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Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference

Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Officer N. Anderson

Officer Anderson is exemplary as a police officer. The department is truly lucky to have an amazing person willing to advise and help others like myself. I am truly looking forward to see her future accomplishments with HPD.

- E.M.

Officer M. Castiloto

I saw a Tik Toc video of this officer handling a complaint in a Walmart where an associate had the store call to have a customer trespassed because they felt "uncomfortable and scared" because the customer got too close to them. This could have turned into something worse were it not for this officer have the good sense to de-escalate this situation and come to a positive resolution. I believe this officer showed tremendous restraint and good judgement instead of just trespassing the customer for no good reason. Thank you to her. There are good stories of officers and they should be applauded just as the stories of those that show bad judgment.

- B. T.


I am from Cleveland, Ohio and was in Houston this past weekend visiting a friend and going to football games. On Sunday around 4PM, I was arriving at Bush in my Lyft ride when the Driver noticed I wasn't looking right. I felt a seizure coming on, and had him look for the nearest Police Officer who was standing by a wheelchair and drop me off with him just in case anything went wrong.

The Officer kindly welcomed me to have a seat, and immediately everything went black. I woke-up 26 hours later in the hospital in Humble, apparently having had 6 seizures over the course of that time. I have absolutely no idea what the Officer's name was, but really want to reach out and thank him for saving my life. I'm sure that you have a policy about not giving his contact information out, but you could certainly give him mine and let him know that I would very much like to speak with him please.

- B. H.


Hello, I do not have the officers name, i was at IAH around 11PM A terminal arrivals American Airlines. It had been a very long day traveling, when my husband arrived to pick me up, we ended up with a dead battery. Just poor timing. While airport associates had little patience while we worked on getting it jumped, this gentleman was very patient. He called for further assistance and we were able to jump it, but being airport traffic it took a little while. ALL of my kids were in the car, sweating and very tired. He was so very nice, spoke to my youngest (2 years old) who just adores police officers, and was very kind while I was stressed out and frazzled. I hope you are able to find this gentleman and tell him thank you for us. I was expecting someone with little patience, who would tow us away immediately. i would have had a bill I couldn’t afford and been a real mess trying to get home. His compassion and understanding for sometimes things happen, really stuck with me. Thanks for helping us get home, general kindness should be something passed around a little more often and he is doing that one day at a time.

- R.E.


We have been having problems with some threatening homeless people camping in the park in front of our home. The officers today moved them along and were so informative and helpful when discussing what we can do in the future. They were also very kind to my nervous daughter, giving her some Star Wars stickers which made her so happy! Thank you for being so kind to my daughter and making us feel safer in our home.

- N. M.

Officer C. Shannon

Officer Charles Shannon, responded to a motor vehicle accident. He remained in control of the scene and listened to all parties with any concerns and seemed very level minded. He was calm, cool and collected when the scene was quite chaotic. He showed great leadership qualities that we can all learn from.

- D.F.


Three officers arrived promptly at our home when our phone gave off an indicator that our garage door had been opened around 12am but no one in our home had opened the garage door. They arrived promptly and checked everything thoroughly and were very courteous. I felt very bad that it was a false alarm and nothing was found, but so impressed at their speed and thoroughness in checking everything and being polite and professional. I also want to thank the dispatcher who was extremely kind when I was in a panic and remained on the phone with me until the police were at the front door. Thank you all!

- J. R.

Officer H. Ahmed and R. Escalona

After a trailer wheel failure leaving the boat trailer I was towing unusable and immediately next to the flow of traffic with a small margin on the side, the officers put their vehicle behind me partially blocking the lane to make me safe working with the tow driver. They stayed there until we could clear the area. They were calm, professional, and it was clear they wanted to help me with a terrible situation. I couldn't thank them enough for putting themselves in the line of fire so we could be safe. You have a couple of great officers here. Thanks to both of them very much.

- R.V.

