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Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference

Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Sgt. Dinh & Officer Kasierski

Sgt Dinh and officer Kasierski from south Gessner evening patrol have done an outstanding job with assisting the public and helping out with my case

- M.K.

Officer Albizuri & Officer Ortega

These officers from the evening shift at south Gessner did an outstanding job when they arrived on scene they were professional, courteous and got the job done.

- M.K.

Officer James Sabota

Officer Sobota continues to exhibit compassion, humility, leadership and consistency of community service to Houston's hearing loss community and greater Houston.

- V.S.

Officer Russell Gray

HPD Officer Russell Gray should be commended for excellent character and service to the public during the 2022 Citywide Club Thanksgiving SuperFeast. Yesterday afternoon while things were winding down and people were leaving, he graciously helped someone secure an Uber ride home at his own expense. As a SuperFeast volunteer, I was thinking about calling an Uber for this person but Officer R. Gray put that thought into action, then followed through by directing her to the Uber cab when it arrived. I was so touched by his valor that I offered to pray for him so God would continue to bless and protect him. Officer R. Gray represents many of Houston's Finest 1st responders and I think he deserves the honor and respect due to him as a role model for other officers.

- A.W.

Officer Rubio

On 11/17/2022, my mom and I were involved in a car accident on the freeway, where the drive who hit us from behind fled the scene. Officer Rubio was very thorough in making sure every detail was documented. He made sure I was ok because I was in emotional distress and showed my mom and I kindness in various ways. His biggest act of kindness was waiting with is until our transportation arrived because were in a and part of town. This meant so much to both of us.

- M. R.

Officer Atkinson

Unbeknown to me, my wife had driven one of our cars to Houston to go to our old house in Westchester subdivision. She has memory problems and got lost. I have an OBD2 tracker. as a guide, Officer Atkinson found her and called me. I drove my other car to Houston to get my wife of 60 years home safely. Officer Atkinson needs to be commended, in his judgment of wife's condition she is 84, his patience, and ability to get my wife off the street to one of the commercial's parking lots, and keep his vehicle lights on so I would see him in the dark and rainy night. My wife was very distraught and not stable at the time. I am 87, and had 30+ years in the oil patch, in many types of jobs. Officer Atkinson is the kind of man I wanted on my team.

- G. L.

Officer Camacho

Erika Camacho is an excellent police officer, from doing her job in protecting this city to teaching others to do the same. As a ride along for the Citizens' Police Academy, Officer Camacho allowed me to observe her interactions with the citizens while also placing the confidence and independence in me to interact as appropriate. She was kind and straightforward and very encouraging. If policing is in my future, she would take a lot of credit to get me there!

- S. A.

Officer Steven Santos

My name is Shiomara Cruz known as Shae. I was in a ride a long on November 4, 2022 with Steven Santos Southwest district. I just want to say he is a great officer. He was so informative and very professional about his job. Thank you for all u do.

- S. C.

Officer CE Heaven

My elderly mother thought she could take my 3 young children to the Astros parade today. She got overheated and needed help. Police Office CE Heaven got my mom & children into a pedi cab & paid for it. I am so thankful for him! I would love the opportunity to send him an genuine thank you along with a small gift to repay him for his extreme kindness.

- A. R.

Officer Brooks

Hi my name is Jennifer and last night we and my mom were traveling back home to Phoenix, AZ and we were leaving the shuttle service at Dallas Lovefield airport and before it was too late we noticed that my jacket with my phone and wallet were gone needless to say I was VERY upset and Officer William Brooks took notice that me and my mom were both in destress and even though he was working overtime that night he took the time to repeatedly call my cell to see if anyone who may have picked up the phone would answer. Unfortunately my jacket wasn't found by our return flight home but I was so touched by Officer's Brooks actions that I think he should be acknowledge for his service beyond the call of duty he didn't have to investigate why I was upset but I'm so touched he did. A very appreciative visitor to Texas.

- J.A.

Officer T. Bello

I had a ride along on November 4th, 2022 from 15:00 to 23:00 at Westside location with Officer Trevor Bello. I am writing this to appreciate Officer Bello's work. Throughout the ride along, he had done his job professionally and walked me through a lot of process and scenarios. I mentioned I am about to submit my application to join HPD soon, he explained most of the necessary information. He did not only show me what being a police officer is, but also how to talk to people, how to pass along positive energy and positive vibe. For dinner, we drove through a fast food restaurant, the weather was cloudy and it was about to rain. There was a restaurant employee outside taking orders, Officer Bello talked to the employee in such a nice manner and also asked her if they are planning on going inside since it is about to start raining. From that genuine gesture, he taught me how to give people good feelings and thoughts about police officers. He was so mindful of my safety and other people's the entire time. I hope success for officer Bello and all other officers working day and night to protect people and leave an impact on society and the world. HPD should be proud of having officers like Officer Bello.

