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Read commendations for HPD personnel from the community

Officer Guarder and Officer S. Shepherd

Officer Guarder and Officer S. Shepherd assisted one of our new elderly residents, who is unfamiliar area and ended up very lost near Hobby Airport during rush hour on 4/2/24 around 6:30pm. They went way above and beyond the call of duty to help escort her and her car home safely when we were unable to reach her family.

- S.S.

Officer J. Gould and Officer M. Daniel

Officer J. Gould and Officer M. Daniel are the epitome of Excellence in police officers. They both went above and beyond in locating my stolen vehicle even after the tracking system was ripped out. They remained focused, knowledgeable, and committed. Only through the effective combined use of the license plate reading system, camera system, and their intimate knowledge of their territory, these dedicated officers were able to locate and recover my GMC Sierra Denali. It is the second one I have had stolen in 4 years and only through the dedication and dogged determination of these officers, were we able to recover the vehicle. They were both exceptionally professional and committed and I can't express my gratitude enough. If there is anything I can do to assist in some type of recognition in an often thankless profession, please let me know and I would be more than happy to do whatever I can to encourage, reward and praise these excellent Officers.

- D. R.

Sgt. Herndon

Sgt. Herndon contacted me after I reached out about a shooting incident at Almeda and Oakdale. We discussed the issue and he said he would look into adding more patrols. He was kind, caring and focused on solutions. Thank you Sgt. Herndon!

- S.K.

Officer A. Qureshi

This Narrative is from Islamic Propagation Foundation (I.P.F.) and shall serve as a letter of recommendation for duty officers along with Mr. A. Qureshi. As a board member / Trustee / Treasurer of the above non-profit Texas organization, I want to thank HPD for the continuous support to our organization with their Professional Officers, specially A. Qureshi. Throughout many years, all these officers have professionally helped our organization and its members with safety, security and guidance in all aspects of their duty. In addition, currently during the Spiritual holy Islamic month of Ramadan (03/12/24- 04/11/24), all duty officers have been helping our organization in a very dedicated manner, which has been highly praised by all our members and volunteer teams.

Once again, we are very appreciative towards the service(s) provided by all respected officers during these holy month and in the past. Thank You.

- J.R.

Officer J. Quezada

Officer Quezada responded very promptly (under 10 minutes) to a burglary follow-up. My storage unit, had been broken into from the wire mesh ceiling during the morning hours between 4 and 5AM. He came with myself and the property manager to view the storage unit, which we opened via the access door. Officer Quezada quickly spotted an empty tote bag with a SIG SAUER logo, and he helped me to identify that a range bag was missing.

- N. M.

Officer Tapia

I want to commend Officer Tapia for his attention to details and his exceptional accuracy in reporting case information. I consider Officer Tapia a thought-leader of the best (heroic) police practices for investigations. One (of many) case examples: Officer Tapia came to my home on a Saturday with a detective to show me photos of a suspect line-up. Officer Tapia walked more than 100 feet away from me and turned around in order to not bias me. Officer Tapia is a Good Cop and Mr. Tapia would be a wise choice for teaching a master class to LEOs in the challenges of police investigations. Officer Tapia does not cut corners on case details and avoids confirmation bias. I commend Officer Tapia for his exceptional work as a police officer. Thank you Houston Police Department for choosing the right people to Police us, and to Serve and Protect!"

- C. S.

Officer A. Yzquierda

Officer Yzquierda was very quick to respond to a theft from our music shop. In addition to his expeditiousness, he was very friendly! We would like to commend him on his dedication and professionalism! Stay safe, sir!

- M. H.

Officer A. Masters

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the professionalism and courtesy displayed by Officer Masters following a car accident I was involved in . Officer Masters arrived promptly at the scene and immediately took control of the situation. He was calm and reassuring, which helped alleviate the stress of the situation for myself and the other parties involved. Throughout the interaction, Officer Masters was professional and courteous, clearly explaining the next steps and ensuring the safety of everyone involved. I was particularly impressed by his clear communication, attention to detail, and helpfulness in walking through the dealing of the accident. Overall, Officer Masters' conduct went above and beyond the call of duty. Their professionalism and compassion during a difficult situation was greatly appreciated.

- A.P.

Officer Hendon and Officer Paramar

My car was totaled in a wreck the morning of 2/5/24 by a man who ran a red light. Officer Hendon was in charge of the incident, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated her calm approach and her professionalism . She was very kind and helpful to me. Officer Paramar was also there, and I appreciated his support for Officer Hendon's investigation. I am grateful to the officers and to the HFD and EMT folks who came to make sure everything was handled and that I was taken care of. Thanks for all y'all do for us.

- Z.K.

Officer K. Hayes

I would like to thank Officer Hayes for carrying out his duties in such a way as to make sure I was okay, and my possessions were protected. I was involved in a major vehicle accident on 2-7-2024. Both parties were transported to the ER. Officer Hayes inventoried my vehicle before it was towed and found my house keys and credit cards in my vehicle console. He delivered them to the ER nurse so that I had them before I was discharged. What may seem like a simple task made a world of difference to me in an otherwise very difficult day. Officer Hayes obtained the other driver's insurance information for me and provided me with explanations of the accident report process. He was kind and compassionate and I truly appreciated his service.

With great appreciation, thank you from –

- M. A.

Chief T. Finner

I am visiting Houston from North Carolina, just wanted to acknowledge the professional manner in which Chief Finner handled the press conference held Monday February 12, 2024 regarding shooting at Lakewood Church. Kudos to Chief Finner for his expertise in managing the press conference. May GOD continue to bless his hard work and commitment to excellence.

- A.E.

