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Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference

Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Officer Muskiet & Sgt. Reyes

On 11/2/2020, my home’s alarm activated. Neither I or my husband were home. My daughter happened to come home just as the alarm went off. Thankfully, she was met by Officer Muskiet. Officer Muskiet ensured the home’s perimeter was secured and then went into the home with my daughter to ensure the inside was safe and has not been entered. My daughter, who by this time has called me, ensure me that she as safe. As a Parent, I cannot possibly articulate how grateful I was for Officer Muskiet’s presence. And as a retired officer, I cannot articulate how impressed I was with the Officer Muskiet’s professionalism and caring attitude. Sergey Reyes also made the scene and assisted Officer Muskeit. Both officer and sergeant did their jobs in a competent and efficient manner. Please ensure this commendation is placed in the file of Officer Muskiet and Sgt. Reyes. I am grateful that both work in my area and can never thank them enough for ensuring the safety of my home but more importantly, the safety of my daughter.

-S. O.

Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Keeping us all safe

On December 9th two robbery suspects fleeing the police, jumped our brick wall into our neighborhood to elude capture. (This was in area code 77055.) Several police cars, a helicopter and police dog were immediately in our area and did an excellent job of capturing the two suspects while keeping us all safe. The did a very professional job and although I don’t know their names, I wanted to let you know how thankful we are for the excellent service and response.

-S. O.

Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Officer Sawlani

Officer Sawlani assisted in stopping people from running the stops signs at Meadowmoor and Meadow Grove Dr. He wrote over 150 tickets and made three arrests. It is very pleasant to have Officer Sawlani.


Officer I. Ramirez and Officer M. Garcis

Officers were very helpful and patient taking the report. Very polite young men. I appreciate that they are of service to a disabled citizen. Roby Johnson had cancer a few years ago and there are times people cannot understand his speech with the prosthesis. They were able to understand him and take the information for the report.

- P. S.

Officer B. Cheng & Officer M. Davis

I want to thank the officers for ticketing those that speed at/near Timber & San Felipe. There are often times I am trying to cross the street (San Felipe) and cars are zooming by. It’s not safe to walk your children or your dogs! Please help our neighborhood by ticketing offenders often!!


Officer C. Hightower

This morning Officer Hightower pulled me over for speeding. I didn't realize how fast I was going when I merged onto the freeway and went to move around an 18 wheeler and spotted Officer Hightower approximately 10 car lengths in front of me. I immediately looked down, saw I was speeding and slowed down. However Officer Hightower had already clocked me and moved to pull me over. While I must admit, getting a speeding ticket on my way to work was not in my morning plans, it was quite probably the most professional police interaction I've ever had. He was polite, clear and informative of my driving errors, and quickly had my ticket ready to go. While I certainly would have preferred a warning, I was absolutely accepting of the ticket, and thanked Officer Hightower as we completed the exchange. Given the current social climate, I feel that Officer Hightower's professionalism should be highlighted as a gold standard for police/citizen interaction. I can honestly say I never thought I'd be writing a commendation letter for receiving a speeding ticket, but more positive interactions with the police need to be reported. People commonly complain, but rarely compliment.

-. M. H.

Officer J. Betitia and Sgt Hale

Officer Beitita was extremely instrumental in mitigating a difficult situation between neighbors who both had valid concerns, but recognized immediately one of the parties was totally unreasonable and actually tried to extort monies to remove her vehicle which was blocking contractors who were performing a very expensive concrete pour. Without the efforts of Officer Beita and Sgt. Hale the concrete pour could have been halted half way through ruining the result at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. These two professionals went the extra mile to overcome in the law and between neighbors for a positive outcome.

- D.C. & K. C.