- S. H.

Officer J. Miranda

This was a mental health call for a person in a state of psychosis. Miranda and his partner with the utmost efficiency, compassion and a stellar gentle nature detained this agitated and distressed man taking him to the hospital. These two guys are everything you want to see between law enforcement connecting with the community. I have a masters of science in Criminal Justice and these two guys hit it out of the park with following procedures, asking the right questions and ensuring safety for all parties involved. These two are exemplary city employees that handled a very stressful and possibly dangerous situation with exceptional skill and delicate care. They instinctively knew exactly how to handle a mental health crisis call. Seriously, these two guys need to commended on their service, they surpassed every professional and personal expectation of dealing with a person suffering from mental illness. Miranda's partner took control and the entire process took under three minutes from the time they arrived, assessed, detained, and departure.

- T. B.

Officer A. Warley & Officer D. Cook

I wanted to thank these officers for helping me today at my accident in Katy. The lady officer made me so calm and I really appreciated it. I forgot to tell her to be safe when I left. I will pray for her everyday because of the way she treated me.

- K. M.

Officer H. Higgins

Officer Higgins pulled up and assisted with a woman who we found wondering the streets with no clothing. I work street outreach with Coalition for the Homeless Houston and today we came up a women who was clearly distressed and in crisis.
She was attempting to enter into a building and had no clothing on. We pulled up (myself and other outreach team) to offer assistance and call for medical help. The woman was not aware of her surroundings but I managed to put a blanket around her for her dignity and usher her into our car to calm her down and keep her safe until medical arrived. EMS was called but had not shown up but Officer Higgins did. Her compassion and the way she handled this individual was beyond what I've ever witnessed with police interaction. I want to highly commend Officer Higgins for her assistance in regards to this very delicate situation as it could've gone way south really quick. Officer Higgins spoke kindly to this individual and told her exactly what was going to happen (transport to ER) and even explained that handcuffs had to be placed for the safety of everyone involved (client in crisis). Everything went smoothly. Hoping the same for the transport. Please let Officer Higgins know how much she was appreciated and a huge THANK YOU from Outreach Team here for coming through and helping us!!!!!

- M.P.

Officer K. Flanagan

Our Dad, unexpectedly passed away on 09-29-2022. Officer Flanagan professionalism, calm demeanor and genuine concern were vital during that very difficult time. He also spoke with us and listened to our concerns with the same calm demeanor. As a member of the Holcomb Family we wanted Officer Flanagan to receive his kudos.

- C.W.

Officer C. Robbins

I am writing to commend Officer Cedric Robbins, in regards to his handling of Incident on October 9, 2022. My son was assaulted in the early hours of October 9th. He ultimately decided to report it and called the HPD non-emergency line. Officer Robbins responded to the call and took the report. Officer Robbins was professional yet kind and approachable. He knew how to ask tough questions gently, and from different directions, to understand the facts. He embodied what a good Officer is and can do and made an otherwise unpleasant matter much easier. Thank you, Officer Robbins.

- B. S.

Officer Romo & Officer Enochs

I was involved in a car wreck last night, Oct. 6, 2022, at Montrose and Westheimer. Officers Romo and Enochs responded. They took our information, interviewed the drivers involved and others at the scene, and looked at a dash cam video from one person involved. They were efficient and professional, and with a third officer got the scene cleared quickly. Once we got to a secure place out of the roadway, they completed their report and cited one of the drivers (not me). The paperwork allowed me to get the claims process underway this morning. Working a wreck is an everyday experience for HPD, but it was a real nerve-rattler for me and, I'm sure, the others involved. Officers Romo and Enochs' calm professionalism and quiet efficiency were much appreciated during this period of stress.

- R. C.

