over to an ambulance and was taken to the hospital as a precaution. I received a citation for running a red light, something with which I have no problem, because although unintentional, I did.
I want to compliment you on both officers’ extreme professionalism, and the courteous nature with which they treated myself and the other gentleman. Given that I was just involved in an accident, it would’ve been easy to be shaken up mentally. The officers handled with situation with great skill, calming everyone. The sergeant was even kind enough to provide a ride for me to a nearby hotel where I could catch an Uber to get a rental car.
I have several family members in law enforcement in a different city, so I know how difficult the job can be. Too often these days, all we hear about are negative stories about police officers. The officers who handled my accident are an absolute credit to the Houston Police Department and in my opinion, represent the concept of peace officer at the highest level Please commend them, and convey my deep gratitude for the manner in which they managed my accident.


Thank you

Dear HPD,
I would like to take some time out of your day to say thank you for everything you and will do for the city in which you serve. Thank you for your commitment to a city and community in which you owe nothing too. Thank you for going above and beyond expectations to do what you believe needs to be done. Thank you for providing a positive image that people of all ages can respect and look up too. Thank you for being a symbol of safety to my loved ones. Thank you for sacrificing holidays, birthdays, and time with your family to protect and serve. But most importantly, thank you for risking your life for mine.


Officer Kyle D. McCauley

Officer Kyle D. McCauley with the mental health unit and his lady officer partner (not sure name?) Both came & did a home visit, wellness check by referral of a fellow mhu officer to make sure I was doing ok and not in mental/emotional distress, or crisis. And both officer was very kind, caring, concerned, and very understanding, and helpful, more than willing to help with resources and follow ups through them. They listened to my needs and concerns, answered any/all questions, was very RESPECTFUL, HONET, & NON JUDGMENTAL! They need a medal SERIOUSLY! WONDERFUL. I wish Mr. Kyle would be my mentor on a long term basis if possible.


Officer B Yorek

I would like to thank Officer B York, yesterday at noon I was the victim of a robbery in my car, someone broke the windows and stole my things. She was there after calling 911, she was very professional and helped me to calm down. Officers like her make us very proud of our Police Department. Thank you very much.


Officer Jason A. Llorente

Officer Jason A. Llorente in the MHU has been very kind, patient, and concerned in helping me with various issues and is currently resolving them. Chief please give officer J.A. Llorente a huge THANK YOU for me I GREATLY APPRECIATE HIS KIND EFFFORS IN MY CONVERNS & GETTING ME THE HELP I NEED!! I’ve NEVER had an officer be so understanding & patient with me. I am mentally ill so I HAVE THE UTMOST RESPECT FOR OFFICER J.A. Llorente!!!!


Officer L. Forniss, Jr.

Officer Forniss was extremely caring, professional, and kind while handling our car accident. He made sure everyone was alright and not injured and also pulled my son aside, who was the driver and cause of the accident, to provide reassurance to him. I am very grateful for his kindness and encouraging words to my son. We were all very blessed to have him work our accident and quickly move us to safety.



Please pass this email onto Chief Acevedo, To everyone involved in solving the murder of the Houston cardiologist and finding Joseph Pappas -- congratulations on a job well done!!



Well done, Chief Art Acevedo et al. I just watched a clip that you had caught the bicyclist who shot the cardiologist, and saw the very small bit of video that was your lead. You guys are the best. I am so impressed - great work, great sleuthing.
Keep up the good work.



Dear Chief Art Acevedo,
Thank you for your strong words earlier this year condemning gun violence and sharing that you have "hit rock bottom" with inaction on gun control. Please continue to work strongly to end gun violence.
As a native Houstonian, I and nearly everyone I know has been tragically touched by gun violence in our community. Considering the other challenges and mental health barriers our community deals with, guns are too often seen as a "solution" to problems. Guns are too accessible, too efficient, and too good at doing their job.
I urge you to continue speaking your strong message to end gun violence, enact common-sense gun policies, and limit the number of deadly weapons in our city. Please work with other city leaders to prevent future tragedies in Houston.
Once again, thank you for taking a strong stand. Please continue to fight strongly to end gun violence.



I watched the live news conference given by your Chief on CBS news app. I was very impressed with the Chief and your department. Keep up the good work. I’m a news junky and appreciated his comments regarding the press and the first amendment – he gets it. Thank you.
– Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.