Commander M. Collins

I brought my 98 year old father to a program, and Commander Collins helped him get in/out of the building and in/out of the car, even offering to get him a wheelchair which as so much appreciated. He’s done this for us before and I can’t thank him enough for his respectfulness and attentiveness. He’s a wonderful part of HPD.

- L. S.

Officer A. Mansour

I appreciate the amazing service and the officer's quick response to an 18-wheeler single crash that occurred in front of my house. The truck driver knocked out the powerlines/telephone wires and light pole. I commend HPD Officer A. Mansour for his passion and commitment to keep our Second Ward streets safe from big rigs. Love Joy and North Eastwood Street was blocked for the safety of the residents and students who attend Ripley House. Officer Mansour listened to my concerns and complaints about the big rigs using our residential streets. Overall, great customer service skills from the officer.

- M. S.

Commander Becker

I am writing to express my profound appreciation for the outstanding leadership and service provided by Commander Becker and his team in our community, specifically in the Val Verde area (St. George Place). As the President and a member of the Homeowners' Association, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of Commander Becker's actions, and I felt it was imperative to bring this to your attention.

Over the past few years, our community has faced significant challenges, particularly with ongoing disturbances in the Val Verde cul-de-sac caused by Galleria Food Truck Park and its visitors. The situation had escalated to a point where the safety and peace of our neighborhood were consistently compromised. Commander Becker's intervention in these matters has been nothing short of exemplary. His ability to assess, strategize, and execute a plan of action swiftly has led to a dramatic improvement in the quality of life in our area.

Recently, under Commander Becker's direction, a critical operation was conducted to address the long-standing issues related to the Galleria Food Truck Park. His team's approach was not only efficient and effective but also demonstrated a high level of professionalism and sensitivity towards the concerns of our community. For the first time in many years, we experienced a peaceful night without the fear of disturbances – a change that has brought immense relief and gratitude from all residents.

Commander Becker's leadership skills, combined with his dedication to duty and his genuine concern for the community, make him a remarkable asset to your department. His actions have not only restored peace but have also strengthened the bond of trust between the residents and the local law enforcement. It is leaders like him who inspire confidence and respect for the police force among the public.

I believe such dedication and success should be recognized and celebrated. Commander Becker's efforts have significantly enhanced the public's perception of the police force in our area, and I am confident that his approach could serve as a model for other communities facing similar challenges.

On behalf of the St. George Place community, I extend our heartfelt thanks to Commander Becker and his team. We are profoundly grateful for his service and hope to see his exemplary work acknowledged and appreciated at all levels of your department.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for supporting leaders like Commander Becker, who make a real difference in the lives of the communities they serve.

Sincerely, - K.M.

Lt. K. Peters and Officer E. Shephard

I just wanted to commend both of these officers for having a positive voice for the HPD during a time when police officers are often overlooked or treated like a nuisance in our city. At a recent lunch conference, I had the pleasure of hearing them provide honest, thoughtful commentary about the human side of the police force while also not being afraid to share their faith to the citizens they serve.

- T.W.

Officer A. Qureshi

Officer Qureshi responded to my car crash and I was impressed by his efficiency and compassion. I’ve never been in an accident before and had any interaction with police and was really impressed with the professionalism from HPD. Officer Qureshi was calm, balance, and got everyone back on their way quickly. Thank goodness no one was injured, but he made the process as easy as it could and I do appreciate his services.

- S.S.

Officer Haynes

Officer Haynes was extremely pleasant and caring. He helped me feel better when I was noticeably shaken up by my minor car accident. The way he treated me and talked to me surpassed all expectations. It was something I felt needed to be commended. It's hard to find people who care, and he showed that he does. I wasn't just another call he had to respond to. I was a person.

- A.M.

Officer I. Beall

I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional performance of one of your officers. I recently had an incident that prompted me to seek assistance from the Houston Police Department.

On January 2, 2024, I was returning from a Christmas trip to Florida via United Airlines flight. After disembarking used the facilities. As I arrived at Ground Transportation, I realized that I had left my purse with my airline ticket, phone, car keys, and all my identification in the restroom stall. Despite my immediate efforts upon realizing the mistake, airport security protocols prevented me from re-entering the area for ticketed passengers. The United Airlines and TSA agents advised me the only option left for me was to file a claim with the Houston Police Department office at terminal B, which I promptly did. The officers at the IAH office were not only efficient but also remarkably compassionate, going above and beyond the call of duty. They made numerous calls to their colleagues in an attempt to assist me. I must particularly commend Senior Police Officer I. Beall. Recognizing my distressed state, she took it upon herself to navigate the complex procedures involved in retrieving my belongings. Officer Beall even called my phone, reaching a United Airlines employee who provided crucial information on the necessary steps to reclaim my possessions.

As Officer Beall explained the procedures, she observed my confusion and took charge, escorting me through elevators, walkways, trains, and escalators to United's lost and found. Despite encountering difficulties with an uncooperative United Airlines employee, Officer Beall persisted in explaining the necessary steps and ensuring a resolution. When faced with further challenges, Officer Beall sought assistance from the main United Airlines help desk, where we met a United Airlines representative. Displaying exceptional kindness, used his phone to contact the gate and personally retrieved my belongings from Gate 1 across several terminals. Throughout this process, Officer Beall remained by my side, foregoing her lunch break to provide support. Despite my attempt to express my gratitude by offering to buy her lunch, Officer Beall humbly declined. In light of this extraordinary experience, I felt compelled to reach out and commend Officer Beall for embodying the principles of "protect and serve." Her unwavering patience, focus on solutions not blame, and professionalism make her a true credit to law enforcement.

I kindly request that you convey my heartfelt appreciation to Officer Ina Beall on my behalf. She has undoubtedly left a lasting positive impression, and I believe such dedication deserves recognition.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

- K.D.