Officer Brennan and Officer Cuccia

After being rear-ended in the middle of I10 on Friday at noon, Officers Brennan and Cuccia arrived on scene along with HFD. While there were no injuries and the scene was quickly cleared with the help of a tow truck, no one would have blamed them had they been hurried or ready to move on with their day. It was well over 100 degrees that afternoon and the sun was unrelenting. But both Officers were incredibly professional, thorough, and understanding and went above and beyond to make sure everyone was safe and calm. The young driver who rear-ended me was understandably shaken but Cuccia made sure he was alright and understanding of the situation. Officer Brennan was the officer I interacted with most and he was as professional and helpful as could be. I appreciated his calm demeanor and thorough explanations of what would happen next and went so far as to offer some friendly advice on how best to handle the situation. In a time when most find a reason to be critical of law enforcement, I was proud to see two officers on duty demonstrating the best of HPD and, honestly, all-around good human beings. Thank you to both of them for their help and I hope the Department will continue to develop and deploy more officers like Officers Brennan and Cuccia.

- R.W.

Officer Mulcahey

Officer Mulcahey responded when I called 911 asking for police to be sent due to an ex who had been stalking me for 9 months. He has responded several times but was never able to catch this guy who continued to torment me. I communicated to Officer Mulcahey that I felt like I was going to be murdered if this guy wasn’t caught and stopped. Officer Mulcahey took my plea seriously. Within minutes of him leaving from my first call that day the stalker returned screaming at my door saying, “Your (storm) windows won’t protect you and your door won’t protect you, I can get in there if I want to get in there. You want war with me; I will give you war an invisible war. I know everything you do.” I was terrified that he would force his way in before the police could return but I called 911 again and reported that the stalker had returned. Officer Mulcahey returned quickly with additional officers just seconds before my ex was about to leave again. They made the arrest. If Officer Mulcahey hadn’t taken my plea seriously, I don’t know that I would be alive to write this. I commend Officer Mulcahey for his efforts and the other two officers that were with him who helped make the arrest. So many times, these situations aren’t taken seriously until someone is murdered so I would like you to please recognize Officer Mulcahey for saving my life and getting this man off this street. Thank you.

- A.I.

Officer D. Perez and Officer V. Vu

My husband and I were involved in an auto accident at San Felipe and Fountain View that was enough for our airbags to deploy in our Subaru. Officers Perez and Vu responded quickly and were very kind and understanding in a situation that was quite upsetting for us. As a career school teacher, I understand not always receiving gratitude for the things we do, so I wanted the officers to know that I really appreciated their time, willingness to answer questions, and everything they did to help us with this stressful situation.

- S. H.

Officer J. Patrick

On the wat to pick up my son and his wife at IAH, I hit something in the road and blew out my tire. I had pulled into the first place I could find out of traffic to assess the damage. It was bad. The officer stopped to see if I was okay. It was going to be at least an hour and a half wait for road side assistance. He led me to a safer place and change the tire for me in the hundred degree heat laying on the scorching hot pavement. It was no easy job. I wanted to give him something for all of his trouble but he wouldn’t take anything. Thanks to this gentleman, I picked up my kids and got home to my husband and grandbaby safely that day.

- K.F.

Officer Oliphant and his partner

We are the property managers for the property at Fairland Dr. There was a major accident at the intersection on Fairland. What I witnessed was probably 2 of the most compassionate officers I have ever seen. Yes, they had to do their job. But the officers stayed at the scene long after just to console one of the young drivers who was still in his teens. Officers like them in the community aren't seen as a threat, but welcomed members of the community. We need more officers who aren't just there to write tickets and arrest people and the compassion showed by these two officers that day was a beautiful thing to see especially these days when there are those purposely trying to politicize and divide members of the community and police officers. Please make sure these 2 officers are recognized. They absolutely deserve it.

- L.M.

Officer B. Sweatt

I would like to commend Sergeant Sweatt for the excellent work he is doing facilitating the Citizen's Police Academy. His dedication to the program is doing a lot to build the relationship and trust between the department and community. Knowledgeable, passionate, and personable, Sweatt represents the very best of the Houston Police Department.

- D.C.

Officer Negrete and Officers Osorto

I would like to thank Officer Negrete and Officer Osorto for working this theft of electricity case for me on 5/24/23. I am a Revenue Protection Rep for Centerpoint Energy and I contacted Sgt. Simon to see if he could assist with this case. He assigned these two fine Officers to work this case with me and they did awesome job getting theft charges in this case and were able to arrest two suspects. These officers were very professional in the way they handled them self in the field. I look forward in working with Officer Negrete and Officer Osorto in the future. Thanks Houston Police Department for being there when we need help in theses matters.