Officer Ortega

Officer Ortega was very dignified and respectful in his approach to evaluating my case.


Congratulations to the Chief and the entire Department!

As a citizen of this city for the last 60 years, I appreciate your work and the extraordinary success in solving four murders within the last two weeks.
It is reassuring to live in such large city with such competent police department.
Thank you, chief Acevedo and to all your staff for keeping us safe,


Congratulations to the Chief and the entire Department!

As a citizen of this city for the last 60 years, I appreciate your work and the extraordinary success in solving four murders within the last two weeks.
It is reassuring to live in such large city with such competent police department.
Thank you, chief Acevedo and to all your staff for keeping us safe,


Hello HPD...

I am so sorry I can't remember the officer's name who came out to help my neighbor HN at 1752 S. Gessner Road 2 weeks ago July 19th I think), but I was so concerned about H at the time that was my focus. Officer I want you to know what you helped do. Adult Protective Services and I worked with H to contact his family. Because you helped us find him alive we were able to get contact information for his family from him, and get them to Houston. Sadly he had colon cancer, and passed away on Sunday July 29th, 2018. If you hadn't helped us help him he would have died alone, and it would have been much harder to find his family. He was such a sweet man who lived life to the fullest. Always smiled. My husband and I saw him 3 days before he died at the hospital, and he was still smiling. Thank you for calling HFD out to help him, and for being there. You're a wonderful person too.



I would like to send a very special thanks to all the police department for all there work. Thank god for each and everyone of the Houston police department. i send each and everyone of them a special pray . May god bless each one of there families Thank you awesome men and women of the law enforcement.


Art Acevedo

I wanted to take a moment to thank Chief Acevedo for brightening my morning! His response to Senator Cornyn helps to promote a meaningful, data-driven conversation regarding automatic weapons. I respect his willingness to stand up as a professional, citizen and human being.
The city of Houston is fortunate to Chief Acevedo. He's a light shining in the darkness of much of our country today.


Officer Tommy Ha

I was inadvertently speeding at the tail end of a school zone near Spring Woods HS after I had passed by the school on Monday, September 17. Officer Ha rightly pulled me over and patiently explained to me the speeding infraction with kindness and sensitivity. When I told him that I was a teacher at a nearby school and of all people should have been more attentive to where the school zone ends, he graciously agreed to let me off with a warning. I would like to heartily thank Officer Ha for his act of magnanimity and also for his professionalism in enforcing the speed limits in school zones to protect our city's children. To me, Officer Ha represents the best of HPD in that he does his job of policing well, but he also possesses a pastoral touch that is so necessary for building good relations between the police force and the wider community as we all strive to live together in harmony.


Officer Susan Jeffrey

I would like to express my gratitude to an officer that went beyond the call of duty to help my husband and me while visiting your city on Monday. We went to Minute Maid for the first time not knowing what to expect. We waited to purchase tickets as friends and family said it is a Monday night game and there would be no problem. But there was. We did not know it was "ring night" and was sold out. We had already paid for a room and a cab and were devastated! We called my daughter and she was able to purchase tickets for us(at twice the cost) on Stubhub. She emailed them to us. We then got in line and went through security and were told we could not use our device to get in. I wanted to cry as my husband had waited so long to be able to go. Officer Susan Jeffrey saw how upset we were and came over and tried to help us right away. My husband and I are not very tech savvy and did not know what to do. She was so kind and patient with us and helped us by telling us to go to the business area at the hotel across the street. When finished we walked back across the street and there were hundreds of people in line. We were upset at the prospect of getting in line for the second time when we saw the officer standing there. She helped us to get in and we were able to get in just in time for the game to start. We were so overwhelmed with her help and kindness that we both hugged her. She is a credit to your department and her profession! In this time of police negativity I wanted to point out the acts of this officer were very much appreciated.