Officer V. Byrd

Senior Officer Varley Bryd and his partner responded to my 911 call on 9/29/2022. Under very tense circumstances he was able to be firm and fair while still effectively controlling the scene. It was clear that his intentions were to ensure the safety of everyone involved as well as his fellow officer, and paramedics. I can admit not every single interactions I have ever had with law enforcement has been positive. And I can also acknowledge that policing in today's time and era are the most difficult in history. I can even say that much of the scrutiny is needed and deserved. But what can't be ignored is when officers like Byrd are able to do their jobs at a very high level while maintaining their ethics and professionalism. It bares; at the very least taking time out to say thank you, good job, and you are they type of officer that needs to be a model for both other officers, as well as citizens like me to make sure we have the correct positive perception of what law enforcement is.

- L. M.

Officer Braun & Officer Walter

I have attached a commendation for Officer Braun and Officer Walter. I apologize but I don't know their badge numbers or their first names. In the movies if you see a woman and child in danger, officers will post up in front of the house for days on end to make sure they are safe. In real life that doesn't happen. However, Officer Braun and Officer Walter did park near my house to catch a suspect who was determined to hurt or possibly end my life. They said they couldn't stay long but they decided they would wait for a while to see if the suspect returned. Less than, maybe 10 minutes, the suspect returned to my house and the officers apprehended him right away before he could do anymore damage or hurt someone. When the night began I was more afraid than I have ever been in my life but because of these two officers by the end of the night I was finally able to feel safe and got the best night's sleep I have had in over 5 months. These officers really need to be commended and given an award and acknowledged for their patience and bravery and for their willingness to go above and beyond what was expected of them. Thank you for having officers like this on the force who really care for people who are defenseless.

- A.I.

Officer Gladden

I want to thank officer Gladden who attended the call for an abandoned newborn. I have adopted said baby and want to personally thank Officer Gladden for her role rescuing and taking my daughter to safety. I would love her to be able to meet Officer Gladden and if Officer Gladden would be so inclined.

- M.C.

Officer Krantz

Officer Krantz has gone above and beyond to ensure our neighborhood (Fourth Ward) is a safer place. There is a greater sense trust and security knowing there's officers who care and address concerns that have been neglected for years. Officer Krantz upholds a level of professionalism, values, and principles that make our communities a better place.

- M.D.

Officer Powell

Officer Powell offered outstanding prompt attention to the theft of my Ford pickup from the front parking area in the Galleria. Once contacted and notified of the theft, he called me and I told him of my Ford Pass tracking feature that indicated location. While the thieves had already disabled the GPS, Officer Powell alerted other units nearby and was able to locate the pickup. He "hustled" and was able to retrieve the readied to got to Mexico.

- D.P.

Officer C. Garza

I had a very traumatic experience after being stopped by what I thought was someone impersonating an officer but ended up being an officer stopping me in his personal vehicle. I came in to make a report, and Officer Garza went above and beyond in helping me get to the next steps. It not likely that I will ever trust a police officer again, but Officer Garza was very patient, and pleasant and understanding of the trauma I was experiencing and was so very helpful in giving me as much info as he could in how I could proceed. He didn't brush me off or minimize my experience and I greatly appreciate that. I am glad that I passed two substations and drove to Mykawa that day. Thank you, Officer Garza.

- I. M.

Officer J. Simmons

On the day 8/23/2022, Officer J. Simmons responded to a call my wife and myself made at the post office to help resolve a situation we had. Officer. Simmons from the start had great energy and patients. He help us get to the bottom of our problem and went above and beyond to my make sure that we were ok, and I thank you Sir for that! My wife and I had been dealing with an auto theft situation since July 1st and were trying to finally resolve it. Officer Simmons helped us resolve our issue in one day even going so far as to retrieve an return our vehicle that very day, after my wife and I getting the run around for almost two months. Sir I don't know if you understand the impact of your kindness on that day and what it meant to me and my family, you were truly a blessing, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of the GREATEST!!

- W.S.

Officer Truong

I don't understand why some people want to complain about service from Houston Police Department Westside. I found their service to be excellent! I went there this morning to file a vehicle accident report. From the moment I stepped into the lobby, I was met with courtesy and efficiency. An officer in the lobby asked me what I needed -- when I told him he asked me to take a seat and someone would be with me in a few minutes. The wait was no more than a minute or two and Officer Truong came out to assist me with filing the report. At all times, he dealt with the situation in an exceptionally professional, efficient, and courteous manner. Thank you Officer Truong! - I appreciate your taking the time to listen to me and assist me with filing the report.

