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The Contract Compliance division is mandated by the City Code of Ordinances: Chapter 15, Articles II and V and Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Part 23 and Part 26. The primary responsibilities of the Contract Compliance division include:

  • Monitoring all COH projects in accordance with the laws and regulations mandated by City, State, and Federal guidelines and ordinances; pertaining to Prevailing Wage Rates, MWSBE and DBE Program Compliance, and EEO compliance
  • Administration and enforcement of the Contractor Employee Classification Ordinance
  • Monitors the Equal Employment Opportunity and Prevailing Wage Rate of contracts through auditing payrolls and other contractor documents, on-site visits, and interviews with construction workers
  • Investigate affidavits from workers alleging wage under payments

The Contract Compliance division makes presentations at all pre-construction conferences and meetings to explain the compliance guidelines to contractors and answer questions regarding Prevailing Wage compliance and MWSBE and DBE compliance. The Division collaborates with several City departments in the final evaluation of all City contracts.

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