Officer Erica Hinson

My husband is former HPD Lt. He was a 25-year veteran of HPD before he passed away in 2002. Our grandson, WB, is currently in the Police Academy (Class 238). During one of the classes the cadets were told they had the option to use the badge number (if available) of someone special. Wyatt stated he wanted to use his grandfathers number. However, I didn't know what that number was. After a few phone calls I was directed to Officer Erica Hinson. I explained my situation. Officer Hinson said she would investigate the matter for me and phone me back by the end of the day. In less than 2 hours Erica called me back stating she had found my husband's badge number! She explained that W would have to make the request in writing and after received would make sure the badge number was made available to him. Chief Acevado, in this political climate where we hear nothing but bad news about the police I wanted you to be aware of the kindness of Officer Hinson. Wyatt was thrilled to learn that the badge number was found and through the efforts of Officer Hinson the HPD tradition is still alive and well within our family."


3 officers

I don't know who to send this to but would like Chief Acevedo to be made aware of what happened to me on Sunday night October 7,2018. Doubt very seriously that this will be brought to his attention but here goes. On my way home from work on I-10 east one of my tires blew out. I was in a very scary part of town. With AAA on the Bluetooth on my phone helping me. A man on a bicycle approached my car and offered to change the tire for $10. I told him no thanks someone was on the way to help me. The person from AAA heard the conversation and asked if I needed police assistance. Because of where I was I said yes. No street lights, no parking lot lights, nothing. AAA was still on the line with me when a few minutes later the man approached me again, this time demanding money for food. AAA heard the conversation and told me that officers were on the way. I told the man this and he rode off. About 4 or 5 minutes later 2 police vehicles showed up. A car and an SUV with 3 officers. It was obvious the tire was gone. I explained to the officers about the man on the bike and the person from AAA confirmed since she was still on the phone. These officers sat with me till the tow truck showed up about 15 or 20 minutes later. By the time the tire was changed it was 1 AM and all I wanted to do was get home. I did not get the names of the officers, I wish I had. We never hear good things on the news anymore about our police officers. I will be telling all my friends and anyone I meet about these 3 officers. They were great. This incident happened at Waco and I-10 east just last night. Hopefully there is some record and you can find out who these officers were and thank them for me again.


Officer Kenneth Bigger and Officer Gary Moran

Good morning! I would like to commend Officer Bigger and Officer Moran for voluntarily assisting us with our neighborhood parade. Mr. Biggers was in attendance at one of our neighborhood meetings and he heard that we needed assistance protecting our kiddos during the parade. He volunteered his efforts and even brought his partner to help. The officers could not have been sweeter to our kids. They showed them the patrol car, let them turn on the sirens and even posed for several pictures. They were absolutely fabulous and it was so nice being able to relax during the parade, knowing they were protecting our group. Please join us in thinking them for their volunteer efforts to our community. We are so grateful.


J.A. Chase

I was caught in the flash floods on July 4th. When the waters receded, Officer Chase tried to move my car out of the middle of the road, but it was full of water and too heavy. He stayed with me in the pouring rain and called a tow truck to remove the car. I was very traumatized from being trapped in the car. Officer Chase was so kind and helpful. I am very grateful for his calm control of the situation.


Officer McHenry, Officer Olson

I am the property manager of Elder Street Artist Lofts.  I had a (possible) domestic dispute in a resident's apartment.  The officers called several minutes before arrival and were extremely professional and calm entering my building.  After taking my account & details of the situation they knocked on the resident's door; the resident opened immediately.  Both officers spoke calmly, clearly and kindly to my resident.  This became a  "wellness check" due to the nature of the call and they informed the resident they would need to do a walk thru the apt to be sure no one was injured & it was safe and clear. *primarily due to someone else being in the apt*. The resident denied that anyone was in the apt MULTIPLE times to the officers-upon entry they saw the other person in question.  Again, the officers spoke calmly, clearly and kindly to the additional resident.  This situation could have gone so much differently with a terrible outcome.  They kept professional and respectful. I cannot say enough GREAT things about these officers. I wish I had more space to type more about these awesome gentlemen.  GREAT JOB HPD! YOU ARE DOING IT 101% RIGHT. THANK YOU! Give them tickets to an Astros game! :)


Officer S.M. Dalmas

Officer S.M. Dalmas

This is the nicest man and police officer. My daughter wanted a picture with him so bad, he was very busy but took the time to take a picture with my daughter. She also wanted a hug and he gave her a hug. If you are able please share this image with the officer. Thank you. C & AR