Officer Huntsberry

Officer Huntsberry was responding to another vehicle collision when he came across my accident. As soon as he was called off of the other site, he returned to our crash site without having yet received dispatch. He was friendly, professional and informative from the moment he arrived on scene. He did not leave until he ensured everyone was taken care of.  

- B. H.

K9 Officer Shaffer

On 7/30/22, I was on a layover at the Houston airport with my wife and two daughters, ages 5 and 8. While headed to our terminal, we shared a Skyway with Officer Shaffer as she was preparing to start work. My children are very fond of the police and immediately began asking questions about who she was and what she did in the line of duty. Officer Shaffer overheard them. She then put her things aside, and began speaking with my children and explaining her job. After that, she pulled out her phone and showed my kiddos a video of her K9 performing a balancing trick. This act alone brightened their day and brought smiles and giggles to their faces, after what thus far had been a very long trip home. That alone would have been more than generous, but she then asked me when my flight was and from what terminal. I told her, and she said she would try to stop by if she could. A short time later, Officer Shaffer did indeed come to my terminal, and was kind enough to show us her K9 partner and answer my kiddo's questions.
Her kindness and thoughtfulness was much appreciated, and really made an impression on two little girls.

- S. A.

Officer Nguyen

After dropping my daughter off at Rice University, I began my drive back home to the DFW area. While heading north on US59/US69 near I-45 I heard honking and then suddenly a car hit the right rear to my car. Obviously stunned, I started moving forward to find a place to pull over. At that time, I saw Detective Nguyen in what I assume was his private vehicle pull over and hop out of his car ahead of us. At the same time, I saw the car who hit me continuing to go north on the freeway, not appearing to pull over so that we could exchange information. I saw Detective Nguyen flash his badge and point to the other driver to pull over to the shoulder. Once we were pulled over Detective Nguyen asked if we were all ok. Detective Nguyen instructed me to call 911 to have officers dispatched to our accident site. Detective Nguyen stayed with us until the officers arrived. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Detective Nguyen for the assistance he provided during rush hour in heavy traffic. I'm sure he was on his way home and yet he stayed with us until the other officers arrived. Detective Nguyen's actions provide my family a better sense of security with our daughter away at Rice University that she can feel safe with the men and women of the Houston PD, whether on duty or on their way home to their family. I believe Detective Nguyen's actions should be recognized by the Houston PD. Best Regards.

- B. W.

Officer Caldwell

While enjoying an evening with his military frat brothers at the Buffalo Wild Wings a toddler began choking and without hesitation, they all sprung into action to clear the young child's airway. It was an awesome display of training and confidence in that training.

- J.J.

Officer Perez

I had a ride along with Officer Perez last night in southwest I believe I don't recall his badge number but I member something about 42 I think that was his division not sure. I feel like I've learn so much in just the 8 hour I was on the ride along with him, he answered all my question and gave me a lot of info to use in my future of being a officer as well. He made me want to apply already. He deserves to get all and every promotion their is. Very laid back and humble man. Definitely out to protect and serve. I'm going to finish school and get pass my police academy so I can work with him or be in same division.

- R.V.

Officer V. Martinez

I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to the Houston Police Department. Recently I along with two other members of the Baltimore County Police Department (Maryland) participated in an ALERRT Instructor school just outside of Houston. On July 21, 2022 we were able to visit the HPD's Fertitta Tactical Training Center. First, we sincerely appreciate the ability to tour the facility and were extremely grateful to see your incredible training site. We were impressed with the level of care that went into creating the training location. Each sector had such important locations that officers will often encounter in their tour of duty. The attention to detail, the organization, and the uniqueness of the site is definitely something we personally envy! We are thankful that your officers get to train this environment and found ourselves daydreaming about how wonderful it would be for every single jurisdiction to have a place like yours. It is a shining example of community partnerships, dedicated stakeholders, and it really shows how much your citizens value their police department.

Specifically we wanted to commend and compliment Officer V. Martinez of the HPD Training Unit. She was incredibly hospitable and welcoming to us. Her tour of the facility explained all the working parts and she was graceful enough to answer all of our questions. Her dedication and passion for training police officers was evident during our entire interaction. We are very passionate about teaching officers and keeping them safe. Officer Martinez demonstrated how much she cared for the safety and wellness of the members of the Houston Police Department as well as neighboring jurisdictions that might use the training site. Training can often be an overlooked and undervalued position…until something goes wrong. We felt we would be remiss to not acknowledge Officer Martinez for her commitment and dedication to making all police officers more safe, more professional and more knowledgeable. She was professional, knowledgeable…and a lot of fun to talk to. She should absolutely be commended and recognized as an outstanding ambassador for the HPD. Please forward our thanks to both Officer Martinez and her chain of command. Thank you! If you ever need anything in Maryland please don't hesitate to call!