- K.P.

Officer A. Meola

Police Officer Anthony Meola volunteered his time to visit The Rise School of Houston, an early childhood education center, catered to also caring for children with special needs. He shared what it means to be a police officer and showed his heart in wanting to keep everyone safe. He brought his shop along and allowed the students to sit in the back and "attempt" to break open handcuffs. After he passed along Junior Officer stickers to each student, he told them if they want to become a police officer when they grow older, they need to eat healthy as the students departed for snack time. Officer A. Meola is always welcome to share his safety and care with the community!
Thank you SO much, and thank you Officer Anthony Meola!

- S.A.

Officer D. Lawrence

Officer D. Lawrence, with very short notice prepared and completed a downtown safety/security presentation to over 200 Chevron interns. He was prepared, interacted extremely well with the group of young professionals, and added significant value to the effort. He should be commended for his professionalism, presentation skills. Chevron would like to thank him for his service to our community.

- M. S.

HPD Solo Officer

As I was turning from 1500 Lubbock onto Houston Avenue, an motorcycle officer across the street flipped on every light and siren of his to get my attention and keep me out of the intersection. A car without headlights was speeding south down Houston Avenue, ran a red light, and would have t-boned me and sent me rolling down the Houston Avenue ramp. The officer took off after the car, but without his warning it would have been a horrible accident. Unsure how to know which motorcycle division officer it was (there can't be that many), but I was shaken by the event and eternally grateful.

- L.L.

Sgt. M. Cabrera

Sgt Cabrera assisted me by providing process-related insight into procedures involving motor vehicle accidents. This information provided significant peace of mind and helped guide family decision making. Her guidance directly contributed to gaining evidence resulting in the dismissal of the traffic citation. Her efforts and willingness to help reflect great credit upon herself and the Houston Police Department.

- E. O.

Officer Lui

Responding officers went above and beyond to secure my residence. The made me feel safe and respected. They handled the person attempting to enter my home with efficiency and showed a significant understanding of the psychological and legal remedies available. I am so proud and honored to have such knowledgeable and professional officers in my community,

- V. M.

Officer F. Parton

I would like to thank Officer Parton from the Northwest Division for hosting me for a ride along on 5/6/23. It was great to learn about what officers go through on a daily basis from someone as experienced, knowledgeable, and kind as Officer Parton. This program is invaluable for breaking down the stereotypes that surround the police officer profession. I am grateful to HPD for allowing me to participate in this program and for Officer Parton's willingness to host me. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

- D. C.

Officer C. King

I had the opportunity to complete a ride along with officer King from Central Station as part of my CPA class #73 requirements. Officer King exemplified the most professional and courteous service that I have ever seen displayed any police officer. His actions are indicative of the high level of training and knowledge from years as a patrol officer. He was always respectful and understanding when conducting police business with citizens. I even noted that he is greatly respected by his peers for his solid work while patrolling his beat. I feel better knowing such a fine officer is patrolling and keeping the streets safe where my parents live.

- J. S.

K9 Moxie

I would like to submit an officer commendation but I don't know the officer's name. I do know that he is Canine Officer Moxie's handler. We had a wonderful encounter with the officer & Moxie in the Jax restaurant parking lot on May 2, 2023. The whole experience was very inspiring. If you could please tell me the officer's name for the commendation, I would really appreciate it. I also wish to request a photo of Moxie, if at all possible.

Thank you, - J. K.

Officers M. Bueno and B. Kaya

I was truly grateful for both Officer Bueno and Officer Kaya to arrive at my location. They were extremely thoughtful, informative, and made sure that all of my questions and concerns where addressed. Though my situation was relatively minor, it was very important that they were thorough in their explanation, and make sure that I understand the next steps. I am so thankful for the way in which they treated me. I truly felt like a member of the Police Department, and appreciate how helpful they were last night.

- J.B.