Officer Fernandez

My name is M, live in Florida. Im a double amputee. I just watched the video of him dancing with the girl in Wheelchair. I was moved to email and say that I was touched by this. Officers don’t get any credit for what they do..... all officers have my respect for all they do. Tell officer Fernandez , your a hero for what you’ve done


Station Commander

How are you..?
I am sitting in Shanghai International airport heading home to Melbourne Australia catching up with new from home on the internet and seen an article of one of your officers Sandy Fernandez dancing with a little girl in a wheel chair,
I just had to make contact with you guys as it brung a few tears to my eyes guys, how cool and how caring , extremely nice to see, so when ya seen officer Fernandez please say to him he is a caring guy ...so cool ....
Can’t wait to get home to hug my daughter Best regards to all and stay safe

Thank you
Have a great day
Best Regards

Dear Chief Acevedo,

Thank you for your courageous and principled stand in speaking out against separating children from their parents. This kind of human decency is what will truly make America great again, and we need more of it.

I know you've probably received criticism for your position. Please know that many others of us are grateful.

With profound respect,
Susan Palwick
Reno, Nevada

Kirsten Koryciak

All too often, we see the worst in people and how they treat others. In this case, it was truly refreshing to read about Ofc. Koryciak and her efforts in helping a gentlemen she assisted who was not having a good day and struggled with an illness. (Diabeties) I suffer from this disease and know how important it is to get immediate attention when having an episode. This email is simply to commend Ofc. Koryciak and her dutiful efforts to assist another person in need. Its very heartwarming to see acts of kindness like this where we all too often forget what it's like to help others in need.
My hat is off to Ofc. Koryciak for a job well done.

Best Regards, DP


While cycling in downtown Houston this afternoon, a driver pulled up close behind me at a red light. What the driver (and I) didn't realize is that an HPD SUV was nearby in another lane. The instant the light changed, the driver honked at me twice. That's when the PA system of the HPD SUV blared, "DRIVER -- BACK OFF. GIVE THE BICYCLE ROOM."

WOW. I signaled "thank you" but wish I knew who to thank for his concern. Thank you HPD for "suggesting" Houstonians become more bicycle-friendly. I am sincerely grateful.


Dear City of Houston Police Department,

On Monday afternoon my vehicle suddenly stopped, and I called my insurance company about 50 minutes later I received a jump; then about 15 minutes later my vehicle stopped again in the middle of the road. My battery on my phone was getting very low and I had gotten out to charge my phone, but I saw Sgt. Cowger and I did not want my car to be towed as I was waiting for a tow truck per this feature is included in my insurance. The officer took my phone to his vehicle and charged it for me and waited with me to avoid someone hitting the back off the car due to where it was positioned. I then called my insurance company because I was informed by the officer that I had given the wrong address to the insurance company. I called them and we both waited awhile before reaching out again, at that time I was given the driver's contact and Sgt. Cowger called him and spoke to him several times to get an update on when he would arrive. The tow truck did not come until about 4: 57 p.m. when it was pouring down raining and the officer had waited out there with me for over 2 hours. Sgt. Cowger went above and beyond to ensure there were no accidents. He really serves and protects!


Thank you

We would like to thank Officer Arlotta and everyone involved in the speedy recovery of our stolen merchandise on May 15, 2018. They worked very hard to resolve the issue in a courteous, professional manner. We are very appreciative.

M & MF

Officer Nathaniel Waldie, Officer Jack Carlton

I just wanted to send a heartfelt "thank you" to the officers above and all of the HPD officers that responded to and have worked on this case. Officer Waldie, specifically, had numerous hurdles to jump to get any charges brought in this case and his professionalism and diligence have been stellar. All officers have really gone above and beyond in their assistance and I will forever be grateful to them. Thank you for all that you do...


Last night

Last night, April 30 my son and I were attending the Yankees/Astros baseball game there at Minute Maid Field. Between around the 6th inning change……….there were two groups of about 4 each sitting in front of us……….we were In the ADA section 161 as I am a disabled veteran…………these two groups in front us started raising there voice at each other and getting into each other “faces” and it was rapidly about to become a physical match up.