- T.H. – Baltimore County Police Department

Officer Bernal and Officer Aguilar

Ofc. Bernal and Ofc. Aguilar were dispatched to our offices in response to a mental health crisis that I reported concerning one of our employees. During the encounter, they upheld the highest standards of professionalism, treating the subject with dignity and respect. The officers worked with our staff to get the subject the help that he needed. Please express our gratitude to Ofc. Bernal and Ofc. Aguilar for their exemplary performance in their duties.

- S. M.

Officers J. Berriz and J. Storm

To Whom It May Concern:
My husband was involved in a traffic accident on June 17th, 2022. His involvement was minor. However, my reason for writing was to commend your officers for the professional and kind way they took care of the accident and all the paperwork involved in the aftermath. Officers J. Berriz and J. Storm were patient and painstaking in gathering information and listening to all the people involved. They did their best to put everyone at ease in a situation fraught with high anxiety. Too often we are quick to complain when we feel that service is not to our standards. As a teacher, I have seen this happen with my colleagues. We forget to say "thank you" when the actions are above and beyond our expectations. So, this is my "Thank you" to Police Officers Berriz and Storm. The Houston Police Department has much to be proud of, and that would include all the members that do such a wonderful job day in and day out. Thank you!


Officer Way

I' m a Forensic Death Investigator and worked with Ofc. Way on a suspected OD death. I have worked with HPD (literally) hundreds of times on death scenes and he was by far the most compassionate I have worked with. At the end of our scene investigation, he let the decedent's young nephew sit in his patrol car and show him the lights and sirens, and gave him a sticker badge. It was so nice to see his love for being an officer and just spreading kindness to a family going through such a difficult time. He was also extremely knowledgeable and helpful during my scene investigation.

- M.D.

Officer D. Sanders

Officer D. Sanders pulled me over when I was having a terrible month. This seemed like just another issue to just destroy my little bit of life I had left in me. I was wrong.
I am no fan of most police officers, and in fact, I had a really bad record with them 14 years ago. Having lost my job for the 1st time in my life ever, back in September 2021. I have not been able to get re-energized for the 1st time in a long time. I have no love of the current culture we live in and was really thinking the worst when I was pulled over for speeding. I never travel that way and I missed the ramps 3 times and had to turn around at different locations. This time is was a wide road with only 2 options and all of a sudden, I am why is he behind me. I wasn't paying attention, except looking for a sign to match with the route on my phone screen. I had a very large screen in my 2022 F-250 & with misplacing my glasses, I cannot see the screen to really know where to go in traffic.
With that said, Officer Sanders was very calm, kind and with his size, he could probably be really intimidating. I was speeding and as I explained to him everything, he simply said. I'm sorry tour having a bad life right now, but this is not that bad, but I am giving you a ticket today. He came back went over the options and very kindly said this is where you go to get back on the route to take you back home. It doesn't sound like a lot, except, in today's world...The Police are not your friend. Wrong, he did his job and he showed me that he is a very kind person and took the time to help me. I just wanted to say thanks, because it made me slow my thoughts down and realize that there are kind people in this world and yes, Good Cops exist. I say this to say this, I am past Chair for the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, past advisory board leader for the Career and technology high-school and for San Jacinto school for the trades. My last year at my benefit I raised more than $57,000 for ballistic plates to be handed out to every police officer in Pasadena.

Thank you Officer Sanders for being a kind soul that day. I needed it.

- K.T.

Officers Edgerton and O'Connor

Officers Edgerton and O'Connor were so helpful and kind during our break-in at the branch.. They went above and beyond to help our manager feel safe, as well as provide information that was needed for the organization. Please know that all of the officers that responded to the call were all amazing, however, the Manager worked the most with these two. Please pass along our heart felt thanks from our team!

- J. G.

Officer Smalley

Officer Smalley, assisted me when my purse/wallet was stollen at a Starbucks near Houston Hobby airport. I had flown in from Dallas for work. I was unable to check in to my hotel without ID or board my flight home. Officer Smalley went over and beyond by following me to my hotel and verifying my identity to the hotel staff. The hotel allowed me to check in, thankfully my work credit card was on the reservation and I was able to bill my dinner to the room. Officer Smalley also assisted me with finding out how to fly home without my driver's license or identification. I'm not sure what I would have done had Officer Smalley not been there. All these years, I am still so very grateful. Please let him know that even the smallest acts of service are not forgotten.