Officer Shepherd

Our family is commending Officer Shephard for going above and beyond the line of duty in assisting two elderly grandparents and our sick grandson under a very trying ordeal. She is an outstanding example of Houston’s Police Force at its best. Our 30Ft class C RV lost all engine power while traveling from Birmingham for our two week cancer treatment of our grandson. We blocked the exit off I-610 and Woodbridge Road. Officer Shephard responded to our 911 call and directed traffic for safety and quickly located a tow service (Emergency Performance Wrecker Service) to handle that size an RV. She provided our grandson water and shelter from the debilitating heat, then followed out tow to the campground where we were able to set up and get out grandson to his treatments. Thank you, Officer Shepard, for your kindness and professionalism.

-P. Family

Officer T. Le and Officer R. Gonzales

I am writing to call attention to the Houston Police Department’s Radar Squad with the Traffic Enforcement Division. Radar Officers T Le and Sgt. R. Gonzales conducted radar stops. My neighbors and I are thankful for Sgt. Gonzales for his attention to our continuing requests for random radar stops. Speeding continues to pose a serious and dangerous risk to the safety of families residing on our residential stretch of Chimney Rock Road which has become a busy major thoroughfare. The Radar Squad has caused some motorists to at least think twice before exceeding the speed limit through our neighborhood of 72 households home tor parents and children. My neighbors and I want to express my personal appreciation and thank you for these fine police officers and the Houston Police Department under your leadership. Enough can not be said to express our appreciation for the outstanding efforts on our behalf by the traffic Enforcement Division.

-H. G.

Officer B. Cheng and Officer. M. Davis

I am writing to call attention to the Houston Police Department’s Radar Squad with the Traffic Enforcement Division. Radar Officers Brian Cheng, Matt Davis and Sgt. Ray Gonzales conducted radar stops. My neighbors and I are thankful for Sgt. Gonzales for his attention to our continuing requests for random radar stops. Speeding continues to pose a serious and dangerous risk to the safety of families residing on our residential stretch of Chimney Rock Road which has become a busy major thoroughfare. The Radar Squad has caused some motorists to at least think twice before exceeding the speed limit through our neighborhood of 72 households home tor parents and children. My neighbors and I want to express my personal appreciation and thank you for these fine police officers and the Houston Police Department under your leadership. Enough can not be said to express our appreciation for the outstanding efforts on our behalf by the traffic Enforcement Division.

-H. G.

Officer Comacho

I want to commend officer Comacho for his help in an accident I was involved in on August 24, 2020. I was driving on I-10 E when the car in front of me changed lanes quickly. I then crashed into a trailer that was parked on the shoulder before the Newman exit. The trailer was sticking out of the shoulder into my lane about 2ft. The impact was very hard as I was traveling about 60MPH. Officer Comacho arrived on the scene and was very concerned about my safety as well as the other driver. Officer Comacho immediately stopped traffic to ensure our safety and called for EMS to check us out. Officer Comacho made sure we got off the freeway with the tow truck drivers and treated us both with dignity and respect. I just wanted his supervisor or someone to know this officer made me feel like he really cared and I appreciate his service to the community. I think he is a great example of a good policer officer especially during these trying times we are currently in. God Bless You. I hope this letter finds its way to someone that will commend him.


Sgt. Dawson

Today, I am writing to share a really positive experience I personally had with the HPD South Gessner substation. Sergeant Dawson was very professional, empathized with the rise in road safety issues in Glenshire, and then dispatched officers to enforce the traffic laws in the community. Glenshire, like many other neighborhoods, has seen a healthy increase in neighbors exercising, which in turn has bolstered community. Children are increasingly riding the neighborhood, as well. Unfortunately, as temperatures rose this summer, people chose to get out later and later at night and increased the odds of someone getting hurt as stop signs are often run. Varying their schedule, officers increased their presence and the word got out that the police were stopping people for traffic violations. A noticeable difference is already seen and neighbors are talking about the positive difference that the police are making.

Too often, your office hears of complaints but this is a positive, note to say thanks to Sgt. Dawson and the officers of the S Gessner substation that expeditiously reacted to a need and made a big difference.

-G. L.

