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Organizational Development (OD), a service area of the Learning and Development Center (LDC), provides city-wide comprehensive consultation services, custom-designed improvement programs and results-based solutions. Our services help departments achieve greater levels of efficiency and effectiveness, with a focus on identifying and analyzing core organizational areas for hidden opportunities and under-utilized resources. We partner with departments to improve individual, group and organizational outcomes through strategic and tactical planning, training and interventions. We use future-based, long-term, holistic and multi-faceted approaches to achieving transformational change that is reinforced by the ability of individuals and the organization collectively.


As partners, we successfully target services and tailor improvement programs to match department-specific needs, culture and desired outcomes. We are committed to providing premier organizational development services and solutions designed to deliver sustainable results and maximize organizational performance and success. Ultimately, our team prides itself on being a cost-effective resource while utilizing the following services and programs to deliver and retain tangible value for our customers:

Assessment and Analysis Services

    Organizational Needs Assessment & Analysis
    We use a systematic approach in designing survey content to improve result outcomes Survey Design & Administration
    We identify trends to validate probable improvement solutions that are extracted from the data analysis performed Focus Group Facilitation
    We leverage principles of group dynamics to generate qualitative data More >

Core Organizational Development Offerings

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  • Succession Planning/Management
  • Knowledge Retention & Transfer
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Talent Management/Workforce Planning
  • Team Effectiveness/Conflict Resolution
  • More >

Value Added Improvement Programs

    Organizational Structure, Culture & Work Processes

    We empower teams by enabling them to identify the organizational redundancies that exhaust their financial success More >


We use a holistic approach to improve effectiveness and/or efficiencies across the organization or in specific areas. The following five-phase model illustrates our approach during the consulting process:

  • Phase I Contracting: an introductory discussion with the customer to explore the initial challenges that prompted action and discuss the work to be performed
  • Phase II Data Collection: an information gathering process that involves a review of available background information concerning the organization, followed by individual interviews, focus groups and/or surveys
  • Phase III Action Planning: an execution process that begins when the planned interventions are deployed to address diagnosed challenges and/or opportunities for improvement
  • Phase IV Implementation: a diagnosis and discovery process to understand the current and desired future state, followed by the development of a proposed plan of action to facilitate interventions
  • Phase V Evaluation: a capstone effort that occurs at the adjournment of an intervention to measure the effectiveness of the intervention


We partner with departments to accelerate the realization of their organizational improvements. Below are a few of the benefits customers can expect to receive from our services and programs:

  • We provide departments with a clear and objective view of the current state of leadership, structure, processes, people and climate challenges, uncovering situations that inhibit complete organizational success
  • We reveal the reality of "what is," creating a sound base for meaningful strategic planning, visioning and/or mission development
  • We identify areas for improvement, while ensuring connectivity to department needs, objectives and the COH mission as a whole


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Our consultation services and programs are available without fee to COH Departments. Contact us by completing an OD Consultation Request Form or emailing the Organizational Development Team at HROrganizationalDevelopmentTeam@houstontx.gov or contact Marie Stephens at 832.395.4853 to schedule an initial consultation.

Contact Information: Learning and Development Center | 4501 Leeland Street | Houston, TX 77023 | Phone: 832-395-4900 | Fax: 832-395-4892 | Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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