- T.H.

Officer Gutierrez

To whom it may concern,
I wanted to let you know that officer Gutierrez, did a great job regarding delivering this speeding ticket. Officer Gutierrez was extremely polite, courteous, and professional. I appreciated the respect he showed me and his relatability. Although no one likes getting a ticket, this was a positive experience. Keep up the good work!

- M.R.

Officer Otero

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for Officer Otero's dedication and professionalism. My ex- had been attempting to contact me since I broke up with him on. After I blocked all forms of contact, his increased online harassment had caused me anxiety even after I emailed him 3 times to restate that I would not like to maintain contact. I printed out all the evidence attempting to file a harassment police report in the HPD downtown office during the afternoon of Jun 18, 2022. Officer Otero was attentive when I spoke about why I needed to be here. He then explained to me that the frequency of his harassment activities is very unlikely to obtain a police report, and he helped me find a way to stop my ex-boyfriend's unacceptable behaviors. What a patient officer! Officer Otero spent about 20 minutes to talk to my ex-boyfriend on speaker phone while my ex-boyfriend kept asking questions to justify his actions. Officer Otero handled the situation calmly by giving him a verbal warning, and my ex-boyfriend did not react to him or us in anger. I feel really relieved because Officer Otero and HPD advocated for my need of privacy while my ex-boyfriend's not able to listen to me. My ex-boyfriend stopped his attempts to contact me via online accounts after the conversation with Officer Otero. I am grateful that Officer Otero genuinely cared about my issue, and he demonstrated well-trained professional skills in active listening and managing victimizer's emotions. Once again, I want to thank you for Officer Otero's service in keeping our community safe.

- S.W

Officer Morrison

After our son committed suicide, Officer Morrison helped and guided us through the administrative processes to retrieve our son's possessions and coordinate the return of Spring Branch ISD property in our son's possession. Officer Morrison emailed and called to ensure we were being helped and ensure that HPD was being responsive. He was even involved in returning the firearm to us after the case was closed. Officer Morrison went above and beyond the scope of what I would consider to be normal duty performance. He also showed respect and compassion in dealing with us in a very trying time.

- J.B.

Officer Cook

I would like to commend Officer Cook on a job well done while accompanying him on his duties as a part of the Houston Citizen's Police Academy Ride Along program. I was impressed by his demeanor as he treated others with respect and humility. He welcomed my questions and seemed to enjoy his work and helping the public. It helped put my mind at ease, as we have a son who just entered the force with Class #253.Well done, Officer Cook!

- K.P.

Officer Grijalba

I had a ride-along with Officer Grijalba during his 2pm-10pm shift. He was very kind to let me observe his work and answer all my questions. He was very professional and accommodating. I enjoyed spending the time with him and appreciate him serving our community.

- M.P.

Officer Ibarra

I am the Operations Support Manager in Houston, TX. We called the Houston Police on 5-23-22 to file a report about 18-wheeler tires that were stolen from our warehouse on 5-21-22. Officer Ibarra came to our warehouse. We were very impressed with her level of service and professionalism. Just wanted to say that we appreciate her awesome work!

- A.S.

Officer D. Neilson

During the dates of April 19, 2022 – April 24, 2022, I was visiting Houston, TX for the first time with my daughter for the FIRST Robotics World Competition, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center. We relied heavily on the Houston Police Officers during our visit from restaurant recommendations and safest directions/locations for traveling by foot with our kids, to the closet place we could buy scissors. In addition, I found myself in need of assistance when I lost my cell phone. After speaking with event staff and security and searching in restrooms and in stadium seating unsuccessfully, I sought help from the Houston Police stationed inside the center. Officer Dave Neilson calmly assisted me in my frenzied state and even when my phone was found, while we were in the process of filing a report, he patiently waited for me to have phone in hand to confirm it was indeed 'found' before ending our interaction. I was extremely frustrated with the convention center staff and their seemingly inability to communicate effectively amongst themselves when I sought help from HPD. Officer Neilson took all that in stride and in the end, I had my phone and we were all laughing. To some, I am sure it seems silly to want to commend Officer Neilson for his actions, but to me, in a new city, with literally thousands of attendees at the venue, as well as being with my underage child, losing my only form of contact with others, I was struck with true panic and anxiety. The following day, I made a point to search out Officer Neilson to again thank him for his help. I also had the opportunity to speak with many of his HPD co-workers, who were all sincere and had nothing but positive things to say. Shout out to all HPD who worked this event; your presence was essential to making our trip so meaningful!