Officer K. Robins & Officer H. Lundy

Officers Robins and Lundy responded to my call-in regarding an auto accident I was involved in this morning. They arrived very quickly, despite the fact that I inadvertently gave them the wrong street name when I called in. They were so calming and kind, and walked me through the steps I needed to take to resolve this incident. They even waited with me until the Uber driver came to pick me up.

Both of these officers were very professional and I appreciated their help immensely during this nerve-wracking morning. Although I live in the suburbs now, I am a native Houstonian and am proud of our police force here!

-D. P.

Officer Qureshi

He was very helpful and supportive during the event. AS it was a drive thru event and we had a lot of traffic, he helped in maintaining law and order throughout the event. We appreciate his commitment and support to the community.

-H. A.

Officer Gianneloni and Officer Stephens

Officers Gianneloni and Stephens were thorough, courteous, and professional. This reflects well on them personally, and moreover on the character of HPD.

Kindest Regards,
- B. H.

Officer B. Cheng and Officer M. Davis

Officer Cheng, Officer Davis and entire team were instrumental in preventing destruction/property damage to our client site. They did a great job of communicating with our Officers and our Operations Team. They did a great job preventing vehicles from entering the site that were intent on causing mayhem and distrputing business operations. We have had incidents at this site in the past and the client was very thankful that we were able to stop this group from entering the site again. We look forward to working with Officer Cheng and Officer Davis again in the future.

- G. V.

Officer Brian Cheng

My neighborhood is often plagued with junk vehicles. I saw this Police Officer driving by and stopped him and asked if he could help with this problem. He told me he would help and since then he has stopped by a few times a week and has helped with parking violations and junk vehicles. He has really helped clean up my neighborhood and my neighbors greatly appreciate it.

- R.P.

Shannon Barker and Robert Sandoval

Shannon Barker and Robert Sandoval went outside of their duties at the Police Academy and assisted many of Class #245 in passing the third attempt of the TCOLE exam Law Enforcement in 2020 could use more Barkers and Sandovals who truly care about the well being of the future of HPD. Thank you Shannon and Robert, you made a huge difference in the Cadets of Class #245. You two will be remembered and talked about by these young officers for years to come.

- C.W.

Officer Asim Qureshi

Hello, I'm a volunteer coordinator for Hospice. That's where I met officer Qureshi. He donated Turkeys for hospice patients that could not afford one on Thanksgiving. He has also donated several times various items that were very useful to patients. He has brought us lunch at Hospice many times, especially after Covid started. When my car's engine broke down, he helped me find another car within 24 hours, which saved my job because I visit patients not only at the Hospice clinic but also at their homes. He is like an angel to our community. Thank you.



Unfortunately I did not get the officers' names, but they were on Tulane Oak Drive around 4 pm and again around 6pm on 8/5/2020. I wanted to reach out to thank the police department for their service yesterday. A few officers came to our neighborhood twice today (that I know of) and were able to arrest a man who was trespassing. I was very uneasy, especially since my husband is out of town. My family and I felt a huge relief knowing that they had arrested the trespasser and that the officers responded so quickly, especially the second time around. Many thanks for your service always, and especially in these odd times. You are definitely appreciated!


Officer N. Nguyen

On Friday, July 24, 2020 , I had the pleasure of speaking with Sgt. Nam Nguyen relating to an arrest/incident that occurred near my home located in Houston. Sgt. Nguyen was extremely professional and diligent. Please know that Sgt. Nguyen is an asset to the Houston Police Department and should be commended.

Best Regards

Art Acevedo

I live in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. I deeply apologize for not remembering when I saw the following situation occur. On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/CBC (our national news network), I saw your chief giving the most moving motivational speech to protesters that I have ever witnessed. He was in the centre of a massive scrum. I believe he was telling the Black Lives Matter protesters that he was going to march WITH them. He looked utterly exhausted ( no offence intended) and his voice was extremely strained. I was crying tears of joy admiration. Chief Hurbert Arturo “Art” Acevedo was captivating his group and no doubt anone who saw the segment I did. I’ll never forget it. In that one brief clip, I saw how great America is and how DESPERATELY in United States – and the world for that matter – urgently needs her to be that way on a more regular basis.