Sgt. P. Noel, Officers E. Curiel and Y. Kamdem

On Saturday morning, an aggressive and mentally unstable homeless man was assaulting the security guard at Discovery Green. The security guard was injured. Thomas then assaulted me and a yoga attendee. These officers tracked Thomas down, made certain that the right charges were filed against him, and communicated clearly with me. Officer Noel stayed in contact with me until he was in custody. Their communication made me feel better about the situation as it is very disconcerting to have this man roaming around downtown Houston assaulting others.

- D. H.

Officers Nelson and Rosales

Officers Nelson and Rosales I was a by stander that was helping out with an accident on Hwy 290 when Officers Nelson and Rosales arrived. Both Officers were very professional and kind to all parties. They made sure that everyone was well and got the vehicles off the road as fast as they could. It is not very often Police officers get recognized for doing their job and I just wanted to recognize both of these officers for their professionalism. Thank you for everything you do.

- J. R.

Officers Robles and Valencia

Officer Robles was working as security for our team while on outreach. An incident occurred and Officer Robles was quick to act and provided safety for the team. His quick and confident actions were greatly appreciated. Officer Valencia stayed with the team while Robles dealt with the individual. His presence and information was helpful and important and appreciated by the team. We thank you greatly!!!!

-     L.G.

Detective R. Collins

I was a victim of identity theft in 2021 and reported this to the HPD. The case did not move at all, and a year later there was no progress whatsoever. I was not very happy with this but then my case was transferred to Detective Collins and immediately everything changed. Detective Collins has been a true professional toward me and toward this case. He is methodical and thorough in his search for evidence and he has been very patient with me. I am so grateful to him for his ongoing communication regarding updates on the case, and how willing he is to answer emails and address my questions. He is a genuinely nice guy who took this small case and put it all together so that now it is before the DA. I have nothing but admiration, respect, and gratitude for Detective Collins' work on my behalf and want to formally thank him for his efforts.

-     G.G.

Officer Ogden

I am writing to commend Officer Ogden for his outstanding response to a trespassing incident at my home. In the AM hours, my camera showed an unfamiliar person lurking in my backyard and heading towards my door. Feeling frightened and vulnerable, I immediately called the police for assistance. Within minutes, Officer Ogden arrived on the scene and took charge of the situation with utmost professionalism and care. He quickly assessed the situation and ensured that I was safe and secure in my home. He then proceeded to create an incident report, thoroughly checking the perimeter of my property and taking note of any potential hazards or threats. Throughout the entire ordeal, Officer Ogden displayed, exceptional Communication skills, keeping me informed of his actions and ensuring that I was awe of the situation at all times. He also went above and beyond by providing me with valuable advice and tips on how to better secure my property in the future give me Peace of Mind and a greater sense of security. Thanks to Officer Ogden's timely and thorough response, I felt safe and protected during a very unsettling incident. Knowing that an officer on duty during critical hours showed his utmost dedication to his job and commitment to the safety and well-being of citizens like myself is truly commendable and I feel fortunate to have Such a capable and carrying officer serving my community. I am grateful for his service and would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for his excellent work.

-     M. E.

Officer Ibarra

Officer Ibarra was extremely helpful with addressing my partner's auto theft incident. After being redirected to multiple persons within the Department, Officer Ibarra showed compassion and humanity for the stress and circumstances that we were enduring. I am a Captain with Harris County Emergency Services. As one public servant to another, I cannot express the appreciation I feel that Officer Ibarra took a crisis for my partner and helped to explain the process and steps to take to rectify the situation. Officer Ibarra is to be commended for expressing the ideals of a public servant.

-     J.C.

Officer M. L.

Officer Booker was very quick to respond to the call, once she arrived, she worked very quickly and efficiently. After everything was done, she stayed at the scene until someone came to pick me up. Thank you, Officer Booker - I couldn't have asked for a better officer to respond!

-     M. R.

C. McDuell

Ms. McDuell has been essential in assisting Houston ISD in recovering several Houston ISD IT devices from the HPD Property Room. She's always very helpful and goes above and beyond for the students of Houston ISD.

-     C.Y.