- A. B.

Officer Carwell

My wife was involved in an accident - Officer Carwell arrived very promptly, was incredibly nice and reassuring which was especially appreciated given the traumatic nature of being involved in an accident. The officer completed the paperwork immediately and even called us to clarify a question. Really appreciate his professionalism and kindness on the scene that I observed when I showed up. Thanks Officer Carwell and the HPD for all you do to keep our community safe!!

- A.A.

HPD K-9 Officer Stuart Hood

K-9 Ofc. Hood assisted Pearland PD in reference to an anonymous online bomb threat that was discovered around 5 a.m. Ofc. Hood, along with K-9 officers from Pearland, Webster, Friendswood and Houston Metro PD's worked together to sweep the large campus that consists of Turner High School and Pearland Junior High South. Their diligent and professional work allowed this large campus to be cleared in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, ensured the safety of the students and faculty and allowed school to start on time. Ofc. Hood's willingness to assist is greatly appreciated and a credit to the Houston Police Department.

- J.J.

Officer Shaffer

On April 2nd, at approximately 9:15 am, Officer Shaffer was made of a medical emergency in the pool (CFISD Natatorium). The swimmer was brought to the side of the pool convulsing. With the help of another Bystander, she removed the victim from the pool. Using skills gained as a police officer, Officer Shaffer could clear the airway and continue care until EMS personnel arrived. After watching the surveillance video, it is my belief that Officer Shaffer's life-saving skills helped to ensure the survival of this student-athlete.

- A.G.

Detective Gimmell

Detective Gimmell and her team exhibited exemplary service, communication, diligence and tenacity during the investigation and subsequent recovery of my stolen brand new vehicle GMC truck. I observed a genuine interest in this investigation from her team and I truly felt that her team's professionalism fostered the 2-way communication necessary for a successful criminal investigation. Hats off to Officer Gimmell and her team.

- B.F.

Sgt. Turner

Yesterday, our 3 families were celebrating a cultural event at Midtown Park. For most of the event, we had a great time. Unfortunately, a security personnel at Midtown Park told us to leave. We already contacted the property management and the Midtown Association. The six kids ranging from 1-5 years old with the 2, 5 year olds asked why the policeman was being mean. And the kids asked what happened.
We went to a nearby restaurant to eat and reminded the kids that the police are nice and help people. I saw Sgt. Turner on patrol and asked him if he could talk with the kids. Without hesitation he did, and the kids were so happy. This kind gesture helped the kids deal with the negative experience and help them understand that the police are nice.
I want to make sure you have in writing my appreciation for Sgt. Turner. He kept the area safe and instilled trust and respect with our kids with his pep talk and fist bump.
I appreciate the great work and community commitment of the men and women of the Houston Police Department, and especially, Sgt. Turner.

- G.N.

Officer Shim

Completed a ride along with Officer Shim on 11/5/21. Officer Shim exemplifies what it means to be a great public servant. She was very compassionate and thorough at every call. As someone who is interested in LE, I was grateful that I was assigned to a strong female officer like Shim. She demonstrates a true passion for her career and eagerness to make Houston a safer place. I enjoyed the experience and gained a great insight on what being is officer would entail thanks to Officer Shim and the time she took to explain every situation. Thank you to all the great officers at Central Division and Officer Shim.

- C.C.

Officer Wyatt

Officer Wyatt attended our home when an elderly relative died. He was professional, polite, and a credit to HPD. We are grateful for his care and his expertise. He Is a good man, and a credit to his department. Please pass along our gratitude.

- J. S.


I thank and commend the 4 Houston police officers which responded to my call on Saturday evening, March 05, 2022. At approximately 6:55 pm, I called 911 to report unusual activity. Within less than 10 minutes, an officer arrived at my home. He politely and professionally asked then answered questions. Subsequently, 2 additional officers and a supervisor came. They efficiently investigated the situation and provided updates to me. As it turned out, the owner's daughter had listed the house with Airbnb but neglected to notify me. Unfortunately, I do not have the officers' names or badge numbers nor a case number. However, please extend my appreciation to these officers. The City of Houston should be proud of their performance and dedication to duty.