Sincerely, PR
Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

Officer J. Villareal

Officer J. Villareal issued me a citation for an illegal u-turn, which I admit I did. He was very courteous, pleasant and we had a very nice but short conversation about how HPD officers were handling the pandemic and heightened social tensions in the City. Exceptionally nice guy & it was a pleasure to meet him. While I don't like getting tickets, he performed his duty very well and had me on my way quickly. Thank you and good luck to officer Villareal.


Officer Duvall

Please acknowledge Officer Duvall for his display of compassion and empathy this past June 6, 2020 when he responded to a call at Target on Shearn St. involving my son MS. He is 19 and suffers from depression just like so many teenagers. His mom and I have been trying to get him help but have been unsuccessful. M. recently turn his back on us and found himself alone with no one to turn to and had a mental breakdown and he showed-up to work Saturday after he being fired several months earlier. When management asked him what he was doing he replied working. M. was told he didn't work there anymore and needed to leave but he refused and kept working so the authorities were called. Officer Duvall arrived and told M. he needed to leave but he replied he worked there several more times. Officer Duval placed my son in handcuffs and put him in his cruiser and M. had a mental melt down screaming and crying. Officer Duvall realized my son was in mental distress and instead of using force to calm him, showed compassion and empathy allowing M. to calm down. Once he became calm, Officer Duvall called his mom instead of arresting him.


Art Acevedo

I would just like to thank Chief Acevedo for speaking out against Police Brutality and for stressing the importance of Voting. It is an honor to know that Chief Acevedo is a man of such integrity. I salute him and thank him for his leadership. God Bless Chief Acevedo and his family. The city of Houston is lucky to have him watching their backs.


Officer LaFountain

I’ve wanted to write a letter or something for a while now. Officer LaFountain was responding officer the night after I was strangled by my then – boyfriend in September 2019. After three hours of trying to meet someone on a busy Friday night, I am so glad he was the one to show up. He listened to my story and gently led me through questions about the incident, eventually asking if I wanted to move forward into charges. I was so torn, and lot of people ask “why doesn’t she just leave?!” but he addressed me as I was, toward the reality of my broken mindset. He never became frustrated, and never wavered in an empathetic professionally that has impacted me deeply. As the process wore after this, I understood why victims drop charges. Why it’s too much trouble. But the care I received that first night I reported it made every difference. It made me feel like my life was worth fighting for. Thank you, Officer LaFountain and Houston Police Department.


Art Acevedo

I have been reading and watching news videos of comments made by Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo regarding the current national and international demonstrations prompted by the recent George Floyd murder. He is demonstrating true leadership. His definition of the role of police officers is commendable. I'm sharing his remarks and interview video from CNN with everyone I know around the United States, Cuba, and France. He makes me feel hopeful during this sad time. Houston is fortunate to have this community leader.


Art Acevedo

Simply put, an outstanding interview on this morning’s NBC’s Today Show. Just outstanding. Made me proud to be a Houstonian.


Art Acevedo

I am a Captain in a very large, geographically, Sheriff’s Department in Southern California. Thank you for putting the Truth to Power. You got it right in how to deal with the community, by building bridges, not walls. Engaging, not destroying. Stay strong.


Art Acevedo

Dear Chief Acevedo,
Thank you so much for your strong rebuttal of President Trumps continual inflammatory rhetoric. Your words are right on the point and much needed now in America. I appreciate you very much for your timely words and ideas. Stay strong, and stay safe. Much love and admiration.


Officer Fite

I had to call the Houston Police Department from my home in Kansas City to ask them to break down my brother, DG’s, apartment door. Officer Fite and the EMT’s found brother unconscious in a diabetic coma. Throughout this ordeal Officer Fite was courteous and kind. If you’ve ever has to wait by the phone to hear news about a loved one, you will know how important it is to have the officer on the other end of the line treat you with respect and consideration. Officer Fite did all of that and more. He gave me updates and let me know to which hospital my brother was admitted and what his condition was. Officer is a credit to the Houston Police Department.