Detective T. Butler

On behalf of Gap Inc, I would like to personally thank Houston Police Detective Butler for all that he has done in his efforts to investigate and combat ORC thefts at our Gap Inc. stores in Houston, TX. His professionalism, knowledge and leadership while investigating ORC groups and thefts continually surpass our expectations. Our store management teams at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic know that they will be treated with the utmost care and attention by Det. Butler. Organized Retail Crime Groups are continually targeting stores across Texas and rest of the nation in this Low Risk, High Profitably crime. The actual impact of ORC at Gap Inc. far exceeds $25 million and is a $69 billion epidemic within the retail industry. Gap Inc. realizes the importance of partnering with Law Enforcement and I want to make sure the efforts and outstanding police work of Det. Butler is recognized.

-     K. O.

Officer Teran

Thank you very much to Officer Teran, who listened carefully when we described how another driver refused to share car insurance information after a car accident. He was professional, attentive, and caring, and we were able to resolve the accident with his help. Officers like him make our community safer and better. Thank you so much for your help.

-     N.T.

Officer Lindsey

I would like to make it known and personally thank Officer Lindsey for going above and beyond the minimum duty he had to take an assault report and offer recognition for the amount of compassion, understanding, and concern he showed towards my friend while being thoughtful of her physical and mental wellbeing. I am sure that great police officers, like Officer Lindsey, are well-versed in the psychological components and mindset of many women who find themselves in similar situations and I cannot stress enough how important it is for these women, who have been victims of domestic violence, to be treated with kindness and respect after such traumatic event. Further, in her case, it was profound for my friend to hear Officer Lindsey's words (from a "man" holding a position of authority) when he emphasized that there was absolutely no reason a man should assault, threaten, coerce, or intimidate a woman, even if one or both parties are under the influence of alcohol or in any other situation. I am optimistic that my friend will have the strength to continue with the strict 'No Contact' rule with her abuser which may not have been favorable without the assistance of Officer Lindsey. This is just a small reminder and example that police officers do make positive impacts on others' lives.

-     S.R.

Officer Lawson

My sister was at the Houston Rodeo Bites event on Sunday. As she was leaving, she fell down. Officer Lawson helped her up to her feet and make sure that she was OK. She noted that my sister appeared ill. Since my sister was leaving the event alone and utilizing an Uber get home, she was worried for her safety. She used my sisters phone to call me directly! She apprised me of the situation and told me what the best plan of action should be to get my sister home safely. She spoke to me for 20 minutes while the Uber driver was trying to reach the pickup spot. She made sure that my sister got into the Uber and that I was aware of the Uber driver's name and the car he was driving to ensure that nothing would to happen to her. My sister made it home safely and I cannot thank Officer Lawson enough. Although she appeared intoxicated, I checked her vitals and her glucose when she arrived home. She was hypotensive and hypoglycemic. Had Officer Lawson not intervened, my sister could have suffered a medical catastrophe. Officer Lawson saved her that night with her assessment and response. We are in her debt.

-     M.F.

Officer Gentry

I was in a relatively minor car accident on 2/8/23. I called the HPD to report the incident and Officer Gentry was the HPD representative that came out to manage the situation and write up the cases. She was immediately concerned, friendly, courteous and a pleasure to interact with. Police officers have an extremely challenging role to play in our communities and I feel that Officer Gentry demonstrated all of the traits that a build trust between the community and those that are meant to protect it. Thanks so much Officer Gentry!

-     C.M.

Officer A. Forsgren

Last week I was helping a friend who is newly arrived to the United States from Russia to report a crime. She and her children were walking home from school when a woman literally ran into them with her car and struck them. We went to the Regency Square substation to report what happened. There were several people in front of us, so we waited there for a while. While we were there, I witnessed Officer Allen Forsgren, who patiently took down three different reports from community members. One didn't speak English, and I heard Officer Forsgren speaking Spanish to the lady. She was frightened because she had received a call from someone who was trying to scam her and told her she had a warrant out for her arrest, and wanted payment. Officer Forsgren was extremely patient, listened to her fears, and to make her feel better, checked on any warrants. She and her family (who was with her) left feeling a lot better. He communicated in Spanish, which I don't think is his native language, so that tells me he took the time to learn Spanish to better serve the community. The interaction that really got my attention and is the main reason for my writing this email was when a woman came in who was clearly mentally ill. She had a long statement typed and was reading it to the officer. He listened patiently and carefully, treated her with utmost respect, and did not dismiss her concerns as many others would have. I was very impressed. I wanted you to know what a credit to the Houston community you have in Officer Forsgren . Officer Forsgren took the time to try to find a Russian speaking officer who could translate for my friend's statement. Ultimately, a Russian speaking couple happened to come in who helped translate so it worked out well, but I wanted to thank him for taking that extra step to help.