My son noticed a police officer to our left about 15 feet away. We were able to get his attention and bring to his attention this potential fight. Sgt Egdorf stepped right in and very professionally spoke to the two groups. I do not know what he said for it was lightly spoken but it was like pouring a bucket of cold water of both groups. They separated, said down, and become real quite……………..their problems between each other ended.

I want to compliment Sgt Egdorf for handling this situation and bringing it to an immediate end and his professionalism.

The Houston Police Department needs to recognize Sgt Egdorf for his ability to take a HOT and turn it into a COLD situation…


Good morning HPD,

Happy Monday to you all! I just wanted to pass along a big THANK YOU this morning to an officer that was driving North bound on Beltway 8 near the West Park toll around 615am. I was on my way to work and having a very busy week ahead of me I was deep in thought & not fully focused on my speed! Your officer pulled in behind me and gave me a flash of his lights as a warning. I immediately looked down to realize my error. That simple warning flash gave me the gut check I needed to adjust my focus back to the road. Your officer could have easily pulled me over and given me a ticket but did not & I wanted to pass along my sincere & heartfelt THANK YOU!! I know you all don’t receive enough good credit nowadays so I wanted to make sure that I gave credit where it was due. Whether your officer knew it or not, he made my morning! Thank you again and have a great & safe week.

Ride along

I had the opportunity to ride-along with Officer Brumley out of Northwest division. Of all the officers I know, and I know quite a few, Officer Brumley is one of the most proactive. It was obvious in my 8 hour shift with Brumley that he's not only a major asset to the Houston Police Department, but a major asset to the surrounding community as well. Bromley doesn't dodge the dangerous calls, he seeks them out. He's a very productive member of the department, and it shows in his method of patrolling. His high caliber expectations for himself and constant level-headedness kept giving me the impression he's a field training officer -- to which I was surprised to hear he wasn't (yet). I would like to thank Officer Brumley as well as the supervisors at Northwest division that allowed me to ride along in 5F20s this evening.



I was so happy to see increased police presence on Bissonett Street near 59 SW FWY. I didn't notice any working girls today. I hope those women/girls aren't being trafficked. A few weeks ago, I saw "working" girls that looked 14 or 15 years old. Breaks my heart. The men that seek their services are just as bad.

I pray that those children are safe. I pray that the officers are safe. Thanks for all that you do and keeping the community safe.


Officer F. Sierra, Officer with illegible hand writing

My car was broken into (passenger window smashed - glass everywhere). In the big picture, it was certainly a minor incident, but I was with my wife and two young kids at the park and it was quite a shocking experience. I was in a bit of a state.

Two police officers arrived at the scene within 15 minutes of me calling in the incident. The young one with bad handwriting spoke with us and wrote up the report. He was calm, friendly, empathetic and patient. He communicated clearly, and gave rational advice. I was surprised how much better I felt about the whole incident after the officers left.

This (alone) obviously isn't behaviour that is going to win anyone a medal, but I so rarely come in contact with the police that this one incident will make a lasting impression with me. After the hundreds of cop shows and negative news stories, I almost forgot that the cops are the good guys doing a largely thankless job. Thanks for the reminder.


Traffic in the Galleria area

I just wanted to reach out about the way the police department handled the influx of traffic in the Galleria area, particularly Friday, April 20.

I work off of Bering near the funeral home and not terribly far from Second Baptist where the public shuttle was being run and I dreaded the work day, fearing that the crowds and traffic would be overwhelming. I have to say, I was unbelievably impressed with how smoothly everything was run due to police presence! At Woodway and Chimney Rock (the route I take to get home) they had everything handled beautifully. Major props to the police force!! It was very organized!

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you, not only for the amazing job done yesterday, but everyday!! It really inspires Houston pride! Thank you!!



I just wanted to congratulate your mounted section on going bitless and barefoot. I wish more riders of all disciplines would do this and realise the advantages to both horse and human of doing this. It is refreshing to see this happening. I’m in the old country (England) but word gets around quickly these days!

I would be interested to know how you came to this decision and if you think other police depts. might be taking it up in the US. Well done, and best wishes!