Two Officers on the Harbor patrol boat

I would like to give special thanks and appreciation to the two Officers that were on the Harbor patrol boat involved in a search for a missing windsurfer off Red Bluff Point. I had became separated from my board and could not swim to it because of leg cramps. Fortunately , I had a flotation vest on and after 2 1/2 hours made it to shore near El Jardin beach. Later, I received word that they had my windsurfing equipment, which I never expected to see again, for me to come pick it up in Seabrook. They certainly, didn't have to recover my equipment and I very much appreciate their efforts to do so, even though, I have decided it's time for me to retire from windsurfing and will be donating the equipment to a fellow windsurfer.These two officers, I wish I could remember their names, who were very professional and polite went out of their way to salvage my equipment desire an extra BIG THANK YOU!


Officer R. Thompson

Family member (son) was suffering from alcohol withdrawal hallucionsis and I was unaware a call had been placed to 911 stating that the residence was being broken into on May 19, 2020. A number of officers arrived on scene and I explained to them what was going on. All officers who arrived were concerned and quite patient. Officer Thompson spoke with my son for a long time. He had officers check the residence to try to convince him there was no one in the house. They were trying to convince him to seek medical attention at a hospital but refused. Officer Thompson recognize the severity of the condition and the issue if he was left untreated. He called the fire department to have his vitals taken and my son finally agreed to go to the emergency room. I cannot commend all the officers enough for their thoughtfulness and consideration. Thank you.


Art Acevedo

Thank you! Chief Acevedo for your wise words for Christian Amanpour to President Trump to not speak if he has noting constructive today! We count on out police departments and appreciate their sacrifices! Be Safe!


Art Acevedo

Chief, I just read your comments on the murderer who killed the 80 year old grandma. Yes prayers is the only answer and I wanted to commend you for being brave enough to speak about it. Im sure as a police dept. you are doing everything physically in your power but crime is the direct result of sin and sin can only be overcome by prayer. Again thank you for praying for your city.


Officer J. Few & Officer M. Garcia

I wanted to thank these 2 officers for their kindness, compassion and professionalism in responding to a Wellness check for my friend on May1, 2020. They were to the pint and focuses on a good outcome throughout our interactions. They exhausted every possibility before they had to call their supervisors to " kick the door". They found my friend on the floor and immediately called HFD to transport her to the hospital. After she was taken care of they spent a few extra minutes securing the door frame so the house could be locked up and animals kept safe. I am so grateful to both of them and their supervisors. Their performance was outstanding. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


Sgt. A. Sanchez

Hello -
I would like to share a few words of appreciation and gratitude for Sgt. A. Sanchez due diligence she provided.
Sgt. Sanchez was assigned to the case from another investigator, and she did an amazing job investigating and gathering evidence in order to present to the DA's office. Sgt. Sanchez updated the complainants regularly with progression on the case. Her communication skills were effectively and professionally. She was highly detailed-oriented, and provided exceptionally due diligence in her investigation. We are extremely grateful for her and assisting our church with pressing criminal charges against the suspect.
It's not enough words to describe how helpful and appreciative we are for Sgt. Sanchez. Our wish for the next phase of the case would be that the DA's office would be just as helpful as Sgt. Sanchez has been. We hope we can get the same assistance and due diligence on this case to see justice.
Thank you Sgt. Sanchez, you have been a GREAT Help!


Officer A Qureshi

Dear Sirs,
I'm a Trustee at Islamic Propagation Foundation (IPF), a Not for Profit Organization, tending to the needs of the community. We at IPF have had the pleasure of working with officer A. Qureshi on many occasions for more than 5 years now. He has helped us with scheduling off-duty officers during our events, was there for us when we got robbed several times until the robbers were finally caught and sentenced, and lately with our food drives to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been the GoTo person whenever we had an emergency and provided proper advice and course of action.
We live in very difficult times and it sure feels safe to have a police officer that we can turn to in the time of need, and whom reflects the true values of the HPD. Thank you all for all that you do and for keeping us all safe.


