Registering your pet is the law. The City of Houston Municipal Code requires that anyone who owns, keeps, possesses, or has control of a dog or cat four months of age or older must have his or her pet registered, vaccinated against rabies every year, and a registered microchip.

A City of Houston pet registration identifies and protects your pet in case it becomes lost. Even indoor pets can get out and become lost. You are required to renew your registration yearly and updated when you move and/or your pet is given away, lost, stolen or is deceased.

Registration Process and What You Will Need

Rabbies Vaccines

Rabies Vaccine

A rabies vaccination certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian must be submitted. An invoice or statement of services is not sufficient as proof of rabies vaccination. Check your certificate for correct owner name, address, and pet information. You will also need a spay/neuter certificate if it is not reflected on Rabies certificate.



Proof that a microchip has been implanted in your pet. This information should contain microchip brand and the microchip number (this information can sometimes be found on the rabies certificate). *To update your pet's record at any time, please email



Ready to purchase your pet’s City registration? Any required documents, such as your pet's current rabies certificate, may be scanned and uploaded (please use .jpg format) or submitted later mail or email. The registration will be issued after all required documents are received.


A pet registration is not only a requirement, but it provides the following benefits:

Other Ways to Register

By Mail

Please mail all required documentation as listed above, along with your check or money order payable to "BARC to the address below.

City of Houston Pet Licensing 3200 Carr Street Houston, TX 77026

In Person

You can also purchase a new or renew your pet’s registration in person at the BARC animal shelter via cash, credit card, or check. Click here for shelter hours and address.

Breeder Application

Remember, Collars and tags are helpful, however, they can fall off or become lost. Microchipping provides a permanent form of identification for your pet.

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