- M. S.

Officers Boyle and Moore

I had a person trespassing on a property I own with the intent to steal items inside. I called 911 and Officers Boyle and Moore arrived less than 3 minutes after I called. They quickly but calmly made sure that there was no one in the house. They quickly communicated what vehicle the suspect was driving to other officers in the area so that they could be on the lookout for it. Once that was done, they collected a few videos and pointed out areas that needed to be better secured. They were incredibly professional and polite given the time, 2 AM and the situation. I'm glad to know they work my neighborhood.

- E. J.

Chief Troy Finner

I am so proud to have you as police chief. It is a relief having someone who cares about the citizens and officers like you do. I appreciated Nunchie and Brown but in this age you are a blessing. Thank you so much. Please keep looking out for us.

- D. W.

Officer Lerch

I just wanted to thank the HPD and send my condolences for the Men and Women in Blue who have been injured or lost their lives while protecting ours. We need to stand together and end this lawlessness that has been growing throughout our Nation. We are a country of Laws and they need to be enforced uniformly across the country. Also, want to compliment the extra effort demonstrated by Officer Lerch from the Kingwood sub-station. My car was hit by a young driver pulling out of a parking lot and Officer Lerch responded quickly to my 911 call, checked on the driver's safety and directed us to a safe location to conduct his investigation. After obtaining the necessary information from both drivers (while he stood in the light rain), he transferred the data to my cell phone for placing my insurance claim. Upon returning home, I could not pull up the data on my cell phone and placed a call to the sub-station for help. Shortly, Officer Lerch called my house and volunteered to stop by and help me pull up the info that I thought I had erased. He arrived and showed me where it was in my iPhone and made certain that I had all that I needed. Please pass on my appreciation to Officer Lerch. Also to the many others who put their lives at risk daily to keep our community safe.

- E. H.
- J.T.


I was walking out of Central Market Weslayan on 1/5/2022 at approximately 12:30 p.m. A man was yelling extremely aggressively, loud and very our of control. Two Central Market Security guards had already called the Houston Police and two officers were standing by their SUV, closer to the Westheimer entrance. The suspect was guided, very gently by the Central Market security guards who had their hand on his shoulder as they walked him towards the police, who stood and assessed the situation. The police took over, without rushing the suspect without harm. All we ever see on the news are these "bad police" stories. What I witnessed was such calm exchange of a suspect from security guards to police where police took the situation calmly without major incident diffusing the situation. So that shoppers such as myself could peacefully walk to our cars. This might not seem like much, but as a female shopper in the parking lot alone, it's HUGE. Had I been alone and this man had approached me, I would have been absolutely TERRIFIED. Thank you to the responding officers who did their job, while shoppers like me were able to go about our day in peace. THANK YOU HOUSTON POLICE!!!

- P. B.

Officer Mize

My husband and I are in Houston for him to have a stem cell bone marrow transplant at MD Anderson. He has completed the first part of the process but has been having outpatient services every other day for about a week. He had an appointment at MD Anderson at 9:30 Sunday morning. Getting from our apartment at Rice Village to the hospital proved to be impossible due to the Marathon even after I had asked for a "work around" earlier in the week. All the intersections were blocked. We were anxious to get my husband to his appointment as he was running fever(never a good sign with a transplant). One set of officers sent us to the intersection where Officer Mize was working. She was very patient and empathetic with us. She asked if she could text me as soon as she felt that she could safely get us through the intersection and I agreed. She did text me and we returned and were allowed across. We were only an hour late to his appointment. Thankfully we were able to go, he has been readmitted to the hospital. We are from NC and only here for this procedure and process which hopefully will last 4 months. Officer Mize made a very stressful day a little less anxious for us. I want to make sure she knows how much we appreciated her efforts Sunday.

- J.T.

Lt. S. Rubin

Lt. Samanda Rubin has been an asset to some of the students at Willowridge High School for the past two years. I am the campus social worker there and work with students with various backgrounds and family situations. This group of these students are considered McKinney-Vento students, which means they are considered homeless under of Texas Education Code displaced from their parents for various reasons. These students might not otherwise experience any Christmas, if it was not for Lt. Rubin and her gifts to them through the Santa Behind the Badge program. For the past two years, she has sponsored these students by providing gifts and making for a meaningful Christmas for these groups of students. The students and I appreciate all she has done for them. It is with pleasure that I write this commendation letter.

- L.M