Officer A Qureshi

I have known Asim as a friend for almost 12 years. He is a very responsible and trustworthy individual and has helped the community numerous times on several matters. During this time that we have known each other, he has always shown a great deal of enthusiasm towards his work/duty and has acted as an honest & dedicated officer. He is a great team player, a dependable office and portrays a high moral character.


I Asad

I can’t remember the officer’s name, either Officer Asad or Officer Alston. Anyway, I appreciate your fast response. You were very professional and friendly in dealing with my family emergency. You were very patient and understanding and a great listener. Because of your professional service as an officer, I feel that I have a service leader in my community that I can trust and rely on if in need. Thank you for your service.


Houston Police Department

I would like to personally thank the entire Houston Police department for their principled stand of NOT following unconstitutional orders to arrest or ticket law abiding citizens. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless each and every one of you and your families. The city of Houston, Texas and all of the united States of America are deeply indebted to your integrity in service to your community and upholding your sworn duty to protect and serve the people and defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Again, God bless you all.
Yours in humble service to the Lord Jesus Christ, M.


Detective Gemmill

I wanted to commend one of your detectives who has continuously and vigorously assisted our community in an on going crime ring in the subdivision of sycamore valley. Detective Gemmill at the HPD Clear Lake sub station has shown leadership in your police force and has reduced crime in our area by exhibiting productive police work and investigations on a continual basis. She is consistent and always professional and I believe a perfect example of what a Houston Police Officer should represent.

We as a community residing in the subdivision of Sycamore Valley have been tormented by a group of gang members practicing organized crime . We are a community filled with hard working individuals including disabled veterans, police officers and teachers and so fourth. In the last few years we have been robbed of our liberties and victimized over and over again by the continuous gang members and drug addicts that have came and gone out of 606 Leicester Ln Houston Tx. Our children have seen gang fights in the streets with guns and weapons as they played in the front yard. Felons with fire arms have ran from police through our back yards. Our contractors working on our homes have had their vehicles burglarized in broad day light. We have woken up to guns being fire off in in the early morning hours.

Detective Gemmill and her tactical unit has been a saving grace for our community and our families. We trust daily she is in the area following up on all leads of criminal activate and we want to thank her and her supervisors for having her in the position that she is in. It is because of her and her team that we have seen a reduction of crime and can sleep at night.


Art Acevedo

Thank you for speaking out against Harris County Judge Hidalgo’s recent attempt to release of inmates due to COVID- 19 during the press conference on April 17, 2020. Thank you for speaking up for crime victims like me. I lost my brother, Officer Guy Gaddis, after he was killed in the line of duty. The pain is still real, especially when I see the daughter (and now grand-daughter_ he never got to meet, Your words that day during the press conference helped to uphold his honor and sacrifice.


Officer King & Officer Thomas

On March 12, 2020, I began having car trouble while driving and started driving toward my mechanic, however at the intersection of West Gray and Shepherd Rd, my car completely stopped running. I was in the middle of a busy road and trying to wave cars around me when Officers King and Thomas pulled up in a patrol vehicle together. I hadn't called police, but they offered to help as best they could. Officers King and Thomas parked behind me and activated their lights so that cars were able to safely navigate around while my car was stalled in the middle of the road. At the same time, my phone died and the Officers offered me assistance and helped me charge my phone so that i could get a tow truck to take my car to the shop. Officers King and Thomas were exceptionally friendly and waited behind my vehicle until the tow truck arrived - which took over an hour. I was in the middle of a stressful situation and they were understanding, patient, and exceptionally kind. The situation would have been exponentially more stressful without them.