Commendation for Officer Kiper

I would like to commend Officer Kiper for his efforts the other night that resulted in the retrieval of my stolen cell phone and putting the thief behind bars for the night. While a stolen cell phone is not very high in terms of seriousness, it meant a great deal to me not to have my stored information in a thief's hands, not to mention being out a cell phone. I have no doubt that his willingness to stay and sort thru video, (using his own personal phone to do so), making the effort to contact the DA in the middle of the night and believing me when I told him who did it made that possible. Not every officer would have done so or even put in half the effort that he did. His actions exemplified what I had hoped, but not expected, an HPD officer would do, and I am most grateful.

Please thank him for me,

Car #46017

On 3/27/18 I was rear ended. HPD was called. I had my 8 month grand daughter in the car with me. Unfortunately I did not write down the officer’s name but I was able to take a picture of the number on his car. He was in car #46017. I wanted to let you know the officer was very patient and calming. As you can imagine I was very worried about my grand daughter. He was thorough and courteous, reassuring me, while getting all the necessary information, that my grand daughter was fine. ( She was taken to the ER and she was fine. )

I don’t know if I thanked him properly for helping me through a stressful time. Please let him know how much I appreciated his assistance and reassurances.


Officer M.A. Boozier

Hello, In this present climate, it is reassuring to have an officer of the caliber of Officer M.A. Boozier respond to a call. Unfortunately, the recovery of a hand gun has become too common for us here at National Car Rental. Officer Booziers’ response time was lighting fast; so much so that a visiting co-workers commented “ I wish we could get that fast of a response at IAH.” We here at National were little unsettled, yet Officer Boozier reassured us and patiently waited as we gather the materials she needed.

Oftentimes, one only hears negative things about our police force. Good deeds may go unnoticed, but not this time.

When time permits, please let her know how much we here at National Car Rental value her commitment to uphold the law of the land. What a credit to the Houston Police Department.

Kindest Regards,


This morning I watched for a long time the news as it followed the police effort to retain a driver who was clearly having major difficulty. It took a very long time and there were multiple police vehicles following the car in question. They didn’t hassle, they didn’t charge, they cleared the traffic and followed for a very long time. When finally, for about the fourth time, the car appeared to be stopped, the police cars went away, more confrontive personnel in more military like apparel blocked the car, removed the clearly seriously impaired driver, loaded him into an ambulance and took him away.

In the entire experience, no police vehicle was damaged, no one was injured, it took a pretty long while but the patience paid off.

It was really a fine performance of smart policing. Congratulations!!!!

The video should be shared with police units around the country who have a tendency to be a lot more products of bad movies……


Made a tough situation better

I am from St Louis, MO and was in town for a funeral. 3 motorcycle officers from Houston PD escorted our funeral procession on Saturday 3/17/18 in the morning. They did an awesome job. My friends and I were impressed w/ their professionalism (looks like a dangerous job) and kindness. Made a tough situation better. Thank you very much!


Above and Beyond

My wife and I arrived at Hobbie Airport at 8 PM on Thursday, March 8th. We had a hotel reservation that turned out to be booked at Houston's other airport, a 45 minute $100 cab ride away. We did not know what to do. Office C.Nguyen was in the airport and took us to the baggage claim area where there was a touch screen that listed nearby hotels. We did not have a cell phone so he graciously gave us his personal cell to call a hotel. Without his help I'm sure we would have been stuck at the airport all night. Not a good thing for senior citizens like ourselves. Office Nguyen went above and beyond and his friendly demeanor put both my wife and me at ease.

He is a credit to your police force.

D & KT

Officer Matt Williams

In the grand scheme of things, this was a very minor incident - a lost bag at the Hilton of Americas Hotel during CERA Week to be precise - but the fact that Officer Williams gave it the extra level of attention he did meant a great deal to me. The missing bag contained tax forms for my entire family - so I was VERY concerned about getting it back. Officer Williams took the time to speak with individuals who had been in the area the last time my bag was seen, and he also reviewed surveillance footage (what little there was) in an effort to track it down - far more than the security staff at the hotel did on my behalf. In the end - it was an interview that Officer Williams had with one of the witnesses (that I was present for) that led to my bag's whereabouts. Without that follow up interview - I may never have seen my bag again. I did not get the chance to properly thank him before I left town - so please convey my extreme gratitude to him - he is a great representative of the Houston PD.