-     G.M.

Officer Nguyen

I got into a minor car crash on a major street. I was very confused since I had never got into a car accident before. Officer Nguyen arrived on the scene and efficiently sorted out the situation. He led the steps in a very professional and understanding way, explaining with great patience to ensure that I was fully cognizant of all the procedures. He even made sure that I take a photograph of the slips that were being issued. A small but very thoughtful gesture that I appreciate a lot in hindsight. I am grateful for his professional service and well informed guidance, although this is probably a very unremarkable incident From the police's point of view, I will certainly remember this for a very long time as this was my first interaction with HPD. Thank you, Officer Nguyen.

-     D.K.

Officer Smith

Officer Smith responded to our 911 call immediately (within 5 to 6 minutes). She was extremely professional, poise, calm, brave, and all around amazing. Within minutes, she located the man who was trespassing and attempting to open our doors. She successfully apprehended the man and provided incident number with me so my neighbors can contribute with additional video footages as well. We as a neighborhood would like to thank her and her fellow officers for their tenacity and bravado.

-     S.S.

Officer P. Passewe

I would like to recognize Officer Prince Passewe. On February 6, I reached out to Officer Passewe since he was the responding officer to a non-responsive person in a hotel room. I'm the individual's supervisor and we work for Chevron in Midland, TX. The individual was in Houston for a training class. Officer Passewe was very professional, compassionated and answered all my questions. Once I provided emergency contact information to Office Passewe, I asked him to let me know when the next of kin notification was made. Office Passewe reached out to me a couple of hours later to let me know the notification had been made. I truly appreciated his professionalism and compassion during a difficult time.

-     J.S

Officer D. Roberts

I was unconscious when he rescued me on Friday. My mom was able to fill me in on all the details that I missed when I was unconscious. I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much. Thank you for easing my parents worries, and for speaking with them on the phone. They said that he was so nice. Thank you for saving me when I was unconscious and alone. Thank you for letting me go and for being patient with me when I was disrespectful. I don't remember much, and I know I was not being myself on the parts that I do remember. But I am so thankful that you were able to give me this opportunity to learn from my mistakes. All the best.

-     K. P.

Lieutenant Yiu

Westside command and traffic are to be thanked for establishing radar speed control on Kirkwood just south of Buffalo Bayou. They are making a difference and are very much appreciated. I wave at the officer daily. They are the same team that helped with slowing down traffic at the School Zone on Memorial by Meadowood Elementary.

-     K. N.

Sgt. Bennett & Wiggins

Sgt. Bennett and Wiggins assisted me when I hit a pothole causing two flat tires on Dixie Farm Rd. They changed my tire, followed me to Discount Tire, and waited to ensure they could help. When they learned my tire could not be immediately fixed, they were willing to drive me to my son's home nearby. My son is retired HPD and my daughter in law is a Lieutenant, but they were still downtown when this happened. I greatly appreciate Sgt. Bennett and Sgt. Wiggins' swift action, going above and beyond to ensure this almost 83 year old was safe. They deserve to be recognized for their speedy action and assistance.-

- N. R.

Officer Sabota

I wanted to commend Sr. Officer James Sabota on his continued partnership with H-E-B and our LP/Security Division and his most recent time he spent with a group of HEB store leaders. On 1/12/23 Officer Sabota was requested to attend a "new leader" training and provide his expert perspective on "personal safety awareness". Officer Sabota spoke to our group, educating them on police partnerships, personal awareness and "what to do" if involved in specific incidents. His valuable insight garnered great interaction with the leaders and I have no doubt all of our safety awareness was improved on that day. All the leaders could see his passion around public safety. Officer Sabota also spoke to the importance of citizen, business and HPD partnerships and how that can improve the overall safety of the city. Thank you to Officer Sabota for his time, expertise and continued partnerships with HEB.

- B. T. (HEB)