Officer Lozano & Officer Adejoken

My boyfriend Adam suffered a mental health crisis and yesterday two wonderful officers responded to my call for help. I want to recognize Officer Paul Lozano and Officer Tina Adejoken for how kind, patient, soft spoken, and informative they were. They made my boyfriend feel safe and heard, and supported us through triage and the beginning of his wellness journey. I know this is a very difficult time for a lot of people, and especially those of us together on the front lines that risk their own health to help others, so id like them to know that we are very grateful for their sacrifices and selflessness, from the bottom of our hearts.


HPD Officer with K-9 driving unit # 129

HPD Officer with K-9 driving unit # 129. I would like to give that Officer and his K-9 recognition for a job well done. I believe that incident turned out as well as it did because of the K-9. The suspect failed to obey the officers commands, continue to evade arrest, and only understood the language of the K-9 because only then did he surrender. I watched the entire chase live on You Tube "A chase underway in Houston" https://abc13.com/6004574/ I would recommend watching the video and I would also like to say that all the officers did a great job. Job Well Done! The lesson learned: Some suspects only understand the language of a K-9.


Officer Smith

I had an opportunity to meet Officer S. Smith. I have a mental breakdown. She went above her ability to address and give me pacification during this event. I SINCERELY WHANT HER TO BE RECOGNIZED FOR HER CARE, AND COMPASSION. Ive contacting several vehicles that might be able to give the recommendations that your department includes in job performance and the recognition from human services. Please allow this to be recognized by authority, thanking her.
With extreme gratitude. Thank you.


All involved

Sir, I just want to thank the Houston Police Department during our visit to the International Convention of Jehovah’s witness for taking good care of us. This was my first visit to the US so I didn’t know what to expect, we made friends and have been invited back, when I return one of the first things I do is shake the hand of the first office I get a chance to. I would like you to pass this to all involved, so when it happens they will know that they are appreciated.
Thank you.


Good Job

My husband and I were carjacked Sunday morning. The work that the police officers did for us was unbelievable. People call to complain – but rarely do people call to say good job. I felt compelled to send an email for a few reasons. Number one – the police officers were on the scene within 90 seconds of us calling 911. They caught and apprehended the suspects and had us back to our vehicle within 15 – 20 minutes of when the crime happened. Number two – we are a black couple – living in a predominately black area of town. When we got to the where our vehicle was there were many officers on the scene and not one of them were black. Yet, they treated us with the utmost respect. With the condition of race relations between officers and blacks – I felt it was necessary to call out these officers for the respect they showed us and for the way they quickly acted on our behalf. These are white officers working in a black beat and I know they put up with a lot – so they deserve to get a job well done and get recognition.


Officer M. Lurch

Officer Lurch actually issued a citation for one of the two illegally park cars in front of my home in Kingwood. This is the only time in over a year any HPD officer/city worker has actually provided me a service i could see that is not routine. I do appreciate any help i can get.


Officers Briley, Gilliam, and K9 Officer J Haggerton

We would like to thank Officers Briley, Gilliam, and K9 Officer J Haggerton for their compassion and understanding on New Year’s Eve while dealing with our autistic son and his subsequent arrest at the Bush Intercontinental Airport. It was very traumatizing experience for all involved and we appreciate their kindness.


Officer Valencia

We would like to commend Officer Valencia for the kindness, patience and compassion that he showed my family at the death of my father. We are very appreciative of the way he handled the entire situation. He is a good example of what you want to see in an HPD officer.


Officer A. J. Hadley

Officer Hadley responded to a rear – ended collision on I – 45 North, inner- most lane on Friday afternoon. He was a very welcome and calm force in the midst of chaos. He blocked traffic while I and the vehicle that hit me from behind exited the freeway. He had a smooth, calm demeanor while gathering the citizen information from both parties. Please pass along my thanks for his skills and for him responding to my incident. I hope that he receives his due recognition for having excellent personal and professional skills.


Chief Acevedo

I've had a note to contact you for several weeks now. I saw the news clip containing your statement regarding gun control and it touched me deeply. It must be very difficult to cope with the losses you've had to endure because of our anemic gun control laws here in the U.S. Thank You for speaking out! Thank You for your public service!