Officer Tuan Nguyen

I would like to recognize officer Nguyen for his professionalism as the officer on duty for the 35K timeline (@mile 22) at the Houston Marathon this past January. His professionalism guaranteed our safety pre, during and post event and his openly enthusiastic attitude fostered a pleasant environment as he cheered on all the runners throughout the 6 hour event. Office Nguyen is an asset to the Special Ops Division and an excellent ambassador for the professionalism of the Houston Police Department. Please recognize Officer Nguyen on behalf of myself and my company, MYLAPS Sports Timing. It was a pleasure working with him! Thank you.


C. E. Austin Police Officer
R. Kolenovic Police Officer
J. Caten Police Officer


I would just like to let you know that those officers did an outstanding job of dealing with that guy (Suspect) this morning. I was at the station and I saw the entire thing. I know the guy they took to jail and he was wrong and acting like something was wrong with him. He is always here trying to hustle a few dollars but he started bothering people going into the store. I saw him peeing on the ground and then he tried to fight a man on a bicycle, but the dude (man) hit him with his umbrella and rode away. Those officers showed and gave him plenty of chances to leave but he wouldn't. The way things are going with the police this could have gone a lot worse but it didn't. They handled everything in an excellent way (manner). Police don't get enough credit for what they do and I just wanted to let you know that they did a good job today.


2 police officers

I would like to thank the 2 police officers that were dispatched to our home this morning after we called with a possible intruder in our home around 5:30 a.m. Fortunately, no intruder was found. We felt bad for wasting their valuable time but was reassured we did the right thing. Unfortunately, I only thought to look at their names as they were leaving. Thank you Officer Richardson and to the first officer who arrived. It made us appreciate police officers even more because they were possibly putting their lives on the line for complete strangers. Please forward to the 2 officers who took care of us this morning.

Kind regards,
J and DP


My partner and I recently visited Houston on holiday from Christchurch New Zealand, your city was stunning as well as its surrounding areas and further afield.

We loved our visit and were impressed with the city itself.

During our stay we met a number of mounted police officers, who were extremely helpful and polite. They also looked extremely impressive on their beautiful horses. They were happy to give directions and general advice to us, which was great, whilst monitoring the traffic flow and what was going on in the neighbourhood.

(I did ask if they minded me taking a snap, before I did).

I thought I would share some of the snaps I took, maybe you might find them useful.

We will visit again. Thank you.
Kind Regards

Officer came to help

My friend's car was smoking and refusing to drive as she was carpooling us to school. Officer Jackson was assisting a three car accident near by. When he finished with the accident, he came to help the three of us. Officer Jackson stayed with us through the entire expierence. He helped us move the car to safety, contact the right people, direct raffic around us, and make sure we were safe throughout the whole expierence. Officer Jackson went above and beyond for both traffic incidents on a Monday morning. Thank you, Officer Jackson!

TH, KJ, and OM

Chief Acevedo,

I want to commend two of your officers, Dave Farrington and Sgt. Kyle Englehart. On Friday January 26, I brought my eight year old autistic grandson, MB, out to the Air Support division at Hobby airport to see the operation. We were met by officer Farrington and he invited us inside the hangar. Both officers made the visit very special and began showing an incredible interest in M and gave him a personalized tour of the hangar and the aircraft.

M was having a very difficult evening and I was so impressed to see both officers recognize the issue and get down on his level and make a point to very intently communicate with him making his visit absolutely unforgettable. M has still NOT stopped talking about his new friends. What an impression they made on this young boy’s life. It makes me exceptionally proud since am also retired from the Houston Police Department. Thank you again for your service to our community and please pass along my thanks and commend Officers Farrington and Sgt. Englehart for opening their hearts and showing such great compassion to M. This is something he will remember the rest of his life.

Thank you and God Bless.

Good afternoon,

My name is FM. On December 20, 2017, I received a citation from officer Davis, M, Badge # 6480 for speeding. During his traffic stop, he presented himself in a very respectful manner and was extremely professional. I was accompanied by my family at the time. Throughout the traffic stop, he explained the violation I committed and was very helpful in providing the information needed to take care of the citation. Most importantly, my family felt safe that night. As an ARMY combat veteran, command presence is everything and officer Davis displayed his professionalism throughout that period of time. This email is to appreciate the courtesy given to us by Officer Davis and as a veteran I thank him for his service to the community.